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Dan Marsh breezes in our world with ‘Lose Your Heart’

R&B singer-songwriter Dan Marsh is back with his reflective new song called ‘Lose Your Heart‘.

Dan Marsh-“The words I write with the music of my heart are the keys to open change in this world. Live, love, learn.” This says it all about this enticing musician with a heart of gold.

Dan Marsh sings about stories that tackles the issue of maintaining self worth despite the mistakes we make. He’s proven to be a bottomless pit of stories, each time, digging deeper and deeper to bring alive those rock bottom moments that others may shy away from sharing. This is a musician that is willing to be totally honest all the time and he does it with his signature R&B style.

Lose Your Heart‘ from Dan Marsh is all about making sure you don’t lose yourself inside. It’s not a great feeling and you can lose hope after a while. This is a song that is well produced, simple lyrics and a strong voice. I think that big things await this singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Amelita is here with ‘’A Quarantine Breakup Song’’ featuring Sims, tears and aliens

It had to come. A quarantine breakup song in 2020. Something was missing from the music scene and we have the answer. The US teen Pop artist is feeling pain and her ex is deservedly the literal punching bag on this occasion. Oh wait, it’s a naughty parody. Nevermind. 

Self described as a ‘’Comedic musician and avid sleep enthusiast’’, I would love to meet ‘Amelita’. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is definitely creating a niche for herself. 

‘Amelita’ loves her Parody videos on YouTube and seems to be gaining more and more steam after each release. The mix of a Sims video game and music is quite fascinating. Making babies with an alien is just an extra treat too. Something about werewolves too. You get the idea.

Let’s see what this comedian musician has next up her sleeve as she certainly entertains. 

Stream more from Amelita here on her YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Back In SAVannah relases his single ‘Just a Memory’

With his music being what matters most to himself and to his listeners, Back In SAVannah lets his songs speak for themselves with his new release ‘Just A Memory’.

‘Just A Memory’ bases its whole structure on a refined merge of bold piano work and powerful vocals in a smooth but captivating blend. The track reaches its maximum expression when violins and strings kick in to open the entire harmony, creating a perfect canvas for his voice to shine.

Passionate lyrics describe moments of suffering followed by acceptance of a relationship that used to be a “perfect masterpiece” fizzling out like it was just a memory.

Check out ‘Just A Memory’ on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.