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You’re Lonely Too: Gemma Danielle drops emotionally charged single Hold On

Taken from her sizzlingly tantalizing debut, 6-track EP named Hearts Devotion, Gemma Danielle sings with true angelic refinement on the haunting tale of trust called Hold On.

Gemma Danielle is a Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist who loves to mesh in some sweet sounding jazz treats to satisfy our peckish desires.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, or feelings of being lost, alone and battling self-worth issues, I think you will relate.” ~ Gemma Danielle

Picking herself up from the floor after a scream of frustration to the sky, Gemma Danielle reminds us of her stadium-like vocals that show us inside the healing process. Lighting up our imaginations with classy coolness, we are lathered into a truly fine single that might be stuck in our heads all day.

Hold On from Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist Gemma Danielle is a pulsating song that will warm up your cheeks and get us all thinking about that harsh feeling when a romance ends. Projected so beautifully and loaded with a fresh beat to get those bodies alive again-we are treated to a real stunner of a track from a young artist who makes such superbly created gems.

Listen up on SoundCloud and check out her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paul Allen Wright instructs us to keep the flame alive on the funky pop single, ‘Hold On’

Seducing our bodies with something to truly groove with all night long, Paul Allen Wright leads us into the story of wanting to slow things down so that you can keep the heat alive with, ‘Hold On‘.

Paul Allen Wright is a USA-based indie DJ and music producer who is known throughout the world for his strong basslines and happy vibes music to get the blood circulating freely again.

His latest album, “From Out Of Nowhere” is not only club-ready but radio-friendly as Paul effortlessly adds to his musical resume by dabbling successfully into the Pop genre.” ~ Paul Allen Wright

Dusting off any self-doubt and ripping up the script with a fine performance, Paul Allen Wright brings us a super track to play loudly and get the neighbours knocking briskly on the door.

Hold On‘ from USA-based indie DJ and music producer Paul Allen Wright, is a catchy single that will capture your attention and perhaps shall get you climbing on that mission to an exciting ascension. With masterful melodies, sensual vocals and a real pro behind the decks, this is a summertime single when you need to make a statement. Knowing what you want and opening up your words when you need them to work at the optimal time – is such an important skill – when things could fall flat and end forever.

Hear this catchy new tune on Soundcloud and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Lose The Moment: Jane’s Awake bring us a reflective single to remember on ‘Hold On’

As you keep those memories deep inside you so you never forget them ever, Jane’s Awake brings us a wonderful new single with artists from all over the world that came together remotely called ‘Hold On‘.

Jane’s Awake is a new project lead by indie singer-songwriter/producer Nick Sheppard. He formed this fantastic movement during the current pandemic, with the aim of bringing musicians together from all over the world during these tough times.

Nick says: “’Hold On’ is a song for anyone who has seen a loved one suffer or, indeed, has suffered themselves. It’s a song of both desperation and hope, which is why I wanted it to be the first single.”

She sings so beautifully, as you think of all those moments that you let go before. You vow to never let that happened again and marvel at the stunning music in your ears. The soundscape feels like its floating right above you, and you feel so much calmer inside your healing heart.

Hold On‘ from Jane’s Awake, is a truly International project with features from Brazil, Jamaica, Germany and the USA, which spreads goodwill during a time of deep misery and sadness for so many. This is a sad song that will touch your heart deeply, so that you may regain hope that was lost before.

Stream this peaceful new single on Spotify and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find The Light: New York’s GHOSTE urges us to have faith in our path and ‘Hold On’

As she brings forth a stunning glow to rise above all doubts around in this confusing world, that can easily suck you deeply into its undesirable sewers of gloom, GHOSTE carefully shows us how to believe again with the outstanding new single off her latest ten-track album called ‘Hold On‘.

Jenny Bruce aka GHOSTE is an angelic New York City-based indie electro-pop singer-songwriter and loving mother of two. She has recently recreated herself and leads us into the pureness of music, with a sound that has you absolutely astounded by the beauty intertwined inside each verse.

This is the true story about following your dreams and never giving up, despite what obstacles and rocks may be thrown your way. Believing in positive thoughts and keeping those dreams burning bright is incredibly, the way to true self-enlightenment after all.

She sings with such class and grace, her life hasn’t been easy but she stays true to her beliefs with a stunning array of vocal ability that has you closing your eyes, smiling, tearing softly, but ultimately feeling empowered through her sumptuous vocals that shows you where the door to happiness really is.

Hold On‘ from the wonderfully self-aware New York-based electro-pop artist GHOSTE, is a glorious escape from the rigors of the world through a crisply created sound that brings peace, where there was once noise and bad energy. Per aspera ad astra indeed.

Stream her new single on Spotify and see more from this magnetic talent on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cleveland band Hollin Kings power in with brilliant ”Hold On”

Hollin Kings are a riff-fusing Rock n’ Roll band from cozy Cleveland in Ohio. Their solos, strong lyrics and powerful vocals impress mightily here with the new track ”Hold On’‘.

Hold On” is all about holding onto what is important to you in life and never ever letting go. You know what you want so why not just work hard to keep it? This is a vital message in these days of flakiness and ghosting each other. I like the passion and energy here as the vocals show the hunger of the band. They have only been around for two years and show such an incredible cohesion together.

Hollin Kings flip the switch on during the ”Hold On” and the light is burning brightly. This is a band with a huge future as they make terrific music with a magnificent message. After meeting in the same town and through a shared passion of music, they are a band headed in the right direction.

Get this song in your ears now to rev you up for the day on Spotify.

Find out when this fantastic band are back on the gig circuit via Facebook.

Head to Insta to find out more about the band.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Robin Novaku has released the most evocative Future Pop single of Summer 2020 with “Hold On”

It’s safe to say that EDM Pop producer, songwriter and composer Robin Novaku’s latest single “Hold On” featuring Jonas Wak is the most evocative Pop single of summer 2020.

Their instantly immersive, blissfully light soundscape carries an Indie vibe to amplify the accessibility of the Future Pop beat which is perfectly complemented by magnetically warm vocals. Neither the vocals nor the lyrics hold back on spilling plenty of amorously romantic appeal.

The hype around Robin Novaku’s sound is more than easy to understand with their effortlessly feel-good, organically resonant mixes. If you like to have your finger on the pulse of up and coming talent, you’ll want the Albanian artist on your playlists. There isn’t a vibe check on earth he couldn’t pass.

You can check out Robin Novaku’s latest single Hold On for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast