Richard Tyler Epperson wants to take us for ‘Another Day’

Richard Tyler Epperson

Recorded in his home studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Richard Tyler Epperson’s ‘Another Day’ is a beautiful, poignant acoustic guitar and piano-led number, an ode to desperation leading to hope, depression and anxiety mixed with the desire for another chance, hope that tomorrow might be better. There’s very much a Paul Westerberg/Replacements ‘Aching To Be’ vibe about the track, with a touch of very quiet Husker Du or Sugar, The Jayhawks, or Buffalo Tom’s ‘Tail Lights’ somewhere in the mix, too.

It’s a beautiful, gently soulful track, Epperson’s vocal, guitar, and piano soft and powerful but added to by the additional instrumentation of guest Jacob Montague, who also added mixing and mastering sparkle. The strength of a good song is in its ability to be told in the simplest form – acoustically, with a voice and simple instrumentation and arrangement – and by those criteria, Richard Tyler Epperson’s ‘Another Day’ has all the hallmarks of a great.

You can hear ‘Another Day’ on Spotify, and follow Richard Tyler Epperson here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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