Kate Russell Releases Awesome Dance-floor Tune “DYNAMITE”

Hey hold up, where are y’all dancing shoes at? Do I just hear someone say nay? Go get it and grab you a partner now and make your way to the dancing floor. Yeah, it’s just about the time you’re told to brace up for one hell of a downtown country spooky rocket ride with Kate Russell on this awesome track DYNAMITE.

Wow, I’m thrilled to even say the least. This song is just an embodiment of hope and groove. Who wouldn’t wanna shake off some work stress and those intricate depressing thoughts on a mid-day like?

This song is well mixed and laid out so well that it throws open that party and happy mood in the atmosphere without any hassle.
Come yeh all you country music lovers, it is time to celebrate and shake move your body but be warned; just like a dynamite, this song will definitely blow you off your feet the moment it hits your lobes of your ear.

A very well composed and electrifying song from Kate, she obviously doesn’t wanna waste no time to put us in that “save me this one last dance” moment. When I say dance I don’t mean waltz or ballad but rather an ultraviolent eccentric dance where all hands and feet are left suspended in the air for a long while.

The percussion and the strings of the electric guitar that steady reverberated further coated the crescent smoothness and gives more flavour to the song.

If you’re not cut out for all those radical and spontaneous dance moves then this song will probably wrench all those rules away and get you intoxicated with its vibe.


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