Rene Bonet just wants to love us in their latest single

Rene Bonet’s new single ‘I Just Wanna Love You’ is a deliciously sexy, sultry little slice of R&B Hip Hop in the style of Missy Elliot or Erykah Badu, chilled out and relaxed yet losing none of its energy for that.

Poetic lyrics mix with a storytelling flow and an intimate, confessional feel; it’s soulful at the same time as having that mix of stylistic and cultural influences which gives music that individual, authentic feeling. There’s a delicious cadence to her delivery, a delicate use of rhyme – or ‘not-rhyme’ which gives her songwriting a unique quality, conveying emotion and spirit at the same time as entertaining. You can hear the influence of producer Alvin Speights, with whom Bonet has worked; it’s a masterful, well-produced, single.

You can hear ‘I Just Want To Love You’ on YouTube; follow Rene Bonet here or on Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes

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