Pack Your Bags: Salt Lake City’s Richard Tyler Epperson doesn’t let his valuable soul get compromised any further on ‘Tonight’ (Wicked Lies)

After releasing his much-respected third music project, the six-track ‘Another Day EP‘ recently, Richard Tyler Epperson returns from his seven year hiatus with Tonight’ (Wicked Lies).

Richard Tyler Epperson is a thoughtful Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, father and massive Star Wars fan.

After spending time with his young family and re-inventing himself over the past few years, his new home studio has given him a new lease on life to return to the music world.

There’s a lot of rejection and doubt. But what if the dream could be a reality? The dream of being able to play music for a living and write music in the middle of the day–not at 1am when you’re exhausted and have to work the next morning. To know that the only constant feeling in your soul is true. That’s the dream and that’s what’s driven Another Day.” ~ Richard Tyler Epperson

This is the well-written story about moving away from a sour relationship that has run its course, as you ask them to pack their bags and move away forever, so that you may reclaim your heart and be truly happy again.

He sings with a real sadness as something was off and he knew that this should of happened a long time ago, with someone who clearly was not compatible with him. Your heart beats faster as you recall when you broke up with someone in your life who you knew wasn’t right, but you kept on going anyway.

Even at a young age, Epperson had the gut feeling that music was his purpose. So driven to explore this art, at the age of twelve he pawned his Star Wars figures to buy a bass guitar.” ~ Richard Tyler Epperson

Tonight’ (Wicked Lies) from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie pop singer-songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson, shows us a sad story about how a break up can really change everything you thought was there in the first place. After deep reflection you realized that their false stories were actually draining you and ultimately bad for your soul, as your ex needs to work out what is really important in this world.

Performed with a window-like reflection as you thought there was something good there, this is a well-made break-up single about moving away from the bad energy, that can swallow your perspective forever if you let it.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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