Prodigious Australian music producer ZUSO drops memorable 5-track EP Lost In Time

As he shook us wide awake with such a gladly received ear-warmer in March to ignite a feeling that has previously been forgotten, ZUSO drops those summer rays for us to find the moment again as we unravel the knots of life on Lost In Time.

ZUSO aka Gabriel Cuenca is a sensational Southside Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic music producer and DJ who is known as one of the most exciting talents to emerge globally for a while.

Comprising of previous releases Melt Like God, ATLAS and Daydream, this 5-track offering is the culmination of Zuso utilizing ambient textures, melodic lines and compelling synths, to create a hypnotic dreamy soundscape resulting in a euphoric journey of late-night grooves.” ~ ZUSO

Roaming in so calmly with the special navigation-packed ATLAS, transfixing us on the tasty track Aura, dazzling us with a soundtrack to summer in Daydream, cooling us down to face tougher waters on Melt Like Gold and seducing us to be better on Run Free, this is a special EP to swim deeply inside.

Crisp and natural like that perfect cup of water, this is a soothing experience that will get you bathing away the sandy worries of yesterday.

Lost In Time from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic music producer and DJ ZUSO is a rather mood-transforming release that might put shivers inside the sleeves of your soul. Embraced with velvet-tasting flavour that you might have forgotten amongst the chaos, we find something different to most. There is fun here in droves, but also so much more. Substance is the word that comes to mind as the volume goes up and our mouths close, while our precious eyes lock into the moment like a hungry Wolf about to strike.

If you didn’t get a summer anthem before, you have found one now.

Hear this top-notch EP on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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