Korfian’s Latest Offering of Darkly Dubbed Lyrical Philosophy

Korfian’s latest single Territorial is one of those rare tracks that manage to perfectly balance doom-impounding beats with devastating introspective which leave you in a state of utter beguilement. Sometimes music is an artform, sometimes it’s pure philosophy and that’s exactly how Territorial unravels as you allow the heavy waves of digitally rendered resonance crash over you. The deep baritone vocals which verse the pensive lyrics are amongst the most captivating I’ve heard from this genre in a long time. As for the beat, well, that’s just an ingeniously progression composed of contrasting concordant symmetry; the reverb from the synth spills over the harsh kicks and snares from the hard hitting electronica beat for the ultimate pacifying effect.

The Athens based artist’s sound is by large incomparable to many contemporary artists yet, any fans of Chase & Status’ iconic album No More Idols, are going to be in absolute heaven with Korfian’s dark, twisted Dub heavy Electronica mix. You can check out the official video to Korfian’s latest single Territorial which was released June 26th on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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