Patrick Jordan – A Woman Like You: Emotively Resounding Alt Blues Rock

Not many songwriters are armed with the gift being able to instantly hook you into a lyrical narrative. But from the first verse of Patrick Jordan’s single “A Woman Like You” we were transfixed by the undiluted soul poured into the soundscape.

The most striking aspect of A Woman Like You was the humble nature of the Alt Blues Rock single. There was no attempt to throw us into a realm of unfamiliarity or be excessively ostentatious with their style. Instead, the minimalistic yet resounding instrumentals were as bare as their soul.

The Stockton On Tees, UK-based artist may offer a slightly nostalgic sound, but through their arrestive mix of Country, Rock, Soul, and Blues, there’s plenty of contemporary appeal lingering between the emotively compelling notes.

You can check out the title track to Patrick Jordan’s latest album which is due for release on November 29th for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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