Rough Times: Nolan Stich can barely see himself in the cracked mirror on Stress Fracture

Returning after his previous well-loved single Don’t Leave, Nolan Stich feels so cold right now as he misses that incredible lover from the past who he thinks of constantly on the emotional roller coaster called Stress Fracture.

Nolan Stich is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes that memorable music that is always honest and vocally pleasing.

Feeling cold and lonely as he reminisces fondly about when he was holding hands with an outstanding human, Nolan Stich recalls that relationship and sings with a passion that is so rare to find these days. His vocals are honest and pure, his memory reflective, as he longs for just another kiss.

Stress Fracture from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Nolan Stich is an I-miss-you-too-much single for anyone who feels so empty right now. Wishing that the phone would ring as his desolate heart feels so flat and sad, as he wonders if he should take another sip or just go to bed.

When you were with someone so special and they left you behind, it’s so hard not to blame yourself.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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