Romanus doesn’t feel that important love from anyone currently on his emotional new visual, ‘I Need to Be Less Angry’

Comprehending that he needs to be more of a happy person who gazes innocently at rainbows daily rather than those moody thunderstorms, Romanus sends out one of the most candid singles you are likely to hear this year with his latest release, ‘I Need to Be Less Angry‘.

Romanus is a Boston, USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter, fiction writer and music producer who makes the kind of music that forces you to think deeper than before you clicked play.

He makes music that sounds like Phoebe Bridgers got hit by a car driven by Radiohead.” ~ Romanus

Taking us into a startling perspective that has us wondering if we will ever return to a normal state of affairs again, Romanus drops a track that shows us what he is dealing with right now as his spirit feels so flat like a deflated basketball.

I Need to Be Less Angry‘ from the multi-talented Boston, USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer Romanus is a mentally worrying single that should strike the fear right into our awestruck souls. With the world appearing to crumble and riots forming on the streets outside, this is a track that is rather reflective of current climates.

Lack of genuine love seems to be spreading like wildfire as our pandemic-fueled bodies hide away in fear, rather than joining up and holding a warm embrace to help our hearts heal again. Life without love is a sad world after all.

See the new visuals on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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