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Moving Planets: Lee Michael Walton reflects on his twenties with ‘Photographs From Mars’ (ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes)

With a reinvigorated sound that shows his strength from beating cancer, heavy drinking and dealing with family issues in the past, Lee Michael Walton shows us his new perspective with a feature from his beloved Grandma in Wales urging him to come home called ‘Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes).

Lee Michael Walton is a fantastic Ystalyfera, Wales-born, London-based singer/pianist/organist, who has beaten the odds to fulfill his dream of making music that makes a worldly impression and helps others with their doubts too.

“The fun and adventurous nature of my youth is still in there though. It was a time of adventure, of risk taking, of self-discovery and of course MIS-adventure!”- Lee Michael Walton

This passion in his voice shines above the sky as he sees the big blue sea from above, as he knew he had to leave for a while to find himself. With a complex world that judges you quickly at times, the thick skin needs to be bulletproof to withstand the beating it can take. Finding that self-belief is hard for a while, but when you see it you will never let go and it is so warm and helps you through any darkness.

The story of the trip above is enlightening and helps you understand how he felt for so long before freeing himself. with his Grandma’s tea helping him through all the doubts and small-minded people that threatened to derail him forever. Luckily, through music and helpful mentors, he was able to move past it all and do what loves with no fear inside anymore.

Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes) from the London-based pianist/vocalist/organist Lee Michael Walton, is a touching tale from up above that shows you that you can succeed if you have a strong support system and are willing to be self-aware enough, to make that much-needed change.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Benjamin Witt has made his neo-classic debut with their album ‘Coming Out of It’

North Carolina-based artist, composer and producer, Benjamin Witt has made their debut with their ambient neo-classic album ‘Coming Out of It’. Any fans of Nils Frahm’s tender melodic touch will want to spend time with this remarkably evocative album which could serve as the OST to Hollywood’s next blockbuster.

The best exhibition of Benjamin Witt’s astuteness when it comes to capturing emotion on piano keys is ‘Running Through It’, a soundscape that quiescently captures a break free from stagnation with tentative steps that guide you towards living instead of existing at the mercy of the universe.

Running Through It is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Seven Layer Piano Cakes gives melodic metalcore a classical touch with ‘Middlegame’

Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Last year, Seven Layer Piano Cakes appeared on our radar with their dreamy feat of indietronica ‘The Patriarch’, leaving us enamoured yet ridiculously underprepared for his latest release ‘Middlegame’.

The 00s emo kid in me can scarcely deal with the feisty alchemy which spills when a classically trained pianist tackles a melodic metalcore style which wouldn’t be out of place on an old school Bring Me the Horizon album.

With Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ neo-classic keys combined with the harsh snares which smack under sinister synth-lines, Middlegame is practically overwhelming – especially when the guitars start to slash the soundscape with angularly absorbing notes.

Listen to Seven Layer Piano Cakes on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music RnB

Be your own trendsetter: Riah Dawn shows such grace on sipping ‘The Tea’ of self-love and possibilities

Riah Dawn flourishes like a shining star that dispels all self-doubt away like a true angel does, on the breathtaking single ‘The Tea‘.

Boston, Massachusetts-born multi-talented R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, violinist, cellist, drummer and pianist Riah Dawn, makes that rare real music about her life growing up as an adopted child, finding her identity and figuring out what she really is passionate about. After this recent self-discovery, she has decided that speaking about her story and fusing her poetry into art, is the best way to inspire others to love themselves and to follow their hopes and passions to the fullest. This is indeed a role model musician to appreciate and to listen to her intently.

We are let into this fascinating R&B-fused story by a singer with a truly stunning voice, who has learnt that you need to work with what you are given in life and to not worry about what you don’t have. You are a special person inside and out, with so much value and the future possibilities are endless, if you love that person in the mirror, while being self-aware and staying open-minded.

The Tea‘ from the soulful multi-skilled Boston native Riah Dawn, is the type of song you feel compelled to listen to again and again, as she has such a pure voice that helps you to unwrapped any self-doubt and throw it away. Opening yourself up to new and exciting possibilities is the only way to truly grow and to follow those goals and dreams you have deep inside you. This is the type of artist that shows you where the key is, as she has been there and knows what it feels like.

Unlocking that happy side of you is possible, if you believe in yourself enough and want to walk through into the sunlight.

Hear this wonderful song on her Spotify and learn more about the lovable Riah on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Throw me a hand: Moodbay are underwater and ‘Alone’ on sensational new electro-pop stunner

Moodbay show their ever-increasing greatness on the flourishing new single taken off their latest ambitious sixteen-track release, that will have you in a reflective mood when you are ‘Alone‘.

Manchester-based electro mood-pop two-piece act Moodbay, are fused together by Darlington-born pianist/singer Anna Stephens and pianist/producer/songwriter Alfie Cattell from Denbigh (Little Fortress) in Wales, who make that saucy edm, r&b and classically intertwined music, that makes your heart skip a few beats and gets your body grooving like it was pre-lockdown.

After meeting at the BIMM Institute in Manchester almost four years ago via a mysterious corridor, you can feel how in-sync the pair are, as they transform the dull room into an electric experience of bright lights and sonic soundscapes, that are so spectacularly illuminating.

Her voice echos eerily throughout as the vocals seep into your skin and give you the shivers. The pure class is undeniable and meshed with world class production, you get the feeling that you are listening to a duo that are going to be absolutely massive, if they stay patient and carry on making this immensely captivating music for the soul.

Alone‘ from Welsh/English electro mood-pop act Moodbay, is a late-night daze-dream through the mind and into the other side of your consciousness. This is that underwater rescue from your lifeguard, after you have sunk deep, and need saving from yourself.

When you are falling deep, you need someone to help wake you up before you sleep for good, as time is of the essence and there is not a moment to lose in this short life of ours. This is a magnificence single that shows you why you need good friends, to grab your hand, kill the noise and lift you up to soar brightly again.

Hear this wonderfully striking song on Spotify and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Moving on: Kate Bowen is ready to ‘Be Myself’ and never look back

Taken off her latest five-track EP called ‘A Time Before‘, Kate Bowen, sings with such meaning and passion via her brand new single about moving in a new direction to self-happiness on ‘Be Myself‘.

Maidstone, Kent-based mental health nurse, indie-folk singer-songwriter, avid USA traveler and laid-back genuine soul Kate Bowen, sings with a new-found freedom, born from a change in her job role that has relaxed her and given more time for her to make music.

She performs with an honest introspection that is fused authentically from her almost life-long experience in music creation, as she started playing the trumpet at eight years old and graduated to learn the guitar, drums and piano from there.

After helping others for most of life, this certainly feels like a way of putting her desires out into the universe for others to enjoy. In a way, she is still inspiring others, this time through her delightful soundscapes, that reflect her astonishing voice right into your heart to take strength from.

Her voice echos through the speakers and you hear a musician who needs a holiday again, as her boots are made for travelling and new paths await her. After experiencing being stuck with a few things personally, her heart is now open wide and she sounds ready for adventures again. Somewhere safe and being 100% happy is the only thing that matters right now.

Be Myself‘ from the soulfully inspirational Maidstone-based Kate Bowen, is a stunning effort from this incredible artist who sings with that inner beauty and puts on a real dazzling show here, with sumptuous class and quality added for good measure.

Being yourself is the only way to live and to be truly happy while looking into the mirror each day. Helping others can only transpire, if you’re spiritually healthy yourself and following those inner passions within.

Stream this special single here on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Rock

Keep rollin’ on: Paul Hroma returns after long hiatus to explore ‘The Other Side Of Georgia’

Powered by Torchsounds Entertainment, Paul Hroma excitedly gets on the open road again to follow his heart on ‘The Other Side Of Georgia‘.

Paul Hroma is an Idaho-based indie-rock/soul pianist and singer-songwriter, who was heavily involved in the music scene twenty five years ago, stopped playing live and due to covid-19 giving him more time at home, stepped into the booth again to reclaim his rightful place. He makes that reflective road trip music that gets you thinking about your hopes and dreams, while giving you a look into his life that has come full circle.

He never stopped writing and this song is the third single taken off his ‘Bottled Water From The Fountain Of Youth‘ album, which is his first release in almost thirty years. You can feel the hunger in his voice as he sends us a classy daydream single, that involves deep feelings and you can’t help but like what you are hearing.

This is the story about exploring places you haven’t been before while you are on the open road and realizing that you feel at home in a certain area, and this is the one. The kindness of people in this area really strikes you and and it feels really good, perhaps better than where you are now.

The old video footage is such a blessing to see and you can picture how simpler life was then. Kids are on their bicycles riding around playfully, girls and the Mom’s doing hopscotch and despite the tough economic times, people looked happier. There were no cellphones and tablets to distract us, just nature and all its beauty.

The Other Side Of Georgia‘ from Idaho musician Paul Hroma, is that purely constructed music that has such a classic feel to it. This is a classy musician who has returned after a long time out of making recordings and feels invigorated. The bug has bitten and won’t ever leave him again.

Once a singer, always a singer.

Check out his IG and see the official video here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Make it go slower: Anthony J Fink is back with a heartfelt story of life on ‘Places We Go’

Anthony J Fink sings with so much love and tenderness on his brand new single about the journey called ‘Places We Go‘.

Detroit, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter/pianist Anthony J Fink makes that authentic kind of music with timeless energies, that soars over the rest with a deep groove vibe and makes your speakers shake as you are put into a thoughtful mindset.

”Life is not a trophy to be won. Life is about the journey. Lets enjoy this chapter for what its worth.”-Anthony J Fink

He sings with so much truth lathered all over his voice and he speaks on the temptations around and all of the sad moments that the world is having right now. With so much loss and heartbreak around, this is an uplifting track that inspires us to look deeper than flash things to tempt us unnecessarily on TV and movies.

Places We Go‘ from multi-skilled Detroit artist Anthony J Fink will have you closing your eyes and thinking about what life really means to you and how you intend to live it. Time goes really fast and there are so many places to visit and people to meet and learn from. To be fully happy inside you shouldn’t have any regrets about achieving those dreams and aspirations you have.

When you experience a close personal loss like this genuine soul has, you want to make sure that you take the reigns in doing lots of adventures to full enjoyment- before its too late. This is a sentiment that we can all share and be truly inspired by.

Put your mind in a thoughtful place on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The love that runs away: Jaco tells the pure pop story of his ultimate ‘Baby’

Jaco sings with sensational passion and love via the new fresh single about that special one in your life called ‘Baby‘.

Jaco is a an Italian pianist/singer-songwriter who is based in London, United Kingdom, who makes that pure pop sound-that streams through your body and makes you daydream vividly again.

This is the sensual story of being with someone who you care about so much. You are so hot together as the sheets need replacing each time from the burn marks, but something is keeping you from being together. You ponder why for a few moments but want to stay present whenever they are around you, as what you have is so loving and sensual. The lies are getting to much however and you wonder what they are hiding from you, or do they just value their space from you in the morning.

His voice eases through your heart lovingly, as you close your eyes and take in the wonderful vocals of a talented young musician who shows so much promise.

Baby‘ from the supremely talented new multi-talented Italian artist Jaco, is a tremendous listen and will have you in a thoughtful space, as you wonder why some people can’t be with you all the time. He sings with a vocal delivery that shows his love and desires just perfectly.

When you are with someone you care about and don’t want them to leave, this opens up your vulnerable state to be either loved back, or taken away for a while if rejected. If you want them enough and they feel the same, you will soon be synced together, or time will stop quickly like a broken watch.

Hear this glowing love sing on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding that special soul: Marz Fay is so incredible on the beautiful lo-fi love story ‘Sunsets and Beaches’

You want things to stay the same forever and for her to never leave. South London’s immensely talented self-taught pianist, guitarist, videographer, lyricist, presenter and proudly LGBT musician Marz Fay, sings so beautifully on her new single ‘Sunsets and Beaches‘.

The stunning lofi-fi beat drifts above the lucid sea that simmers above all, as the clean waters shine through as the glorious sunset makes your heart shiver. You feel a sense of peace and calm in your heart after a crazy few months and you start to relax like you are on a perfect holiday.

Soon, her gorgeous vocals lifts the mood around and you feel the quality here as this is quite different from most copy and paste music. Her amazing tone holds throughout and nothing seems to be a strain, her voice seems effortless and natural, just the way truly inspiring music changes your perceptive.

This is the story of that sweet love as we are invited into this authentic story of how things can be so incredible with someone you really trust and care about. You laugh together, gaze into each others eyes all the time, share your hopes and fears and can keep their secrets. This is what true love is, as when you hold each other hands the fish jump in the water next to you and when you kiss each others lips, the stars sparkle from the sky above. Life is so beautifully simple and you remember each second as the time seems to slow down and you feel like you are in a different world.

Sunsets and Beaches‘ from South London’s multi-talented Marz Fay is a song that you can’t forget easily. The crackle of the vinyl adds so much class and her love story lyrics are so romantic. With a voice that is so genuine and sweet, this is my favorite release of 2020 and a tear streams down my cheek as I hope that these two can stay together forever. This is such a stunning song that shows that if you both want it enough, you can be with the person of your dreams.

Hear this lovely song via Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen