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”Baby You’re Mine” by Andy Moontown could be the smoothest track of 2020

Going to places with you have never heard of before must be an incredible and happy feeling. You are cruising with the love of your life during the summer time. The shades are on, hair is flowing in the wind and you both are holding hands. Smiling times with no worries.

Baby You’re Mine” by Dallas native Andy Moontown is something special. The beat is so funky I want to groove so bad and get down on that dance floor. This track is all about being happy and speaking about the things you can’t face to face. You do it through the best medium of all. Music.

I’m blown away with this track and it makes me so happy. I feel like summer is taking so long to arrive and this will have to played by the pool when the right time comes. Produced by PilotKid who has created such a gem stone here that I just want to flip this one again and again. Be happy, forget your worries and turn this up.

Soundcloud is the platform to hear this epic track that defies time.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Talented producer Dylan Drendel – ‘Ocean’: As funky as it is cool!

This inspired and confident offering from Dylan Drendel is aptly named. It brings to mind everything that is magical and serene about the Ocean. The musicianship is spectacular in that it pulses with life, at a tempo that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, and the hypnotising classical piano breathes, like a prayerful chant throughout. Dylan digs deep and musically characterises a pulsating, connected, primordial under water organism.

This track is superb in its simplicity and subtlety, and takes no small amount of expert craftsmanship to pull off, but its fair to say that Dylan ’s understated thought process culminates in a luxuriously decadent and calming end product.

Let’s not get it twisted though. Soul is at the very heart of this creation and this track is no shrinking violet. You will want to tap your foot and move to it. It is as funky as it is cool and Dylan has been able to artfully balance the ethereal nature of the theme with soft EDM hooks and baselines. He effortlessly displays an ingenious level of versatility that is hard to ignore.

You’ll definitely want to check out ‘Ocean’ by Dylan Drendel at Spotify. Let us know know what you think. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott


deliBass – Roll Em: Trippy Funky Downtempo Electronica

If you think the cover art is trippy, wait until you listen to the song!

deliBass is bringing the heat. “Roll Em” is a song that is packed with everything you need in order to close your eyes and lose yourself to this vortex of smooth sounds and silk transitions: He has got the Daft Punk-ish rhythm section, he throws in some sporadic Neo-Soul female vocals. He is going to plug in his 70’s electric guitar and take you on a funky trip; he is going to gently beat his tambourine as a means to spice up the song even further.

By clicking on the link to the song further below, you agree to the terms of service: This is a one-way ticket to the jazzy psychedelic land, where all the sounds of the bass guitars feel like a tender touch on your cheek. Where the sounds of the electric guitars feel like what Jimi Hendrix would be playing if he was still around and jamming and had nothing to prove, since long ago.

Experience “Roll Em

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Crouton Cannon – Credit: Funky Dance Rock

Indie Rock can have many faces: It can be depressed, it can be spooky, and it can be innovative. The song “credit” doesn’t fall into any of these categories; it’s a fun song featuring some cheerful lyrics and a chorus you can get up and dance to. And it’s splendid!

Crouton Cannon is a band that draws quite apparent influences from acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Vulfpeck and Steely Dan. Consequently, there’s an apparent funky element to their music. Judging by this song, they must not be the band that takes themselves too seriously or the band that would hesitate to satire themselves. I mean, there are enough bands in the genre that appear all gloomy and serious, so this is a welcoming change, isn’t it?

“Credit” is written by Alex Marshall, their guitarist. It features female vocals that are satisfying but nothing to write home about. It also features a couple of funky guitar riffs and you can dance to the chorus. Nothing to over think, just a song to have a good time. I’ll take it.

Watch the music video for “Credit” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Tarah Jaye – Cool It Down: A Debut of Funk-Filled Eccentric Expression

Up and coming recording artist’s single “Cool It Down” is a debut of Funk-filled Neo-Soul which borrows inspiration from a smorgasbord of sound to resonate as an ingenious act of genre-defiance.

The instrumental arrangements which seamlessly bounce between world music, Pop, Funk and Jazz come together to offer a level of distinction which is incredibly uncommon to encounter at this stage in an artist’s career. With Cool it Down, there’s less of a sense that you’re listening to the work of an artist following structure, instead, their expression goes unrestrained with a free and full-bodied flow. Cool it Down is an aural intention to become completely immersed in the intricacies of the sound which never abstract from the vibrant sense of rhythm. We’re already dying to hear where Tarah Jaye takes her sound next.

You can check out Tarah Jaye’s latest single Cool it Down for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cult Fantastic – Screens: The Track Which Will Make You Think Twice Before Seeking Validation

After watching the video to Cult Fantastic’s latest single Screen you will never look at the laughing-crying emoji the same again. In fact, the Alt Rock, Jazz-hyped may have just driven me into an existential crisis with their wittily ingenious commentary on the 21st century disparity of Social Media-fuelled narcissism. It’s clear that the concept was a massive part of the orchestration of Screens, yet the instrumental and vocal passion and talent cannot go un noted. Cult Fantastic’s pioneeringly experimental sound is one that is barely comparable to any other recording artist on the scene to date. However if you loved the playful vibes from acts such as Eagles of Death Metal and Liam Lynch paired I’m sure you’ll appreciate the eclectic instrumental arrangements. If not, who doesn’t love Bowie-esque vocals?!

Head on over to Cult Fantastic’s website where you can check out the video to Screens for yourself. If you are drowning in the vapid toxicity of the millennial age Screens is more than effective as a flotation device.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




Rival.Music – It’s Time to get Funky: Rhythmically Popping EDM House

I don’t know what I was expecting from a track called It’s Time to get Funky, but it certainly wasn’t the storm that Rival.Music cooked up with their latest root-deep rhythmically popping mix. Wherever you have the pleasure of ingesting the track, on the dancefloor or on your commute home it will hit you with the perfect hype which may not be overly veracious but instead of gratuitous snares and overly harsh beats every note sits within the mix perfectly. The instrumental beats cooked up by the London, UK based artists took EDM back to the old school whilst at the same time keeping it as fresh as it comes with the riddle of complexity weaved into their wavy acid beats.

You can check out Rival.Music’s latest track It’s Time to get Funky out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify and drinking in the bouncing beats which won’t fail to leave you hyped. I’d keep my eye on Rival.Music if I were you, if It’s Time to get Funky is anything to go by they’ll be dominating the London Grime & EDM scene in no time.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dan DiMonte release smooth track “Slip Away”

You can go beyond the usual labels when trying to describe Dan DiMonte’s music. Jazz, soul, pop all go some way to describe what he does but a better word is …smooth. Slip Away is smooth beyond measure, it is ultra cool and timelessly soulful but no other word in the dictionary sums it up better than smooth.

And whilst Dan DiMonte is also a nurse in the conventional sense in his non-musical moments he also seems to have found a way of tapping in to the healing properties of music, I can’t imagine a condition that wouldn’t be cured or at least eased by being subjected to these rich tones. These lazy soulful grooves and chilled jazz-funk vibes might be the break though that medicine has been looking for!


A&R Factory Present: Pat Kiloran

Pat Kiloran grew up in a white, middle-class suburb of Minneapolis, MN. He cut the yard. He played N64. And he took piano lessons like every other kid on the block. His instructor constantly told him, “You are one of my most talented students, but you never practice your pieces.” So, Pat quit.

Songwriting quickly became the means and end of Pat’s music. “I didn’t want to play other people’s songs anymore. I wanted to say what I wanted and make people feel how I felt.” Whether through crashing drums, unprecedented guitars, or convicting lyrics, Pat’s goal was to make people feel something. But not just anything. Something real.

After moving around the country for a couple years, from Los Angeles to Toronto, Pat and his newlywed wife settled in Nashville, TN. He released his first solo EP, Mess EP, in February of 2015, but over time felt that the music of that release did not quite evoke what he was hoping for. He moved on and up.

Pat’s new EP, I Know Everything That You’ve Done, is a concept record. Although short, Pat’s hope for this album, through shimmering guitars, popping drums, and stacked vocals, is to show one thing: hopelessness is in. Affairs, exploitation of women, addiction, narcissism; all these things are part of our society, and they are normal. In the deep city and in the lofty suburbs. It’s trendy. It’s in.

“These new songs are not written from a high horse. They aren’t written from a separate seat. They are written with me as the subject. I am hopeless. I am a mess. I really know everything you’ve done. Because it’s me. And I want you to see how hopeless this hopelessness is. And know that there is a Hope that dispels it.”