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The love that runs away: Jaco tells the pure pop story of his ultimate ‘Baby’

Jaco sings with sensational passion and love via the new fresh single about that special one in your life called ‘Baby‘.

Jaco is a an Italian pianist/singer-songwriter who is based in London, United Kingdom, who makes that pure pop sound-that streams through your body and makes you daydream vividly again.

This is the sensual story of being with someone who you care about so much. You are so hot together as the sheets need replacing each time from the burn marks, but something is keeping you from being together. You ponder why for a few moments but want to stay present whenever they are around you, as what you have is so loving and sensual. The lies are getting to much however and you wonder what they are hiding from you, or do they just value their space from you in the morning.

His voice eases through your heart lovingly, as you close your eyes and take in the wonderful vocals of a talented young musician who shows so much promise.

Baby‘ from the supremely talented new multi-talented Italian artist Jaco, is a tremendous listen and will have you in a thoughtful space, as you wonder why some people can’t be with you all the time. He sings with a vocal delivery that shows his love and desires just perfectly.

When you are with someone you care about and don’t want them to leave, this opens up your vulnerable state to be either loved back, or taken away for a while if rejected. If you want them enough and they feel the same, you will soon be synced together, or time will stop quickly like a broken watch.

Hear this glowing love sing on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding that special soul: Marz Fay is so incredible on the beautiful lo-fi love story ‘Sunsets and Beaches’

You want things to stay the same forever and for her to never leave. South London’s immensely talented self-taught pianist, guitarist, videographer, lyricist, presenter and proudly LGBT musician Marz Fay, sings so beautifully on her new single ‘Sunsets and Beaches‘.

The stunning lofi-fi beat drifts above the lucid sea that simmers above all, as the clean waters shine through as the glorious sunset makes your heart shiver. You feel a sense of peace and calm in your heart after a crazy few months and you start to relax like you are on a perfect holiday.

Soon, her gorgeous vocals lifts the mood around and you feel the quality here as this is quite different from most copy and paste music. Her amazing tone holds throughout and nothing seems to be a strain, her voice seems effortless and natural, just the way truly inspiring music changes your perceptive.

This is the story of that sweet love as we are invited into this authentic story of how things can be so incredible with someone you really trust and care about. You laugh together, gaze into each others eyes all the time, share your hopes and fears and can keep their secrets. This is what true love is, as when you hold each other hands the fish jump in the water next to you and when you kiss each others lips, the stars sparkle from the sky above. Life is so beautifully simple and you remember each second as the time seems to slow down and you feel like you are in a different world.

Sunsets and Beaches‘ from South London’s multi-talented Marz Fay is a song that you can’t forget easily. The crackle of the vinyl adds so much class and her love story lyrics are so romantic. With a voice that is so genuine and sweet, this is my favorite release of 2020 and a tear streams down my cheek as I hope that these two can stay together forever. This is such a stunning song that shows that if you both want it enough, you can be with the person of your dreams.

Hear this lovely song via Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding your way again: Indie-Pop singer Imelda Gabs drops the outstanding solo debut ‘Fallen Angel’

UK & Switzerland based singer-songwriter, pianist and producer Imelda Gabs is quite breathlessly brilliant on the incredible visuals for her debut single called ‘Fallen Angel‘. This is something rare and special right before our eyes.

Daughter of the world-renowned jazz pianist Doctor Gabs who sadly passed away when she was just 15, this young lady has made her own lane and he would be so proud of what she has created here.

Her music is so cinematic, each layer and move has been created with such pure precision. You can tell that she is in charge of her own destiny and is not going to let anyone ruin her vision with fads or flashy tactics. Each word is sung with an elegant class that is a refreshing cleanse of the current music around that is mostly dirty and diluted.

Scars on her back, seeing a newspaper with her name and picture inside, a movie-type start, this has it all. The haunting but beautiful start is an entry into something more than a song. this is her flying free, finally released from being in bands and in other’s shadows. She is doing what she feels is right and her piercing eyes looks right inside your soul. The gift to hold her tone is there, never trying too hard to impress anyone but herself. The scene of her with her wings on and the spark filled background is a moment that gives my whole body shivers of excitement.

With a jazz background and influenced in various genres such as pop, soul and classy classical, her music is clearly original and I love how she isn’t trying to copy anybody else’s style, only to be the best version of herself each day.

Imelda Gabs is born to be a solo artist and seems happy with this new adventure. ‘Fallen Angel‘ is a song that is edgy and real, her stunning voice and ability to get a top team to join her on the journey, is a sign of world class releases to follow with her debut EP set for 2021.

Sometimes you lose yourself and run away from that special soul that really loves you, You care for them but are scared you will hurt them so you run away but come back, hoping they will still be there. The ultimate love story to see if you are a match and the timing is always an issue. This is the incredible story and a spectacular song that will be timeless. This creation is that good.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and see her next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Martin Mayer – ‘Carol Of The Bells’: Cinematically Prodigal Jazz-Laden Piano Pop-Rock

The Beijing Times describes Canadian pianist and composer Martin Mayer as “Canada’s Prince Of The Piano”, and with ‘Carol Of The Bells’ – a soaring, shifting, ringing three-minute eighteen-seconds instrumental track of rolling drums and searing piano melody – Mayer is certainly doing everything to prove himself worthy of that title.

An instrumental fusion of pop-rock, smooth mellow jazz, and strict classical discipline, ‘Carol Of The Bells’ rings and chimes its way through key shifts and tempo switches, alternately lifting and dropping  through the full dynamic range to produce an explosive, energetic track.

Mayer’s most recent album, ‘Unbreakable’, was listed as one of the top 25 New Music Critiques of 2018 by Music Connection Magazine, whilst Canada’s National Post predicts that Mayer is “Poised to take over the world stage”. On the basis of ‘Carol Of The Bells’, that truth is close to undeniable.

Hear ‘Carol Of The Bells’ on Spotify; follow Martin Mayer on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Inspired by lockdown: ‘Kindred Spirits’ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe warms the heart

This is a wonderful instrumental-only full album from a pianist who was inspired by the words from a lady in the crowd. She told him to not keep this stunning music to himself and to get it out there into the world. He did just that. Who knew that playing a small Meditation Session would leave such a last impression.

Kindred Spirits‘ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe is a wonderful album that portrays so much peace and pureness. With a thoughtful melody in each song, we are taken on a journey that helps so much during these dark times.

This is the 5th studio release from Craig Sutcliffe and there are so many highlights here. The top tracks here are ‘Drift Away‘, ‘City Lights‘ and ‘Magical Life’. The marvelously created riffs are like a butterfly landing on your shoulder when you are sad. You forget about your worries for a few moments and remember that life has so many beautiful moments to enjoy.

”The inspiration behind the album was the many Kindred Spirits who come into our life and help us along our journey. Some stay for a short while and some forever.”- Craig Sutcliffe

Hear this lovely music on the Spotify page and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sonophonix drive us ‘Crazy In Love’ with their latest single

Commencing with a beautiful, arpeggiated piano motif before being joined by the deep, sonorous swell of cello, ‘Crazy In Love’ is a beautiful, haunting piece, an instrumental duet of resonant, musical artistry and elegance that showcases the talents of two incredible musicians.

Pianist Deborah Robb and cellist Xue Yang Liu met while students at the Mannes School of Music at the New School in New York City.  While attending Mannes they performed chamber music together and were members of the Mannes American Composers Ensemble (MACE) under the direction of composer Lowell Liebermann.  Their Sonophonix duo merges their composing, arranging and improvisation skills, and ‘Crazy In Love’ is a perfect example of their art, allowing each performer the personal space to breathe whilst intertwining their individual contributions into something altogether greater, a delicate, mellow, composition of refinement and elegance that transcends the classical genre and becomes something altogether of its own.

Crazy In Love can be heard from the Sonophonix website.

Review by Alex Holmes


Kaitlin Puccio plays with incredible elegance on the piano-infused ‘La Cloche En Verre’

Kaitlin Puccio plays with such incredible elegance on the perfect piano-infused new single called ‘La Cloche En Verre‘.

La Cloche En Verre means The Bell Jar in French and we are blessed to have this beautiful song in our ears for 2020. The skill level is tremendous and I feel like this is a pianist who plays for love, she loves music so much. The passion shows.

Kaitlin is a model, actress, and singer-songwriter with a style that is so elegant. This classy musician dazzles here on this wonderful song. According to Spotify, if you like Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer, and Beethoven, you’ll like this. The great thing about this single is that the track builds and builds, taking you on a journey to discover what you are deep inside your soul.

La Cloche En Verre‘ is such a fine track that is wonderfully created by the incredible Kaitlin Puccio. She is such a skilled pianist and is simply beautiful on this song that didn’t need vocals. This is one song to sit back with and to be enjoyed when you need to take some time out from this wild dumpster fire of 2020. True beauty always wins eventually.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ukranian Composer and Pianist Olexandr Ignatov explores the human psyche with their 2020 album “Messages”

Ukrainian composer, producer and pianist Olexandr Ignatov has countless accolades to their name. After the release of their Neo-Classic album “Messages”, they can also be proud to have their name behind one of the most stunning albums of 2020.

Each composition invites you to explore a different emotion, Patience, Empathy, Temperance, Loyalty, Trust, the track which hit the evocative spot the hardest for us was undoubtedly “Struggle”.

The precision in timing between the notes is almost otherworldly in the way it sets trepidation, torment and a spiralling sense of despair. Yet, it can’t be said that the piece was without any sense of beauty and resilience. It’s the perfect reminder that if you’re struggling, you’re still fighting and not all hope is lost. And with that revelation, I might have a little cry.

Struggle is available to stream via Spotify with the rest of their ground-breaking album.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pianist Barry C. Humphreys plays with so much heart on ‘I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye’

Pianist Barry C. Humphreys is back with his brand new song called ‘I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye‘.

Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Barry C. Humphreys displayed a natural talent for piano at a very young age. After just a few years of learning how to play, he was soon able to play anything by ear. He could simply take a request and play it without the aid of any written music. Soon after, Barry began to play his own compositions. Family and friends would often gather around the piano to hear his own beautiful melodies. His private shows became an important part of any family reunion as listeners would call out for beloved favorites. Barry currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife of 54 years and continues to create beautiful music with heart.

I Know You’ve Come to Say Goodbye‘ from Barry C. Humphreys is a heart-felt song about the end of a relationship. You hoped that things would be okay but things have turned up a lonely alley. The piano skills from this well-respected pianist is of top quality as usual and you feel the pain in this song. A fine effort.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Latvian pianist Ieva Dubova stuns with hauntingly beautiful ”Avu Avu”

Avu Avu by Ieva Dubova

Ieva Dubova is a Latvian pianist and composer known for her experimental new age approach to classical piano music. This is a style that I have never heard before and my ears are so transfixed. I feel that I am hearing an absolute master at work here. The sounds are chilling and played with such skill and you can tell that many years of practice took place. This music is totally cinematic with influences that my mind can’t even fathom.

Ieva’s upcoming album ‘’Reverie” will be released in August and this is hotly anticipated. This is a part of a set of pieces called ”Ainavas”. This masterpiece is inspired by Latvian landscapes of the City of Gaujiena, folk music and the poetry of Ojars Vacietis.

Ieva Dubova is currently staying in London and I will definitely turn my attention to live piano music when venues open up again. I’m fascinated by this artist and can’t wait immerse myself further into this world. ”Avu Avu” has changed my outlook on this underrated genre of music and it’s such a quality track.

Stream this song on Bandcamp now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen