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Addressing rising poverty in lower income areas: Schenectady, NY retro rock duo Pigpen Jonez drop ‘On The Hill’ lyric video

Pigpen Jonez drop their real story about how some neighborhoods change so quickly and progress, while others are left in ruin on their ‘On The Hill‘ lyric video which is taken off ‘Livin’ In Delafly Side 1‘.

With a 70’s funky rhythm that will remind you of the good old days, this is a track that cuts into the huge problems that face a lot of lower income communities in the USA and across the world.

A loud police siren blares through as the bass-lines show the quality of this duo that have been friends from school days and just love making music together. When the gigs shut down, the tough got going and the band got together to release music that actually means something.

After living in Schenectady for many a year, leaving and coming back recently due to covid-19, the realness really hit home. The area hasn’t changed in a good way and crime has risen to almost unimaginable levels of disorder, that a 7pm curfew had to be implemented. The sad thing is that other areas close by have blossomed like a sprouting flower which shows you how things really work in life.

On The Hill‘ from Schenectady locals Pigpen Jonez is a real look inside the door of what really goes on inside neighborhoods that are often left to fend for themselves. The funky retro rock is a warm embrace to the good people in the community that want change badly but nothing ever seems to change. Crime and drugs are main thing that is spoken about and the example to the youngsters is extremely scary and sets the wrong example.

Music has the power to change and if there ever is a massive peace concert after covid-19, this is a band that needs to be on that big stage, singing about peace and helping with the solutions to better the lives of all humans in the world. Love must always win over hate.

See this real-life lyric video on YouTube on IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A.K.A. The Truth – Not Empty: When the East Coast always remains a reliable production hub

Do you know that feeling when a track hits you in guts within the first 5 seconds? From the very first synth bass note drop, A.K.A. The Truth’s new track Not Empty embraced me with a sparkling captivating flow.

The East Coast always remains a reliable production hub when it comes to hip hop in all of its forms, whether it’s for the metrics, the sound precision, the rhythmic rap bars that fall perfectly on the tempo, or all the above, these fellas have an innate gift for creating catchy flows and stimulating beats.

Raised in Buffalo, NY, A.K.A. The Truth keeps the above statement true, and puts forward a creative collage of sound and rhythm in the name of an innovative mixture of rap and R&B, for which Not Empty is a living example. And it’s now part of my Feeling way better Spotify playlist!

Check out Not Empty on Spotify but do not hesitate to go through all of the artist’s other efforts.

Review by Jim Esposito.

1Day chug into full gear with rapturous new track ‘Bar = Magic!’

Pop punkers 1Day have released a new track ‘Bar = Magic!’. 

For those wanting a new wave of pop-punk without being adorned with too much complicated genre crossing and production experiments, 1Day have proven that possible with their latest track. ‘Bar = Magic!’ is a skillful number with enough drive to fans of the genre to hitchhike without any trouble on a vastly enjoyable pop-punk rise and 1Day showcase some strong songwriting skills in getting listeners to their destinations. . 

The track shines where it gets most raunchy and raw – unafraid to dive into a looser pop-rock appeal – with hard harmonic riffing and some pleasantly wailing vocals drifting across the speakers. Check it out. 

You can listen to ‘Bar = Magic’ on 1Day’s Spotify page here.

From the full-length album ‘On the Run’: Canvass The Town’s new single ‘Jeep Beach’

You can get a real taste of the psychedelic 60’s era with Canvass The Town’s single ‘Jeep Beach’ from the full-length album ‘On the Run’.

What at first may sound like another indie production, ‘Jeep Beach’ entails colourful and rich harmonies that will make you appreciate that “surf rock” kind of positive vibe The Beach Boys mastered back in the day. With clean guitars leading into an overlay of vocals and backing vocals, ‘Jeep Beach’ gets more psych-pop in the middle section with more guitar lines enriching the arrangement, creating a surprising melodic duality of vintage and contemporary.

The song is crayoned by emotional and descriptive lyrics that depict moments that make you visualise and almost experience some degree of freedom (as I interpreted it) by singing “stay there till you freeze / never have to leave/no one there to see / sure sounds good to me.”

The band not only ‘Canvass The Town’ but also canvass the latest indie scene.

Let ‘Jeep Beach’ be your own visual canvas by hitting play on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.

The Melissa June Band has dropped Your Name

The Melissa June Band has dropped their latest single ‘Your Name’ combining their country sound into this uplifting and intriguing piece.

Starting off with the calming sound of the violin that illuminates the background and adding in the fast pace strum on the acoustic guitar as the vocals begin to seep through. The vocal ranges are incredible and the high notes are hit perfectly, nothing is out of the tune and it all combines together in such an impressive way.

Tending to reach more for the high-pitched vocal throughout, having that melodic sound to it with the soft texture that is added, flowing in and out of the classic country instrumentation to create this enjoyable and interesting to listen to piece.

Listen to The Melissa June Band’s Your Name by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Ria Carval has dropped her single Reflections: A powerful piece with incredible vocals

Artist Ria Carval has dropped her Pop infused single ‘Reflections’. Through her mesmerising vocals and meaningful lyrics to create this infectious track.

Starting off with a techno style vocal leading into the soft melodic tone that Ria has. Portraying a fairly synthesized sound through parts of the song. The vocal ranges are incredible as she hits the high notes so effortlessly and pure emotion tends to pour through each word that is sung, in a rather mesmerising way.

The beat is more on the simpler side, having that upbeat melody that seeps through the rest of the elements, using a variety of effects to create the overall rhythm and as the vocal pitch picks up the instrumentation gets more powerful and loud as the sound of piano keys fills the air.

Through the lyrics and impressive vocal ranges as well as the way it combines with the rhythm is why this song is such a hit in itself, through the story that is told through the words and the way she lets feelings come through her voice in such a compelling way.

Check out Ria Carvals single Reflections by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myal