Izzy Spint – The Power of God and Anime: Rap Meets Pop Meets Experimental Synthwave

Atari Teenage Riot fans are going to want to check out Izzy Spint’s insanely fresh Synthwave single “The Power of God and Anime”.

The delectable mash of Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, and experimental Electronica is more than a perennial earworm. It’s a thunderously infectious progressive hit which constantly throws dizzying aural curveballs your way.

The harmonically melodic Pop choruses amongst the harsh discordant chaos are quite frankly ingenious. The Power of God and Anime isn’t just a track which you can get on board with. It’s one that you can quite easily get obsessed with. Izzy Spint is definitely an artist to watch.

You can start your love affair with Izzy Spint’s experimentalism by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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