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World class Italian composer Stefano D’Amico takes us through the Wormhole

Skyrocketing through the atmosphere and flying so high into the night, Stefano D’Amico is rather outstanding on a song which will guide many smiles into a world of possibilities above on Wormhole.

Stefano D’Amico is a world renowned Italian film composer/pianist/orchestrator who creates neoclassical music and soundtracks which are heard all over our beautiful galaxy.

In 2020 I put my passion for music and for environmentalism in ‘Tribute to the Earth’, my EP which
tells the beauty of our planet: rain, sunset, the moon, the green nature. Its purpose is to raise awareness on the importance of protecting this natural patrimony.” ~ Stefano D’Amico

Currently studying deeply inside composition, orchestration and film scoring, the impressive Stefano D’Amico is rather prodigiously first-rate here. He’s made a true masterpiece for the world to feel united inside, as the imagination floats into what is actually out there if we look far enough.

Wormhole from the multi-skilled Turin, Italy-born and based indie film composer Stefano D’Amico is a stunning release which deserves to be used in many blockbuster movies. Drenched in so much goodness and pure energy for our consciousness to be enriched by, we find a single to simply put on repeat.

Hear this new song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andreas Fevos (feat. Alex Bappo) – Metamorphosis: Live the Scintillating Sonic Fantasy

For his debut solo single, Metamorphosis, which came after touring Europe as a concert pianist, the Athens-born pianist, composer and producer, Andreas Fevos collaborated with Alex Bappo to set a strikingly narrative jazz score.

Together, they created a theatrically vibrant feat of jazz, which starts with the rapid tempo of neoclassic keys before the complexity of the time signatures consumes you within the extended release that exhibits Fevos’s love for theatre and storytelling. With interludes between the wild yet professionally tamed progressions, you just can’t help living in this constantly evolving metamorphically scintillating sonic fantasy.

With a PhD in Piano Performance and currently a PhD candidate in Composition for Visual Media at UCLA, you can rest assured that you’re in extremely deft hands through the often-times frantic expression of his ingenuity.

Metamorphosis was officially released on October 22nd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Let You Stay: California’s Sophie Reynolds just wants a sign on tell you everything

Taken off her upcoming EP, Sophie Reynolds just wants a reason to give a budding romance a chance even if it could all fall apart so quickly on her beautifully honest new single, tell you everything.

Sophie Reynolds is a 21-year-old indie South Pasadena, California-based singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist who first started performing her original music in 2018.

Surrounded by music, Sophie grew up singing all over the house, at church, and school showcases.” ~ Sophie Reynolds

Gloriously genuine and soothing all ears with a dreamy disposition that will be hard to forget, Sophie Reynolds is rather special on this gorgeous soundtrack for those who want to make sure first, before opening up their precious hearts. Guiding us into her mind so thoughtfully, we find an outstanding young artist who tells a story that many of us have faced in our lives.

tell you everything from South Pasadena, California-based singer-songwriter Sophie Reynolds is a romantic single that is laced with realness about that precise moment where everything could change for the better or worse. Sung with a calming nature that will have you closing your eyes and imagining that look of wonder from a past lover, who was just waiting for that all-important reassurance.

Sometimes you just have to stop for a few minutes to see if they are real or just a passing memory.

Listen up to this lovely release on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA Jazz Scene Icon Sam Hirsh Created Melodic Chemistry with Amber Navran in His Seminal Single, Hot Slow

Taken from his LP, Quarantine Dreams, Sam Hirsh’s standout single, Hot Slow, featuring Amber Navran, is everything it says on the tin. Rather than cooking up a tried, tested, and uninspired blend of soul, Hirsh delivered jazzy melodies which artfully blossom around the smoky – almost trip-hoppy – whispered vocals.

In the LA jazz scene, the pianist, composer and educator is renowned for the soulful energy in his compositions; they are everything people who bemoan ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ could ask for. Better yet, right from the first hit, Hot Slow is smooth enough to melt into. For the same reasons I fell in love with California by Mr Bungle, I will be giving Hot Slow plenty of repeat attention.

Hot Slow is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Graceful Berlin-based artist Raluca is quite scintillating on her excellent new single Thunder

With a wonderfully deep lyricism that reached the bottom of our soul on her previous single, Could IRaluca shows us her incredible talents yet again on the leaving-heart breakup infused single Thunder.

Raluca is a classically trained Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist who has Romanian blood flowing within her veins.

She writes and sings about identity, love, the weight of loss and the possibility of new beginnings. Basically of life, with all facets. The result is energetic, yet at times soothing. Easy and deep at the same time. A blend of darkness and light given a voice.” ~ Raluca

Produced by David Nichols, Raluca urges us all to swiftly avoid those ghastly ghosts amongst us who don’t feel anything at all. For your precious heart’s sake, it’s best to hide away before your valuable shine is stolen forever by someone who just wants to use you as they see fit.

Thunder from the multi-talented Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter Raluca is a call to be left alone forever from a former lover who just wanted quiet away from that sapping energy. Courageous to the core and featuring striking vocals that will burn slowly on your ears, this is a single performed so majestically by a truly talented artist.

Check out this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

California’s Dave Greening washes all the anxiety away with the memorable ‘For Mina and Ava’

FORTE.X - Transcendent Music by Dave Greening

Returning after a long break with a single taken off his 10-track album ‘FORTE​.​X – Transcendent Music‘, Dave Greening sends our minds into a happy place that you can’t possible ever forget on ‘For Mina and Ava‘.

Dave Greening is a California-based indie pianist who makes those peaceful soundtracks you can uplift your spirit with when you need that calming melody after dealing with the negative noises of the world.

Forte.x comes after an 8 year hiatus of producing piano music. The album is designed to be played in the background while you work, study, or sleep. I hope you find it both relaxing and memorable.” ~ Dave Greening

Teaching us how we need to take time to release all tensions and find that moment to self-care again, Dave Greening shows us his underrated excellence with a superbly created single that shall ease all worries away with this delightful effort.

For Mina and Ava‘ from California-based indie pianist Dave Greening is a stunning anthem for anyone who needed a break from the barrage of sounds that can cloud your soul from its inner peace. Performed with true love and inspiring care, this is a delightful song that is packed with superb artistry and a genuine connection to revive our tired hearts.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and let the music take you places,

Listen up to this new track on Bandcamp and see more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An-Ting 安婷 keyed into the plaintive slips of optimism in our first pandemic summer in her classical composition, LAST JUNE

Taiwan-born, London-based pianist-composer, An-Ting 安婷 is set to release her first original LP, Songs from My Room, a compositional narration of the complex emotions that manifested during the pandemic times, featuring the standout single, LAST JUNE.

Not another lockdown release, I hear you cry – but this instrumental score operates far beyond the power of the written word by keying into those striking plaintive slips of optimism as the powerlessness in the situation conflates the ennui. LAST JUNE also takes the mixed feelings that transpired from the BlackLivesMatter movement with an overarching sense of uncertainty that amassed around the state of our polarised society.

An-Ting has performed as a concert pianist at Southbank Centre, LSO St Luke’s, King’s Place, Newbury Spring Festival, Deal Festival, Cheltenham Town Hall, and the Akademie der Künste Berlin (Academy of Arts). She also has a broad background which includes a unique mix of science and art with a degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University and an MMus and PhD in performance from the Royal Academy of Music.

Songs from My Room will be available to stream on all platforms from July 13th, 2022. Last June will be due for release on June 15th. Check out the video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chen Ron shows us what music really means on ‘Weekend’ (feat. MAYU)

Navigating us through the love of something so special that can change lives forever, Chen Ron returns with a brilliant single that will have you taken right into what it’s like to be an independent musician on, ‘Weekend(feat. MAYU).

Chen Ron is an Israel-based RnB/neo-soul artist, music producer, guitarist and pianist who makes that anthem-sounding music that will be stuck in your head for hours.

The single talks about the importance of following your dreams and doing what you really love, and how it’s more important than earning a high salary or a flashy title.” ~ Chen Ron

Featuring the outstanding vocals of Israeli RnB/soul singer MAYU, Chen Ron is rather spectacular with a special song that is totally honest and features so much groove and delightful vocals. These two organically connected souls combine rather radiantly together, and this is a single which will bring that much-needed grace back into the world to teach us all.

Chen works with a variety of guest vocalists in his productions and his biggest influences include Anderson .Paak, Robert Glasper, Tom Misch, J-Dilla and Kendrick Lamar.” ~ Chen Ron

Weekend(feat. MAYU) from Israel-based RnB artist, music producer, guitarist and pianist Chen Ron is a classy single that shows us deep inside the perspective of someone who has been told to move onto something better paid, despite loving the entire inventive process. Showing us deep inside and into a place that so many try to ignore, this is a reminder that if you are doing what you truly love, all the hard work is rather worth it.

Surely doing what makes you glow inside your spirit is the only way to live life after all?

See this excellent video on YouTube and find out more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Charlie Suttle wishes he could live deep inside his fascinating ‘Dreams’

Taken from his 9-track album from 2021 called ‘Blue Season‘, Charlie Suttle is rather tranquil on a single that makes you wish you could just click your fingers and live inside your ‘Dreams‘ for as long as you like.

Charlie Suttle is an 18-year-old French-American, New York, USA-born indie classically and jazz-trained pianist, music producer and singer-songwriter.

I started making DIY music during the pandemic. I produce and write songs from start to finish.” ~ Charlie Suttle

Furnishing our souls with something so serene and replenished with intricate details that shall have you looking deeper into this superbly-told story, Charlie Suttle shows us his cultivated ways with a single that has you closing your eyes so that you may get far away from the current carnage on planet earth.

Dreams‘ from New York, USA-born pianist/singer-songwriter Charlie Suttle is a sterling release that has been made with a simple majestic class that avoids the flash, and instead brings us something with proper substance. There is a wonderful flow on offer that delivers your ears something rather sizzling to feel warm inside, that has you imagining what it would like to stay in your powerfully creative mind for a while.

Listen up to this soothing soundtrack on Spotify and follow his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Multi-talented Italian artist Indra drops magnificently spooky debut single, ‘The Witch’

With an electric style that is fiery and loaded with a cinematic style that shall strike you quickly into your awaiting soul, Indra sends us into a story where you will be totally thrilled by her debut single, ‘The Witch‘.

Indra is an Italian-bred indie alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter, pianist, music producer and sound engineer who holds a Master’s degree at UCLA.

The narrative journey sees a young guy, looking for someone to blame for his failures, in contrast with the emblematic figure of a witch (at one with nature), indicted and burned-out by the man.” ~ Indra

Dropping a debut song that will get you off your seat and thinking deeper about that unfair moment you have probably felt but didn’t react to, Indra is at her outstanding best with a vivid track from a young artist who has made something rather special.

The artist’s aim is to bring the audience into a magical atmosphere by creating tales like songs and revealing, using fictional characters, dramas of our modern world.” ~ Indra

The Witch‘ from Italian-bred indie alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter, pianist, music producer and sound engineer Indra is a mesmerizing single with intense lyrics that shows you beyond what most people see, as the blame shifts to someone who is actually innocent. Sung with a breathtaking technique that is exciting and shall have goosebumps rising all over your body, this is an enthralling track that will open up your eyes to the other side of the picture.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen