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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir unleashed an upraising earworm on the airwaves with their newly released single “My Joy”

Even during lockdown, IDMC Gospel Soul Choir managed to pour some much-needed soul onto the airwaves with their newly released single “My Joy” and digitally converge for the official music video which dropped on July 5th.

Whether you’re religious or not, this House-infused feat of Christian & Gospel is sure to have a euphorically uplifting effect. The energy projected into My Joy is as euphoric as it is revolving and comforting. The IDMC Gospel Soul Choir’s talent is undeniable. But more importantly, so is their ability to craft such a sincere uplifting single which is sure to sweeten anyone’s mood. Do yourself a favour and hit play.

You can check out the official music video which was filmed during lockdown by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alith Berndarn has released their experimentally transfixing infusion of Electronica and Future Pop “Signs”

Vienna-born Hamburg-native artist and producer Alith Berndarn has recently released his third single Signs. If he’s not already on your radar, the unique infusion of Electronica and Future Pop will convince you fairly quickly that he deserves a spot.

With a teasingly downtempo start, Signs gradually and seamlessly gains euphoric momentum. The tight evolutions in the soundscape leave you compelled to hit repeat so that you can be taken on the grooving progressive journey once more.

As far as upbeat earworms go, Signs was unforgettably entrancing. You’ll be hooked by your curiosity of where the sound will go next and by the arrestive progressions which will leave you at the mercy of Alith Berndarn’s ingenuity.

If all artists were as bold with their sound as Alith Berndarn was with Signs, I don’t even know where we’d be aside from leagues apart from where we are now. We already can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Signs is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Stay up to date with new releases and news from Alith Berndarn via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: lose yourself in the infectious funk in Vana Blu’s House Pop single Cloud 9

It’s always a pleasure to hear breaking Pop artist Vana Blu’s signature House Pop sound in a brand-new mix. Their latest single Cloud 9 is a euphoric 80s Pop earworm which isn’t shy about sharing its infectiously danceable high vibes.

Cloud 9 carries the very same aural sex appeal as you’d find in George Michael’s top hits. Yet, with Vana Blu’s tendency to make his soundscapes ooze with contemporary appeal and their own authentic unfiltered personality, you can expect a fresh dose of magnetic Funk to be served in Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 was released on June 25th, but we have the pleasure of treating you to an exclusive premiere of the endlessly enamouring official music video which you can check out via YouTube.

Head over to Facebook to keep up to date with the artist’s latest releases. If he’s not already on your radar, it’s about time that he is.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Keeping on that grind with your ”Head Down Low” is smashing new tech house anthem from Mettā

You are sent home unexpectedly and need to look deep inside to work about what is missing in your life at the moment. You soon work it out and know what you need to do next in order to succeed. The crazy world may seem dark but if you are always on the grind staying busy then you will know when it’s time.

Born in Berkeley, Califonia and raised in Honolulu,  Yves Atom Kline aka Mettā studied music and multimedia arts. He attended the prestigious Icon Collective and Dubspot programs in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Schools in California, Hawaii, and Switzerland. This man is a Producer and engineer too so likes to keep busy as you can see.

Head Down Low’‘ is a finely tuned deep tech house single that inspires us to keep our heads down low and not to be distracted but anything. The world is a strange place and this has been the time to reboot and refocus. This powerful single enforces that fact and is a great effort.

To stream the track via Soundcloud.

To find out news about this artist via Facebook then click through and get those live gig announcements.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Progressive House duo Phillip Maizza (feat. Danny Logan) release reflective ”Waiting For You”

Dance/EDM DJ’s Phillip Maizza (feat. Danny Logan) release reflective ”Waiting For You” and this is a catchy song for 2020. It’s a sad track though as we are transported to a reality that truly bites like a hungry dog on a bone that has been forgotten. Sometimes all that waiting gets too much and the taste for love has completely vanished into thin air. You have lost that love and hunger that you once had for each other. All that is left is to cherish the memories.

Born and raised in the South of Italy and currently based in Barcelona, DJ and music producer Phillip Maizza is a big name is the dance world. Danny Logan is also based in Italy and these two make a top team with so much more on the way.

This is a simple song that follows a Progressive House formula of consistent goodness. The beat is strong and memorable with incredible female vocals that seduces you into the song. I look forward to seeing how this track does and what else these two have up their vinyl sleeves this summer.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud and more from these dance artists.

Follow Phillip on Facebook to find out when he is live next.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Techno slammer ‘’Oh The Pain’’ by London locals YayRaven featuring Martina hammers the airwaves

To be fully released on the 5th June 2020 ‘YayRaven’ and ‘Martina’ thump their way into the party with their latest song, that is sure to please the masses at 2am on that sweaty dance floor.

The new duo who are based in London, England- make a fine introduction with their release. In a flooded genre with one hit wonders spread everywhere, you need to be consistent to stay in the game for the long term. You do, however, need that summer hit to make an entrance. I’m not certain this is the one but ‘Oh The Pain’ has a thumping beat, sensual but dark vocals and the song is catchy.

B-Litt Music Recordings is backing this song so let’s wait and see how this new track does when the crowds are back in the live venues. For now, it will be fascinating to see how the streamers enjoy ‘’Oh The Pain’’.

Get on the ‘YayRaven’ SoundCloud page now to familiarize yourself with the new Techno artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Abir Patwary’ tries to find his way through magic of music with self-aware house track ‘’Alalon’’

A lot of us in this world are feeling this exact sentiment and it’s very worrying. Luckily for us, ‘Abir Patwary’, a brand new artist- is here to help us with the predicament we have right now. Finding ourselves and working out who we really are.

‘’Avalon’’ is a beautiful song and the artwork describes the energy perfectly. Two majestic elephants are wandering the earth during sunset, both alone but right next to each other. Precisely what we need in this world. To have someone that has our back, looking after us all the way. 

The single ‘’Avalon’’ is a lonely song, at times sad but altogether self-aware from Abir who has realized that this needs to change and he needs to find his way again. We all get lost sometimes and let’s hope that Abir can find his way, make more music and do what he loves. 

Listen to more of this exciting artist’s music on his YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Twin Souls ‘Water Into Wine’ show their maturity with fab single ‘’Soul On Fire’’.

Pop/House/Trap/Chill/Rock ‘Water Into Wine’ are based in New York City, USA. They are two creatives and they are very honest on what they say. You will either love or hate this music. They won’t mind either, they just want to perform live.

‘Water Into Wine’ is a pop duo that officially formed in the summer of 2019 when Slovak singer/actress/model Barbra Zi started to collaborate on music that Darryl George had written 4-5 years prior. This lit the fuse for them to begin writing music together. Currently, they have upwards of 50 songs that they are fine-tuning for future releases. Beyond that, the plan is to continue to write and record as much as they can and begin a string of shows in late 2020/ early 2021, depending on lockdown of course. 

“Since beginning Water Into Wine, Barbra and I have been such an inspiration to each other. Our synergy acts as a constant source of motivation to write, perform, and produce more music.”

Darryl performs all instrumentation and acts as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer on all tracks. Barbra directs/edits/produces all video releases and co-produces too.

This is a power duo, as you can see and let’s see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

Click here to hear more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Last Days of Pompeii take us back in time with groovy lovers anthem ‘’Make Me Believe’’

What happened to the human touch, nobody writes you a letter?

‘The Last Days of Pompeii’ is the creation of Edinburgh, UK local- the awesome Ru Stewart. Drawing on inspiration from the 1980’s groove pioneers you get that sexy & fun Boogie, Disco and House mix all rolled into one from this music with soul. With loops, synths and live drums; there is a lot to like here. I was jiving along here with a huge smile. This is pure happy music.

I really enjoyed this song and wish I could find out who the vocalist was. Her voice is so smooth and really added a wonderful vibe to the top production from Ru. Let’s hope for more incredibly groovy music and I’ll get some roller skates in the meantime. In fact, I should learn how to actually not fall first as it will be fast paced when watching this act live soon.

Get in the right vibe with this awesome artists SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chiffon – Woke Me: Entrancingly Sweet Experimental House

House doesn’t often come as entrancingly sweet as the standout single “Woke Me” from Maryland-based artist Chiffon’s latest EP “Third” which dropped on March 27th.

You can expect a serious serving of soul within the inventively-layered vocals which rest atop of the colourful, modernistic, perpetually evolving beats.

The nuanced ambient air over Woke Me makes it the perfect track if you’re looking for good-vibes but don’t want to be left itching to get on a dancefloor. Instead, Woke Me will work as the perfect playlist staple. Each time you hit play, you’ll be able to unravel a little bit more of the artful intricate alchemy.

If this is the future of Experimental House, we’re here for it.

You can check out Chiffon’s single Woke Me for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast