Pianist Barry C. Humphreys plays with so much heart on ‘I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye’

Pianist Barry C. Humphreys is back with his brand new song called ‘I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye‘.

Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Barry C. Humphreys displayed a natural talent for piano at a very young age. After just a few years of learning how to play, he was soon able to play anything by ear. He could simply take a request and play it without the aid of any written music. Soon after, Barry began to play his own compositions. Family and friends would often gather around the piano to hear his own beautiful melodies. His private shows became an important part of any family reunion as listeners would call out for beloved favorites. Barry currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife of 54 years and continues to create beautiful music with heart.

I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye‘ from Barry C. Humphreys is a heart-felt song about the end of a relationship. You hoped that things would be okay but things have turned up a lonely alley. The piano skills from this well-respected pianist is of top quality as usual and you feel the pain in this song. A fine effort.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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