NYC’s Zaccaï feels like she needs new friends on ‘Self Centered’

With an 80’s synth blend that takes your beating heart into another dimension, Zaccaï tells us the true story about how she is so determined to be great and hasn’t got time for the small-minded when she has massive dreams on ‘Self Centered‘.

Zaccaï is a youthful New York City, USA-based indie alternative solo artist and music producer who is on a mission to get her authentically created music out to the world.

Feeling like the magic has gone in her own town as those former friends grew tired of the goals that she knows are gettable if the time is put in, Zaccaï is absolutely incredible on this softly-sung single that has so much truth entrenched inside.

In a world where so many humans feel compelled to be someone they are not – you will feel a heightened sense of frustration in her vocals – but the overriding feeling is that she has the right mentality as she finds her real tribe who truly gets her.

Self Centered‘ from the NYC-based indie alternative solo musician and producer Zaccaï, is a message for anyone who feels like they need to fit in with the sheep to be seen. As a sharp thinker and someone who knows where she is headed, this is a stunning single that should inspire many to lose those fake friends who have been holding you back for too long. Sung with a hauntingly beautiful tone and a dreamers mentality, this is a release that will have you pondering the moves that you have made in your life.

Being happy inside your own heart is the only thing that we should be striving for.

Hear this honest single on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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    22 March 2022 at 4:20 am

    so sick

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