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Zae Aio has taken control of the sands of time with her ethereal indie RnB debut, Don’t Waste My Time

Zae Aio

For her debut release, Don’t Waste My Time, the up-and-coming soulstress, Zae Aio, created a dreamy RnB odyssey, which starts with a slow and mellow indie pop pre-chorus to emanate accommodating 90s nostalgia before amplifying the atmosphere with Prince-esque soaring guitars.

The sublimely textural release is a testament to the originality of Zae, who has always struggled to find her place and feel assured in her identity due to her multicultural roots stemming from Côte d’Ivoire and Norway and growing up in Oslo. Though, clearly, she’s right at home on the airways with her arcanely honeyed vocal lines and the ease with which she lays it all down on the expressive line.

Don’t Waste My Time is a devilishly delicious debut, which is all too efficacious in proving Zae has exactly what it takes to have dominion over the RnB genre.

Don’t Waste My Time will hit the airwaves on June 9th. Check it out on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Karice reached the pinnacle of sensuous intimacy in ‘Callin’ Your Name’

Taken from her eponymous sophomore EP, the up-and-coming soul singer Karice’s latest Afro Pop rendezvous, Callin’ Your Name, reaches the pinnacle of sensuous intimacy. Each of Karice’s singles is a visualisation of her life experiences, and Callin’ Your Name, in all of its elevated distinction, is no exception.

The voluptuously soft single runs through at a steady tempo, enabling the listener to savour each of the impassioned vocal notes as they create synergy with the sun-bleached instrumentals that made the single summer RnB pop playlist material.

After being introduced to the BeaconSkillz producer, Big Zo, in 2021, the collaborative alchemy soon spilled, resulting in her debut EP, Spirritated, in 2022. Between both releases, you will experience her soulful vocal dynamism and classy approach to orchestrating sonic feats of seduction.

The Karice EP hit the airwaves on May 11; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Joshua Showtime Williams – Nasty: Elevated Impassioned RnB Poetry for the Kink-Friendly

Joshua Showtime Williams’ latest single, Nasty, is supercharged with sensuously scintillating RnB electricity. Staying true to the rhythm and blues roots while bringing the indietronic funk around the lyricality, which establishes him as the ultimate dom, created the ultimate feat of aural erotica.

E.L. James could only have hoped to reach Williams’ level in Nasty, which finds naturally provocative ways to speak to his kink-friendly fans. If you were vanilla before hitting play, you may just question your sexual proclivities after hearing the elevated impassioned poetry in Nasty.

The St. Louis-residing singer-songwriter, dancer and musician broke into the industry in 2014 before effortlessly establishing himself as one to watch. With over 1 million views on YouTube and 5.8 million on TikTok, plenty of people are already affixed to his boldly soulful presence.

Stream Nasty on Spotify now; your libido will be as gratified as your rhythmic pulses.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK songstress, fii, cut constricting ties in her empowerment-advocating debut, Goodbye

Fans of Kehlani, Teyana Taylor, and SZA will want to prick their ears up to the empoweringly assuring debut single, Goodbye, from the Milton-Keynes singer-songwriter, fii, who fuses RnB & pop elements across the eras to speak to every generation with her introspective gold lyricality and hook-rife melodies.

The strength in Goodbye is gorgeously multifaceted; the sultry smooth rhythmics and stellar production melded with her soulfully convicting vocal presence affirmed that she’s one to watch. The UK RnB scene is infinitely richer for her elevated contribution.

The lyric “I might get lonely in December but right now I’m better than ever” is a testament to how raw and heartfelt the release is despite the infectious testament that you’re always better off missing the person who an ex pretended to be in the beginning than trying to re-manifest a person who never truly existed.

“Goodbye is inspired by the feeling of relief and freedom after a toxic relationship has ended. I wrote it to encourage myself to get over someone; music was the most cathartic way of dealing with all the confusing feelings. I want my fans to hear it and think, yeah, I’m not scared to say goodbye to a situation that isn’t serving me either.”

Goodbye will hit the airwaves on May 19; catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ANGELCONCEPCION is emboldeningly iconic in her RnB Soul instant classic, Like I Was

Here to take to the sting out of retrospective romantic regret is the emboldening RnB icon, ANGELCONCEPCION, with her latest single, Like I Was.

The lyrics may not explicitly verse that deceit and someone degrading you to drag you down to their lowly levels happens to the best of us, but given the elegance and grace of every inch of this elevated instant classic, it’s heavily implied through ANGELCONCEPCION’s heavenly vocal beguile.

Fusing a modernist tonal palette while pulling at the roots of RnB and soul allowed the Philadelphia-residing Filipino artist to reach the crux of the contemporary curve before transcending it through her effortlessly flawless energy. The bluesy guitars shimmering behind the lush reverb is a lesson in aural intoxication. Grab a glass and get your fill.

Like I Was dropped on March 1st; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8rii put the soul in indecision in her latest single, Stay


Independent singer-songwriter, 8rii, earned herself a spot on the East London RnB map with her latest emotionally elevated latest single, Stay. Putting the soul in indecision, the Ashanti & Aaliyah-inspired artist created a compelling exposition of how jarringly contradictory our minds become when the right romantic path is impossible to discern from the wrong one.

Any artist able to paint the complexities of the human psyche is more than worth having on your playlists, and that’s without mentioning the melodic mesmerism of the lo-fi RnB instrumentals that deliciously flirt with the Afroswing style.

Stay will officially release on March 10th. Until then, check out the artist on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Superlative RnB Soulstress Jaai. Emanated Sensuously Celestial Grace in her Sophomore Single, God is Real


After the RnB soulstress Jaai. left us spellbound with her dreamily festive debut single, Christmas Mornin, and rendered our souls as her own; she’s back on sensuously pure form with her sophomore Christian & Gospel single, God is Real.

The Charlotte, NC-hailing artist delivered a mellifluous reminder of how sublime it is to find trust and sanctity in knowing there is a higher power. All desire for control our mortal coil will never grant us legibly ebbs away  in the smooth, easy-listening ensemble of jazzy RnB, which is radiant through the balance between nostalgic grace and contemporary trip-hop-y beguile, which puts Jaai. right back on brand to how we heard her from her exceptionally promising debut.

God is Real will be available to stream from February 3rd. Hear it on Jaai.’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Evelyine found the poetry in intimacy in her RnB single, Moonlight + Cotton Sheets

Finding the poetry in intimacy, the up-and-coming RnB soulstress, Evelyine, reached evocatively ethereal heights with her latest single, Moonlight + Cotton Sheets.

Between the contemporary kick of the trip-hop textures, the contrast of the smooth rap bars from the featuring artist, Adrian Wright, and her elevated harmonies, which reminisce with 90s pop and RnB nostalgia, the soul in the standout single from her album, NEW LIFE, is hypnotising.

The Grand Rapids, MI singer-songwriter has been polishing her RnB pop edge since the age of seven, when she started writing lyrics. Under the influence of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, she found her voice, leading to her becoming a regular performer by age 16. After touring the circuit with cover material, she returned to her songwriting passion and penned her first single, New Life, which hit the airwaves in January 2022.

Whatever her next move is, we know it’s going to be embellished with soul, talent and intrinsic grace.

Moonlight + Cotton Sheets is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Anesia Renee is riding on an opulent high in her debut RnB single, New Money

African American RnB singer-songwriter, Anesia Renee, is fresh from the release of her debut single, New Money. The rich in neo-soul glamour single exhibits evocatively jazzy melodies, sharp beats, and a vocal timbre powerful enough to heal hearts torn asunder.

The elevated sophistication, the humble confidence in her presence and the tranquillity spilling from the mellow accordance orchestrate a sublime listening experience that will leave you feeling on an equally as opulent high.

Since entering the music industry, Anesia Renee has opened for the RnB icon Avant, provided backing vocals for many major artists, including Tye Tribbett and DeWayne Woods, featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine and keeps her gig diary constantly booked. After the launch of her debut single, Anesia Renee is preparing her debut album, which promises more euphonious soulful vibes.

Delve into New Money on YouTube.

Follow Anesia Renee on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LA’s Sani Knight is ‘BADASF’ in his latest slice of seductively self-aware RnB Hip Hop

At 19 years old, the LA-residing artist Sani Knight has conquered the music industry with over a million streams on his collective discography, which kicked off in 2020. Marrying RnB and new wave hip-hop, his latest single, BADASF, allows wavy RnB melodies to seductively flow to the solid trappy beats.

If that wasn’t enough to get you in the mood, the pop-pinched effect-laden vocals that flow as mellifluously as the instrumental melodies in the short and sweet hit are hypnotic in their salacious vibe. Lyrical gold runs through the entire duration, but no line hits harder than “even if we don’t feel the same tomorrow, even if the love we made is hollow”.

Few artists are more self-aware of the inclination of wanting to ride slow as a means to a dopamine-fixing end. Undoubtedly, that is a vital key to the success the artist inspired by The Weeknd, 6LACK, and Che Ecru has unlocked.

BADASF was officially released on December 16th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast