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Salt Lake City electronic artist TRILIIIGY transmits our minds into an exhilarating vortex with Harpy

Brooding in with much vehemence and certain authority, TRILIIIGY slices open the creaking door with an ominously dynamic impact which will surely open many minds up again on Harpy.

TRILIIIGY (formerly Z3LDA) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based electronic artist, computer programmer and music producer who sends shivers down many shaking spines.

Using Ableton Live as a DAW and mostly working with Splice samples alongside an MPC.” ~ TRILIIIGY

Heavy in nature and a warm embrace into our awaiting earlobes, TRILIIIGY has dropped a rather thrilling experience to soak all worries deep into the swimming pool of possibilities.

Harpy from Utah-born electronic artist and music producer TRILIIIGY is a quality listen which shall swap many moods around with a superb performance. Lathered with a truly intense track which will thunder through with much force, this is a rather incredible single to sizzle all doubters away into a faraway memory.

See this moody gem on YouTube. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marcus Koncar takes us through the doom-filled cards he has been dealt on his ‘Fate’

Pretty Things Seldom Do by Marcus Koncar

Taken from his recently-released 12-track project called ‘Pretty Things Seldom Do‘, Marcus Koncar wonders if all those tarot cards and bad energy from his childhood will ultimately sink him down forever on, ‘Fate‘.

Marcus Koncar (formerly known as Candall Lark) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based Avant-Garde Americana solo singer-songwriter who keeps things honest throughout his creations.

I just like to make music about things stuck in my mind.” ~ Marcus Koncar

With a raw tone that shows you the mindset of someone who has dealt with the scary trauma of doom since a very young age due to the wild world of Astrology, Marcus Koncar guides us to a place that shall scare many who have locked the door of what was supposed to happened already.

Fate‘ from Salt Lake City, Utah-based Avant-Garde Americana solo singer-songwriter Marcus Koncar, is a sombre story about how you can really sense that the world is against you when you are told from a young age that you aren’t going to have a good life. Featuring deep vocals and a storytelling mentality that leads us into the true feelings he has had to endure, this is a track that will cause many to look back at their own life.

Sometimes, you just need to vent out your frustrations before realizing, that fate is actually in your own hands.

Listen to this tale about swimming against the flow on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck At This Job: Salt Lake City-based blues rapper BC Roadz imagines counting all those ‘Stack$’

With his highly innovative style that is assuredly worth many a listen, BC Roadz drops his new track taken off his latest 6-track EP called ‘AD‘, with the money-counting ‘Stack$‘.

BC Roadz is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie self-described beatmaker/blues rapper who makes a sterling blend of compelling music that has you thinking about levitating your life upwards.

As he daydreams about this new life that he has set himself out to get while plodding through his dull job, BC Roadz discloses his wildest dreams on a beat-filled track that has your curious mind in absolute awe of the creativity on offer. There is much to commend about someone who is aspiring to be diverse and not just make the same sound like everyone else.

Stack$‘ from the highly-entertaining Salt Lake City, Utah-based beatmaker/blues rapper BC Roadz, is a dream-sharing single that is all about telling the world what you would do if you had enough money to do whatever you wanted. With an inventive style that is a ravishing mix of blues and hip-hop. Featuring a confident tone and eloquent vocals that seems to lift your own mood away from a lazy slumber, this is a top track that deserves acclaim for its exuberant inventiveness.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cold Wind: Salt Lake City-based Fearless Union shows us those endless nights on ‘Shadow of My Grave’

Ravaging our delicate souls with a mightily strong display from a character piece about the leader of a revolution, Fearless Union drops a track from his well-built 12-track release ‘The Supreme Leader‘ with an intensely strong effort on ‘Shadow of My Grave‘.

Fearless Union is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop act which was formed by Brent Walker who is also a writer and music producer.

Brent’s music draws from a series of original stories based on a sci-fi fantasy world steeped in mythology. “The Supreme Leader” represents the first of those stories, and focuses on spirituality (pain, death, and hope) to bring to life the strengths and flaws of its titular character.” ~ Fearless Union

Fearless Union shakes the nucleus of our vein-popping hearts with a stunning display that has been made with a real show of strength. This is a highly-evolving artist who makes that entertaining music – that is such a wondrous listen – and filled full with a really outstanding beat that grabs you close and never lets go for a second.

Shadow of My Grave‘ from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop solo artist Fearless Union, is a bass-slamming experience that is so naturally stimulating and helps us challenge all of those fears inside our enthralled heart. There is much love and care blown through from the darkness here, to help all of us get through whatever demons we have plastered to our fragile skin.

Check out this fine new single via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pack Your Bags: Salt Lake City’s Richard Tyler Epperson doesn’t let his valuable soul get compromised any further on ‘Tonight’ (Wicked Lies)

After releasing his much-respected third music project, the six-track ‘Another Day EP‘ recently, Richard Tyler Epperson returns from his seven year hiatus with Tonight’ (Wicked Lies).

Richard Tyler Epperson is a thoughtful Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, father and massive Star Wars fan.

After spending time with his young family and re-inventing himself over the past few years, his new home studio has given him a new lease on life to return to the music world.

There’s a lot of rejection and doubt. But what if the dream could be a reality? The dream of being able to play music for a living and write music in the middle of the day–not at 1am when you’re exhausted and have to work the next morning. To know that the only constant feeling in your soul is true. That’s the dream and that’s what’s driven Another Day.” ~ Richard Tyler Epperson

This is the well-written story about moving away from a sour relationship that has run its course, as you ask them to pack their bags and move away forever, so that you may reclaim your heart and be truly happy again.

He sings with a real sadness as something was off and he knew that this should of happened a long time ago, with someone who clearly was not compatible with him. Your heart beats faster as you recall when you broke up with someone in your life who you knew wasn’t right, but you kept on going anyway.

Even at a young age, Epperson had the gut feeling that music was his purpose. So driven to explore this art, at the age of twelve he pawned his Star Wars figures to buy a bass guitar.” ~ Richard Tyler Epperson

Tonight’ (Wicked Lies) from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie pop singer-songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson, shows us a sad story about how a break up can really change everything you thought was there in the first place. After deep reflection you realized that their false stories were actually draining you and ultimately bad for your soul, as your ex needs to work out what is really important in this world.

Performed with a window-like reflection as you thought there was something good there, this is a well-made break-up single about moving away from the bad energy, that can swallow your perspective forever if you let it.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Found The Right Key: Utah’s multi-talented Sky Olson still remembers the chords even though the love has faded away on ‘Wedding Song’

Taken off his brand new seven-track album called ‘Unsure Waters‘, Sky Olson sings with so much meaning and love on a track that will have you listening so intently with the ‘Wedding Song‘.

Sky Olson is a soulful indie folk/pop singer-songwriter from Logan, Utah. After previously being featured whilst sticking up for his friend with April’s ‘F*ck That Guy‘, we find him focusing on his own efforts to navigate the wild seas, with a sterling song here that sees him changing direction like a skilled sailor.

Using music as a way to journal his life struggles, Sky’s lyrics often speak about personal experiences. Having suffered from chronic illness, Sky uses his music as a healing process whilst also trying to spread a message of melancholic hopefulness.” – Sky Olson

With a peaceful voice that is stacked full of meaning, we open the door to see a singer on the rise personally again. He has put the pain behind him and sings with such glorious pureness, as each note is made with so much intent. A truly skilled performer, this feels like his moment to really shine and never look back at the past.

Wedding Song‘ from the talented Logan, Utah-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Sky Olson, shows us an artist who is dealing with the memory from the time that he thought would last forever. After careful reflection, he has realized that something wasn’t quite right and he feels refreshed now. He knows that he will find the right person who will mesh well with his spirit, so that the chords sound so beautifully in tune. Just like true love is meant to be.

Hear this new creation on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Looking Back: Leetham has no regrets over the reboot with ‘New Life’

From being inspired by Jon Bellion and Panic! At The Disco, Leetham opens up a compelling door that is a gripping listen on his new dance-stacked single ‘New Life‘.

Leetham is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based solo indie electronic-pop artist. He makes that exciting music that lifts you up and takes you places you forget existed, as he vibrant style is a totally thrilling, and has you feeling better about life.

His voice grabs your beating heart, as he sings with so much passion and pushes effortlessly through your ears to show a newly confident artist, who is in charge of his own destiny.

This is the story all about starting in a new town, your mind is alive and you are only focused on the right now. You have brushed off the past and have a new mindset that only has your attention on making new friends, seeing new places, and being truly happy.

New Life‘ from the entertaining Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie electro-pop Leetham, shows us how you can make a fresh start and actually feel reinvigorated by the experience, rather than sulking about the past. He shows such vigor and freshness to push up the stairs, as he walks up to reach his goals no matter what happened before. This is a fun song that shows loads of potential and is a perfect wake-up track to boost your day.

Stream this new single on the Spotify channel and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding where you belong: Mykel sings with exquisite elegance on indie-pop journey ‘Runners’

Mykel might be in a hurry and running out of time, but she sings with such poise and grace on her exhilarating new single released on the 7th January 2020 called ‘Runners‘.

After growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, this is a young woman that followed her heart to live our her dreams in Los Angeles, California to do what she loves; be on stage and sing with her unmistakable class and incredible pureness.

Her vocals are so striking and the piano start is so glorious, this is about looking at the signs and just going for it. She sings with that passion that is so rare and deep, the pulsating production matches her stunning voice and the atmospheric energy translates to a pop song, of the very highest quality.

Runners‘ is about getting away from the stale air and doing what you know you need to do. Indie-pop songstress Mykel opens up her world to show us what is possible if you want it enough.

Sometimes you have to take a risk to know what is truly out there and if you have someone authentic beside you that believes in you and understands the journey, the chances of success are only so much higher. Talent can take you places and open a door, but having that extra determination and self-belief with a loyal team around you, is the way to walk through the door for good and never look back.

Stream this stunningly gifted singer on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Utah native Connor McCoy wants to stay young with folk-dripped ”Problem Children”

Currently staying in LA, Connor McCoy is an immensely talented singer-songwriter and producer. You can hear the quality in his voice and his guitar skills make my ears listen extra. This is good music with soul.

This song from late 2019 is all about how we want to stay young and not be old and boring. Being free is the best. Who wants to old anyway?

After a classical upbringing it’s no surprise that Connor can read and sing well. Really well. While in High School in Salt Lake City, Utah he then learnt how to play the piano. With new-age piano books lying around thanks to his Mom, he could fully immerse himself into music and really learn his passion.

I love the riff on here and the song is super upbeat. This is indie-folk at it’s finest with Connor’s strong voice that reminds me of Bon Iver. With some alt rock influences you can see why this artist is rising the ranks rather quickly.

The perky percussion on this single makes my foot tap with joy. A student of Music Production & Engineering program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Connor McCoy is a name to watch in the US folk scene. You can just feel it. The cream rises to the top, no matter what.

Click here for more music from Connor and the fantastic new single via Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen