Out Of Control: Taihei defies the failed system and busts free on the electronic storm to save a Fallen Angel

Dropping his first track of the year to much strength and dance floor sliding, Taihei shows us the full force of that potently elevating Fallen Angel via a track so heart-soothing, it might leave behind a smile for days.

Taihei aka John Paul Reyes is a Chicago, USA indie EDM music producer/sound designer who makes expertly created heavy soundtracks to boost all heartbeats up a notch or two.

A musical and technical maestro since the 2010s, he has worked in multiple different genres such as Progressive House, Trance, Big Room, Trap, and other styles. After many years working behind the scenes, he established Taihei in 2018 as a nostalgia love letter to the genres, tech culture, as well as the video games and anime that inspired him.” ~ Taihei

Marking the territory and easing all stress away with a monumental mountain of discovery, Taihei is surely on all radars with a song to remember forever here. Fallen Angel feels like a real description to feel enlightened by. It’s that good.

Fallen Angel from Chicago, USA indie EDM music producer Taihei is a vein-popping pool of inspiring clues into how one flies away from those dark days and controlling mechanisms that somehow treacherously deplete humanity’s innocence.

Layered in a rather spectacular force, our ears are treated to a wake-up call similar to a 4 am party of much significance. Headache? Yes. Worth it? Oh yes.

Listen up on Spotify. View more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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