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Netherlands-based musician Halle Day drops a dynamic debut track to shock you awake on, ‘Black Magic’

Urging change and showing us that from now on she is going to be exactly herself hair-wise, Halle Day directs us into her vision that is clear and the complete opposite of the corny commercial scene that is frustrating her beyond belief with, ‘Black Magic‘.

Halle Day is a Netherlands-based self-taught indie alternative solo musician who is on a focused mission to bring awareness to unnecessary social criticism and create a chain of perceptive songs.

Loaded with fearsome fire and packed with her authentic style that has only just begun, Halle Day makes her mark with a new single that warms those small-minded sheep that she is woke and shall not stand for anything less than total respect. Her vocals open up the door and slide through quickly into our lives, with a vibrant song that will surely inspire many.

Connecting to her inner rebel. Stepping out of today’s mainstream, music-wise and message wise.” ~ Halle Day

Black Magic‘ from Netherlands-based indie alternative artist Halle Day sends us a shockwave into the water and shows us that she is here to be taken seriously. Dazzling brightly with her passionate energy and natural energies that are wholeheartedly determined to show the ladies that you can actually be yourself, this is a message that has been heard loud and clear. With fresh releases on the way and a whole new movement ready to be sparked into the bellies of millions, this is an artist who sounds ready to change perceptions in her own original way.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

AkaiBoi sends us back to the homeland of love with ‘Afrique’ (feat. Su)

With a catchy style and plenty of instrumental-greatness to have you wanting so much more, AkaiBoi fills our minds with so much joy and love as he shows his fondness for his homeland of Ghana with, ‘Afrique‘.

Theophilus Akai aka AkaiBoi is a Ghana, West Africa-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist who is also a well-respected studio musician.

At this point, I’m well-known in the music space as the studio guy. I’ve always served other artists and I love that space. I also have the drive to release my own African-based music.” ~ AkaiBoi

Showing us his intricate skills that have evolved but never sold out to the commercial world, AkaiBoi guides us into a voyage that will have you happily drumming your toes and grooving with superbly rhythmical delight.

Theophilus has managed to spend many years touring with guitar in hand. Hard work and determination landed him a lead guitar role for Phillip Lawrence’s album release show and a robust studio portfolio.” ~ AkaiBoi

Afrique(feat. Su) from Ghana-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist/studio musician AkaiBoi, is an ear-sizzler that will have you closing your eyes and letting your imagination wander. As he shows us a terrific tempo and an unpretentious style that demonstrates why he is so in demand, this is a reminder that his heart will always be in Africa. This is the type of track that will have you looking at your passport, so that you may travel to these beautiful lands if you haven’t already.

With an ode to the past but also a look at where he is now, this is a fantastic track from the US-based artist who is growing his name quickly to magnificent aplomb.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC’s Zaccaï feels like she needs new friends on ‘Self Centered’

With an 80’s synth blend that takes your beating heart into another dimension, Zaccaï tells us the true story about how she is so determined to be great and hasn’t got time for the small-minded when she has massive dreams on ‘Self Centered‘.

Zaccaï is a youthful New York City, USA-based indie alternative solo artist and music producer who is on a mission to get her authentically created music out to the world.

Feeling like the magic has gone in her own town as those former friends grew tired of the goals that she knows are gettable if the time is put in, Zaccaï is absolutely incredible on this softly-sung single that has so much truth entrenched inside.

In a world where so many humans feel compelled to be someone they are not – you will feel a heightened sense of frustration in her vocals – but the overriding feeling is that she has the right mentality as she finds her real tribe who truly gets her.

Self Centered‘ from the NYC-based indie alternative solo musician and producer Zaccaï, is a message for anyone who feels like they need to fit in with the sheep to be seen. As a sharp thinker and someone who knows where she is headed, this is a stunning single that should inspire many to lose those fake friends who have been holding you back for too long. Sung with a hauntingly beautiful tone and a dreamers mentality, this is a release that will have you pondering the moves that you have made in your life.

Being happy inside your own heart is the only thing that we should be striving for.

Hear this honest single on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York’s Graztopia hopes for quick relief from those scorching rays that can melt your brain with his latest single ‘Summer Rain’

Bare Bones In The Attic E.P. by Graztopia

Taken off the ‘Bare Bones In The Attic E​.​P‘, Graztopia boogies that rain dance into existence as he asks for that sweet and tasty ‘Summer Rain‘ that will have your body feeling refreshed again.

Graztopia is a one-man-band/singer-songwriter/live looping solo musician from New York City who has been assembling music since he was barely walking.

His well crafted original songs combined with his poetic/storyteller like lyrics span various genres of music such as rock n roll, alternative folk rock, singer-songwriter, jamband, psychedelic, jazz/blues.” ~ Graztopia

With a remarkably humble and thriving style that sends you into a happy place that has been hiding away for too long as the covid-induced drought baked our souls for a while, Graztopia shakes us back into place with a superb single that has world-class written all over it.

Summer Rain‘ from the New York City-based live looper Graztopia, transmits to us a tap-fill of joy to have you jamming all over the streets again as you drip with happiness. There is a gritty tone here with a beat that will have you tapping your feet and clicking your fingers, as you find someone real to dance with.

Life is all about being free from the stifling heat after all right?

Listen in to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Reykjavík’s Brikcs yanks the walls down on his new single about that frustration of being stuck inside on, ‘Days Pass’

As he eloquently reflects on the futility and ridiculousness of everyday life in this locked-up world filled with organized chaos, Brikcs shows much pent-up frustration with a vigorously-projected new single that so many of us will relate to with, ‘Days Pass‘.

Brikcs is a Reykjavík, Iceland-based multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician, music producer, singer, and also well-respected rapper.

His genre-bending music is characterized by dark lyrical themes over elaborate layered instrumentation that relies heavily on electronic drums and synths mixed with lush string sections and grand pianos.” ~ Brikcs

Shifting the mentality away from calm and into stormy waters that have been coming for some time, Brikcs lacerates the speakers like naked tires – on a thoroughly electric performance with a brooding beat – that takes you for a ride into wondering why things have been so disorganized lately in this supposedly smarter world.

Days Pass‘ from the multi-talented Icelandic solo artist and music producer Brikcs, is a wall-smashing new single that has your mood made even gloomier by a picture of discontent by someone who has grown mightily annoyed with the way things have gone recently. There is a dark edge here that echoes the gloom and doom that has risen up into the masses as we tried our best to be patient, only to be totally appalled by the brainlessness of the so-called leaders of so many countries who didn’t do enough for the people who needed it most.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Toronto’s Steve Nicosia takes our hand and guides us into a better place with ‘My Wishlist’

With a much-anticipated new EP on the way later on in 2022, Steve Nicosia shows us into a beautiful landscape that is filled with absolute tranquillity away from the sordid storms outside on ‘My Wishlist‘.

Steve Nicosia is a Toronto, Canada-based multi-skilled musician who likes the be free and away from any particular genre box and performs with an authentic feel on each one of his creations.

Most of his songs are instrumentals, but you’d be hard-pressed to box him into a specific genre.” ~ Steve Nicosia

As he brings us a piece of pure joy and a real blessing away from the suffocating pollution that has consumed all of our thoughts lately, Steve Nicosia swims against the waves to be our lifeguard and saves the day with this comforting melody of the very highest standard imaginable.

My Wishlist‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based multi-genre artist Steve Nicosia, is an instrumental-fused track that will have you closing your eyes as you imagine a better place where only peace resides. There is an air of calmness here that has been lacking in the world recently, sending a love letter of hope to the world that we all need to hear. This is a serene single that has you in a good mood suddenly, as you take a deep breath and visualize your ideal place.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Out Of The Cold: Seattle’s Lauren Drake drops reflective 3rd single ‘Play Along’

Recorded and produced by John Lowell-Anderson, Lauren Drake shows us all that it’s vitally essential to learn that self-worth, love, and find your ultimate purpose, that is all interwoven inside your soul already as you just need to believe in yourself on ‘Play Along‘.

Lauren Drake is a Seattle, USA-based singer-songwriter and actor who studies at Pepperdine University. After her much-loved previous releases called ‘Malibu‘ and ‘Okay‘, we find a highly thoughtful artist in a contemplative mood with a song she wrote back in 2019.

She writes to fill a void of articulated emotions and shares her music in order to help others have their different feelings, emotions and situations become seen and understood.” ~ Lauren Drake

Showing great courageousness to elegantly navigate us into this emotional story that is so personal, Lauren Drake holds our hand with supreme care and guides us into her past life while also thrusting us into the future. This is a determined young artist who was lost for a while in the winds of change, but found her inner compass and now is so much more self-enlightened as she emerges victorious.

Play Along‘ from the Seattle-based indie singer-songwriter and actor Lauren Drake is a regret-filled track about wishing that you could just do it all again to avoid all the pain that really broke you down for a while. After a period of profound introspection, this is a deeply inspiring song that shows you that you can’t change the past and that is a good thing. Growing stronger and figuring out who you actually are when the chips are down, is the best way to see through the fake smoke and mirrors and into a better world that actually completes you.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Paced: Brisbane dance artist Replenished Sky turns up the volume on ‘Mess With Us’

After the release of his highly ambitious 18-track album ‘Maladaptive Daydreaming‘ from 2020, Replenished Sky reestablishes his ambient shockwaves of intrigue back into our curious minds with his latest single ‘Mess With Us‘.

Replenished Sky is a Brisbane, Australia-based indie dance artist who makes a powerful blend of speaker-shaking music creations that shows us his always-evolving visionary mind at its peak.

I aim to express emotions across these electronic waves to you via the magic that is modern-day technology. I want you to be able to travel through each song as opposed to just listening.” ~ Replenished Sky

Delivering a throbbing rhythm that feels like you are in a videogame and heading towards ultimate victory, Replenished Sky is in such majestic form here with a riveting track that has you inspecting your heartbeat.

Mess With Us‘ from the genre-bending Brisbane, Australia-based indie dance solo musician Replenished Sky, is a breathless experience that has us feeling revitalized and ready to party with aplomb. There is an intoxicating blend of mind-numbing music that is perfect for when you need to take the edge off naturally – and need to take yourself into a new world – for a few minutes in the company of a wildly innovative individual.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Focused: San Jose music producer and rapper CRAIG knows where he needs to go on ‘Can’t Let You In’

Taken off his brand new debut project called ‘Done Waiting‘, CRAIG feels like he is ready for so much more as he dusts off those who don’t believe in him enough with ‘Can’t Let You In‘.

CRAIG aka Craig Elliot, is a fiercely original San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer, Oregon State University student and singer-songwriter. He makes all of his wizard-like creations purely by hand, without using samples from other tracks.

Music has impacted my life greatly and I don’t know where I would be without it.” ~ CRAIG

You feel his air of rapidly evolving determination next to you closely, as each word he spits feels so honest. There is no flash here, no bling and no fake, only truthful verses that feel raw and powerfully written. This is the start of a journey which opens your eyes wide – to a skilled artist who is only interested in getting better and better – leaving the party night hangovers to others who want to escape reality.

Can’t Let You In‘ from the San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer and musician CRAIG, is the I-am-ready-now mission from a truly focused artist. He is on a plane upwards and only wants to reach those stars up above, as he doesn’t want to live a regret-filled life. The way he is thinking now is so different than most, as he refuses to let anyone in who isn’t in this for the same reasons he is. Its lonely work most of the time – but when you realize what you really want – different doors seem to open up automatically.

With a mindset like this, being heard shall be be much easier than before.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and check out his IG channel for more vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Tearful Goodbye: Castle KYD pays a fitting tribute on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant’

As he Sherlock Holmes-y found the sneaky hidden key and got out of a horrid place he wholeheartedly dreaded on previous single ‘Menagerie‘, Castle KYD rocks the chair and says goodbye to a former friend who couldn’t speak back on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘.

Castle KYD is a supremely skilled professional escapist and solo indie alt-rock/pop musician who makes a blend of meaningful creative sounds that are totally original and pushes boundaries that helps him to be truly unique.

Created as an Alter-Ego for an adult who never knows how to be outspoken about his inner enigmas—realizing that behind the walls he put up, he could still speak.” ~ Castle KYD

With a sad sigh and a regretful wish that there was more time despite the water stream that somehow didn’t help the flow of life, he sings with a deep affection for a helpless creation that was around during some good times. A peacefully transfixing background has been added to perfection here from a marvelous musician and thoughtful human, who feels emotions more than most. This is what makes him such a tremendous artist – easily capable of pulling on your heartstrings and taking them on a journey to a world above – that is much better than the current pollution-rampant one we all reside in.

Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘ from the tremendously original indie rock/pop artist Castle KYD, is a tear-educing track all about saying a final thank you to a missed plant, who sadly shriveled away too soon. Made with love to a quiet nature-loving listening friend who will be missed, this is a peaceful track all about paying tribute to a short but important life.

Hear this caring new track on Spotify and see more of his travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen