KnowAhMann – When She Bad: A Contemporary Anti Love Story.

William Shakespeare would probably be turning in his grave if he found out that this is how romanticism goes down in the 21st century. Yet, North Carolina rapper KnowAhMann aka Noah Mann has captured the disdain of 21st century dating in his latest track When She Bad. Fans can’t soak up the chilled vibe fast enough. It flows with a spoken word backed melody, no grandiosity, no contempt, just a plaintive reading of the facts accompanied by a downtempo beat.

If you’re a fan of Drake’s music, you’re going to love this Hip Hop Rap track that has been produced by the prolific Solow Beats. It’s contemporary, resonant, and dedicated to everyone that’s ever been spurned by the 21st century reality of dating.

With When She Bad, the lyrical flow didn’t gain the same momentum as it did with other tracks by the artist such as Work & Before I Got Serious, yet it proves just how versatile this young artist is.

You can check out the brand new track When She Bad on SoundCloud using the link below:

-Amelia Vandergast

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