Ria Carval has dropped her single Reflections: A powerful piece with incredible vocals

Artist Ria Carval has dropped her Pop infused single ‘Reflections’. Through her mesmerising vocals and meaningful lyrics to create this infectious track.

Starting off with a techno style vocal leading into the soft melodic tone that Ria has. Portraying a fairly synthesized sound through parts of the song. The vocal ranges are incredible as she hits the high notes so effortlessly and pure emotion tends to pour through each word that is sung, in a rather mesmerising way.

The beat is more on the simpler side, having that upbeat melody that seeps through the rest of the elements, using a variety of effects to create the overall rhythm and as the vocal pitch picks up the instrumentation gets more powerful and loud as the sound of piano keys fills the air.

Through the lyrics and impressive vocal ranges as well as the way it combines with the rhythm is why this song is such a hit in itself, through the story that is told through the words and the way she lets feelings come through her voice in such a compelling way.

Check out Ria Carvals single Reflections by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myal

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