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Rapper, SnapDibz has unleashed his monster of a soulfully lusty EDM floorfiller, Eyes on Me

After racking up tens of thousands of streams on his hit singles, the independent American-born Indian rapper, SnapDibz has boldly stepped in a new direction for his latest dance track, Eyes on Me. The risk more than paid off. The dizzying disposition of the rap bars with the monumental drops leaves galvanising energy blasting through your speakers and makes a meal of your rhythmic pulses.

Infused with Bhangra beats and the powerful interplay between his snappy rap verses and the salaciously soul-awakening female pop vocals, the intense EDM earworm is set to set hearts on fire, fill floors, and connect with an audience seeking the ultimate anthem for their lusty encounters.

Eyes on Me, produced by Shrai, will officially release on November 16th. Check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Christian Corsi pulsates a mysterious web of intrigue onto our shaken hearts with Dark Magic

Showering a beaming light of hair-raising and sinister tunes to awaken our senses alive again, Christian Corsi leads us into those secretive alleyways which might cause paralyzed pulses to vibrate frantically on Dark Magic.

Christian Corsi is a Colombian house music producer and DJ who now lives in the much-loved party capital Miami and makes those sweltering beats you fall in love with.

Taking us far inside a wild night that could change everything previously intended, Christian Corsi is fearless on Dark Magic and will send a lightning bolt of electricity into the veins of many who love songs with lots of intrigue.

Mood-altering to the core and layered with a breathtaking atmosphere that may put ice in the souls of many hidden spirits, this is a turn-me-up-now or miss out kinda track.

Dark Magic from the Miami-based Colombian house music producer and DJ Christian Corsi shall send a shiver down the spine and reignite our party boots. Baked in a high-pressure chamber that will startle the sleepy awake, this is that 4am anthem which shall stir the consciences of everyone on that drenched dance floor tonight.

Hear this action-packed single on Spotify and check out the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kihmy added a new depth to house with her imploring vocal range in her cinematically arrestive single, It Won’t Be Late

Swiss-born electronica artist and producer Khimy has released her subversively arrestive single, It Won’t Be Late, which starts with an archetypal for house intro before the soulful resonance sombrely transforms the energy of the dance track by appealing to the deepest sense of your consciousness through the lyrics which decree that all will happen in good time and on time.

Uniqueness isn’t always synonymous with greatness, but with Kihmy’s imploringly deep vocal range and the way the complexity of her lyricism recontextualises her entrancing beats, those adjectives fit snugly hand in glove.

It Won’t Be Late is due for release on September 30th; catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Michelle Ayers sets the pace in her soul house anthem, Fast Steppin’

Newark-born, Atlanta-based veteran recording artist Michelle Ayers has been projecting soul into the EDM scene since 1988. In 2022, she is on zealous form in her latest single, Fast Steppin’.

As cool as a New York club kid in the 90s, as soulful as Houston, she was best placed to bring the funk, groove and euphoria in her escapist retro disco house anthem, which shows the vast range of her soaring vocal dynamism over the solid beats and Nile Rodgers Esque synthesised guitar chops. Feel good tracks have never felt so good.

Fast Steppin’ is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK producer, Audio Jacked has revealed another soulful floor-filler with Not Me That’s Broken, featuring Jessie Wagner

You only need to look at the title of Not Me That’s Broken to know Audio Jacked isn’t your average electronica grifter. By building his big room house track around emboldening substance and soul; he allowed emotion to drive the momentum just as much as the monolithic basslines and powerful breaks that rhythmically knock you off-kilter before the hooks pick you back up again.

Jessie Wagner had her work cut out for her keeping the progressive pace; between her vocal dynamism and the clear connection to the lyricism, she was arrestingly triumphant.

This may only be Daniel Puddick’s third release as Audio Jacked but the experienced UK musician and songwriter has been enriching the EDM scene since the 90s, and his finger is just as firmly on the big melody pulse as it ever was.

Not Me That’s Broken is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sub Caesar awaits that critical permission on his sensational new house single ‘Consensual (Press Play)’ (feat. Chloe Kay)

After wholeheartedly thrilling our emotions with his release from 2021 called ‘PUSH! (back and forth), Sub Caesar urges us to be really brave as the night will not last forever on the hot new single, ‘Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay).

Sub Caesar is a Netherlands-based music producer and IT Architect who makes that charismatic house that is infused with pop and is always easy on the ears.

At the moment my focus is on upbeat tracks, not trying to fall in a specific subcategory of house, but rather trying to incorporate stylistic elements of both classic and contemporary house music.” ~ Sub Caesar

Providing us that energy to the dancefloor that we have wanted for so long, Sub Caesar sparks our night into action with a light saber of light that will dazzle our souls just the way nature intended. Featuring the outstanding vocals of London, UK-based singer-songwriter Chloe Kay, this is a stunning single that will reverberate through your entire consciousness.

Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay) from Netherlands-based music producer Sub Caesar is a pulsating new soundtrack which will unearth your best moves and hidden courage to do what you need, so that you shall be with that fellow dancer who wants you when the time is right.

Seducing our minds with a sexy track to turn up really loud, this is a sizzling experience that will certainly tickle your fancy if you require some much-need adventure in your life.

Hear this terrific new release on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience return with their latest sizzler, ‘Pleasure and Purge’

After sending our vibrations racing uncontrollably with their previous single ‘Visions‘, Mass Experience is at their electrically vaulted radiant best on their latest single, ‘Pleasure and Purge‘.

Mass Experience is a sensationally stimulating Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo that has recently signed an incredible multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound.

Pairing early 90s rave, indie-electronica and 60s inspired psychedelia, Mass Experience comes out of a desire to keep people of all ages and backgrounds inspired.” ~ Mass Experience

Guiding us towards the light that shall clean your skin from all its contamination, Mass Experience is rather elegantly brilliant and shows us what a special sounding song really should feel like.

‘’The one thing that’s gotten me through the hardest moments of my life has been honesty. As dark as the purge of awfulness was, I stuck to the philosophy that all I could be was honest. I only took on creative work where I felt safe…whenever I release new music something amazing happens in my life, so I’m very excited to release this album ‘Pleasure And Purge’ because it has some beautiful healing tracks on it.” ~ Mass Experience

Pleasure and Purge‘ from Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience is a spiritually enlightening track that shall fascinate the fantasy inside the deepest part of your soul, and take you into a whole new world. The vocals here are crisp and clean with fresh energies to lather into, with a breathtaking beat that might have you grasping for that asthma pump so you can carry on dancing all night.

Showing their illustrious supremacy yet again, this is a sensational song from Mass Experience to tell all your friends about.

Hear this top single on Spotify and see more on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sydney electronic duo Mass Experience sends our pulses racing rather wonderfully on, ‘Visions’

Taken from their new ‘Pleasure and Purge‘ 9-track LP which is their 2nd full release, Mass Experience has dropped a scintillating track that should help you dust off those dancing shoes and get you back to that awaiting party with, ‘Visions‘.

Mass Experience is a Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo that has recently signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound.

Our vision is to energise you to live your most authentic life motivated by passion and love.” ~ Mass Experience

With a speaker-spinning anthem that is high in quality and euphoric in nature, Mass Experience displays its world-class qualities that shine a warm light on the door that we all need to open, that shall set free those anxious minds that have been warped away from happy times.

I basically had a nervous breakdown after both my parents died and had to figure out how to put the pieces of myself back together. I lost all my confidence, inspiration, and faith in my intuition which has always been my compass in life. ‘Pleasure And Purge’ is my journey through what I call the “awfulness”, rebelling against shame, rediscovering beauty and my playful nature.” ~ Katie from Mass Experience

Visions‘ from the legendary Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience is a sizzling track all about trying to remember what you said, as you felt that spark that took you into an exhilarating place you wish you could experience 24 hours a day. The vocals here will put shivers on your arms and the breathtaking beat shall lift you up from any darkness that you might have been feeling recently, to put you into a merrier mood.

This is a soundtrack for 2022 and is such a pure release that has clearly been made by two renowned humans who just know what the world needs to hear.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Astro Spectacular – He Has Risen: Witness the Deep House Resurrection.

Astro Spectacular brought the eccentricity of a renegade to their latest deep house track, He Has Risen, which was penned on Easter eve, and performed with a little help from The Conservative Pygmies.

80s synths, funk-riding grooves, and sporadic bursts of otherworldly influence make He Has Risen a deep house track like no other. The producer and songwriter, also known as Mooney Star, started his Astro Spectacular project as a result of the lockdown restrictions that prevented him from getting together with his band, Warm Leatherette. Going forward, Astro is set to take his cosmic take on deep house on tour across Long Beach, CA and release a string of new singles to follow He Has Risen.

You can witness the resurrection for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

X/O breeds euphoric ‘Chaos’ in his latest EDM instrumental

‘Chaos’ is the latest instrumental drop from the up and coming artist and producer X/O, who takes his influence from the likes of David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Alan Walker before melding the most entrancing elements together to create euphonically fresh mixes.

Any and all stylistic reminiscences are fleeting in Chaos, which progressively starts with a simple house melody before building into a euphoria harbinger. Instead of just pertaining the ability to fill a floor, Chaos also holds the capacity to whip that floor into an inhibition-less frenzy.

You can check out the visualiser to Chaos for yourselves by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast