Alt Artist Ronin Has Created Yet Another Transfixingly High-Octane Hit with “Chemical Smiles”

“Chemical Smiles” is the latest arrestive Alt Rock genre-mash from breaking artist Ronin. Whatever your musical inclinations, there’s no denying that their latest single which dropped on June 12th is an infectious hit.

With reverberant volatile bass overdubbing Trap style beats and Alt Rock fuzz joining the high-octane smorgasbord of sound you’d think that the instrumentals would be the most hard-hitting aspect of Chemical Smiles. But you’d be wrong. There’s no overstating just how captivating the potent combination of the relatable lyrics which should resonate with any hedonist and Ronin’s dynamic vocals is.

Make no mistake, Chemical Smiles is anything but your average experimental genre mash-up. It’s a track which strikes all the right emotive chords. I can’t say I’ve ever been so sobered by such a hard EDM-led track, and there’s a beautiful irony in that given the sentiment behind the single. Once you hit play, you’ll be glad that an artist so committed to feeding such connectable emotions through their soundscapes appeared on your radar.

You can check out the official music video to Ronin’s latest single Chemical Smiles via YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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