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Gezvolt – You Can Dance: Rhythmically Commanding Progressive Tech House

If you asked yourself how progressive Tech House could be, you’d probably find that the answer lies in Gezvolt’s latest mix “You Can Dance”. Instead of just serving 3 minutes of solid bass-heavy beats, You Can Dance pulls you further into the mix by teasing the excitement of the next progression with the clever use of spatial effect. While that’s not rare to hear, it’s rare to hear it work so effectively. The sense of urgency for the momentum to build once more is nothing short of genius.

Rather than giving you a nice and gentle fade out, the track simply ceases to exist, the effect can only be compared to getting whiplash when you’re immersed in motion – then it comes to a sudden halt. You can take that as a testament to the aural command which the Canadian-based producer creates with his mixes.

You can check out Gezvolt’s latest mix You Can Dance for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lu Roc Melodic – The Funk Way Down: Potently Euphoric House

With Lu Roc Melodic’s single “The Funk Way Down” he took all of the sterility which is commonly found in House music, and replaced it with layers of Funk, Groove, Soul, and elements of Rock to create a well-rounded beat that wouldn’t fail to get an Acid House dancefloor warmed up.

Even though the Chicago-based artist is fresh from his inception, the soundscapes he cooks up wouldn’t allow you to believe it. The clever use of vocal samples allows the electronic beat to lead the way throughout the potently euphoric mix which incorporates bendy acoustic basslines along with some raw guitar arrangements which switch up from a Jangle Pop style progression to angular riffs.

You can check out Lu Roc Melodic’s single The Funk Way Down which is just one of the singles to feature on his second album ‘Dos’ for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jax Jazer & Maff Forgu – Squeeze Me: High-Octane House

Mexican DJ and producer Jax Jazer has teamed up with Maff Forgu to create a groove-riddled beat which packs in plenty of nostalgic vibes around the contemporary slides of the House mix.

Whilst most vocal samples in House mixes tend to do little but cheapen the electronic progressions, Jazer & Forgu ensured that the hype behind their mix wasn’t compromised. The sporadically placed vocals in the extended mix to Squeeze Me only adds to the indulgent salacity of the beat in the extended mix. House DJs won’t want to look past this rhythmically fresh track to fill a floor. Yet, listening to the drive behind the momentum of the mix at home is just as just as much of an immersive experience.

You can check out Squeeze Me which was released November 7th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Daz Lockett – Can’t Live Without Music: Nostalgically Hyped UK House

Daz Lockett has put out quite the number of original mixes this year, yet his latest track “Can’t Live Without Music” packs in the euphoria in a way which tears holes out of the atmosphere. Which is something that you should come to expect from every House anthem, yet not everyone can match the levels of energy which course through the hype of his latest single. As faultless as the beat was, it was easy to feel as though the vocals added nothing to the mix and only took away from the melody. When the vocals truly kicked in the beat became slightly indecipherable, so all of the momentum that had built up in the bridge was quickly lost. Yet, that’s not to say that if you were on a dancefloor and treated to the anthem it wouldn’t move you.

You can check out Daz Lockett’s latest mix Can’t Live Without Music for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Simetra – All Our Glass Houses: Intricately Experimental Abstract House

If your playlists are missing a touch of Abstract House, look no further than Simetra’s offering of stunning EDM with the latest remix of All Our Glass Houses, originally composed by Imokayiguess.

Throughout the duration of the mix transcendental dreamscapes pass by lingering in the space between the sound which is riddled with intricately experimental breakdowns and hooks. I could have spent hours passing through the progressive sound, sadly All Our Glass Houses is only 4 minutes long. Let’s hope for an album release. The lucidity which is captured in the elastic textures gives the track a perfect transcendental vibe whilst it drifts in and out of ethereal momentum. It was about time someone stepped up and innovated the Techno scene. Simetra’s stylish sensibility is a mix of moody melody and icy impulses infused euphoric emotion.  I can honestly say I was transfixed by every second of the track.

If you’re a fan of the abstract experimental soundscapes you can check out Simetra’s latest remix of All Our Glass Houses on SoundCloud.  You won’t be disappointed by the prodigal approach to the reinventing of Techno.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


80Empire – Wherever I Go: Is This What the Perfect Deep House Track Sounds Like?

80Empire’s latest single Wherever I Go will surely unite Old school house fans and contemporary club kids alike. What I usually find with House music, is that the beat would have been perfectly fine to stand alone instead of being defiled with cheesy, horrific vocals and lyrics.

Thankfully Wherever I Go hasn’t drafted in a chipmunk to lay down the lyrics, they’re every bit as sensational as the rounded, thrashing beat that doesn’t falter for a split second, the track is constantly moving towards it’s grounding progression with plenty hooks and drops riddled into the mix to add an extra hint of euphoria to the track. Wherever I Go is as succinct as it is resonant thanks to the infusion of deep house and chill house sounds.

If Wherever I Go dropped in a club, I could almost guarantee that the dancefloor would be swamped. It’s high-vibe swathes of energy also make the track perfect to stick on your summer time playlists.

So if you’re a fan of Deep House, head on over to SoundCloud where you can hear the brand new club hit Wherever I go by 80Empire.

Review by Amelia Vandergast





Deltiimo – On My Own Again: Immersive High-Vibe House

Deltiimo (AKA Gary Louca & Bradon Grobler) have just dropped their latest Hard House anthem On My Own Again, it may have been the most energetic hit I’ve heard dropped in 2018. Whilst the beat was absolutely on fire, I couldn’t quite help but feel like the rhyming patterns were a little too obvious in the lyrics to On My Own Again. Rather than the lyrics finding weight in the sentiment it relies too much on the rhyme.

Yet aside from that, no one can dispute the beat isn’t sensational. The EDM inspired breakdowns and drops create a massive amount of pounding, thrashing, swirling energy behind the track. If On My Own Again was left as purely instrumental I have no doubt that I would have felt a much stronger to the beat as that provided more than enough immersive energy to get caught up within. I’d be surprised if On My Own Again didn’t end up at the top of the DJ charts this summer. The House style dance anthem has all the sounds that the Ibiza crowd would jump on.

You can check out Deltiimo’s collaboration with Marley Blandford on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Craig Francis to release his debut single “Yours…Forever Yours…”

Yours Forever Yours is a power-packed soothing song that’s rooted in a mixed musical genre of house trance with a slight touch of pop and electronica. One of the most spectacular thing you’ll notice about this song is its scintillating beats which somewhat borrowed a cue from the French dance music legends, Daft Punk.

Craig Francis took his first leap into creating and composing music, and the result  is what we have here “Yours…Forever Yours”. The track ebbs and flows with a pop-music twang that early Daft Punk lacks, with the song also dropping into a darker and a more bass heavy groove that has clear influences from Enrique Iglesias, Linkin Park and Justin Timberlake. The artist has also had comparisons drawn with Justice, Gorillaz and Daft Punk. This of course showed that some of the aforementioned artist has a little bit of influence in his music creativity.

This is a very cool jam that’s poignant in every sense. Emotional sincerity shines through this track. His assurance of his musical prowess is evident in the limited number of melodically-conacious artist that’s featured on the song.


Breaking Down Musical and Emotional Walls

Proving that it is never to late to make a name in music, Lompy T, aka Russell Crawley has returned to the creative affray and his latest release is a glitchy, chilled and imaginative slice of dance floor groove. At 17 a career in music and particularly music production seemed out of reach but the advance of technology and affordability of studio software has meant that now with a few more years and a little bit more money, he has been able to meet and embrace his career half way. The Walls of My heart is a testament to the fact that you should never give up on your dreams and that you can always find a way.

Blending ambient electronica and angelic vocals, the song embraces some skittering beats, glitchy and hypnotic production and some serious beats, wandering between the conventional and the trippy as it wanders to its conclusion, it plays with inventive dynamics and chilled after party vibes. But more than anything it is a statement that whatever the circumstances, whatever is standing in your way, there is always a solution and the accessibility of the modern digital age means that we now have a whole wave of musicians, producers, singers and creatives who in an early age would have been denied the chance to contribute to the musical collective.


Deltiimo – Look to The Stars: Here Come’s the Summer Of Hard Dance

Looking for some new House Music to add to your tired playlists in 2018?

We’ve got the perfect track to lure you into the Summer, curtesy of Deltiimo.

Their brand-new track which they dropped on Dec 12, 2017 ‘Look To The Stars’ has already gone down as a viral hit across YouTube. Hard Dance fans can’t soak up the up the beat sound fast enough. The track has everything you would possibly need from a Hard Dance anthem. The composition of the electronica is barrier-breakingly flawless which creates a transcendent mix of euphoria when you throw in the remarkable Pop styled vocals that will have you pumped by the time you reach the second chorus. The sound overall is thriving and sensationally intense, the Ibiza beat is one for the house party playlists. At no point in the duration does the track stumble into repetition or monotony under the simple structure which it has been produced by.

I can’t get enough of the vibrantly enchanting mix, you can check out the official lyric video to Look to The Stars via YouTube using the link below:

The debut track is also available to listen to via Spotify:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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