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Mind Your Business: New Jersey artist Jonny Flip knows that others that dealt him wrong will feel the dreaded ‘Karma’

After switching his main engineer and producer to Bye4Now, Jonny Flip has found a new lease of life as he speaks truthfully about those who plot against his success, and will feel the hard pinch of ‘Karma‘ really soon.

Jonny Flip is a fast-emerging New Jersey artist who blends pop, rap and rock into his own genre with lots of talent to spare, as his drive to be one of the best is so evident in his music, which flies into your speakers with exciting abandon, as he tells it how it is.

This is the story of telling others off who have let him down and will pay the cost, through this dreaded real feeling that they will feel soon. He is moving onto bigger and better things and doesn’t have time to be dragged down by pettiness, which only leads to disappointment anyway.

Karma‘ from the enthralling New Jersey multi-genre musician Jonny Flip, is that flamboyantly exciting release that has you swept up into a constant state of head-nodding. He is ready for more and it feels like he is only starting to unlock his full potential.

With a powerful voice and an ear for what his sound should be like, this ever-evolving future star is headed all the way to the top, if he can stay focused — and not get wrapped up in the shiny pitfalls — that many before him have fallen headfirst into.

Stream this new single on his YouTube and check out the IG for more news and releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Together: New York’s Donald Leka urges us to keep on ‘Rising Up’

With a gritty guitar soundtrack and highly likable vocals that seems to echo into your mind like he is just around the corner, Donald Leka takes us for a ride to encourage us to keep on speaking up for what is right, no matter where we are from with ‘Rising Up’.

Donald Leka is a skillful Manhattan, New York-based futurist, tech innovator, entrepreneur, author and indie alt-rock musician, who founded Jumptuit. He makes that sound which varies constantly in style and genre, as his work travels and evolving mindset matches his music output.

This energetic beat is so catchy and has you bouncing along in utter adulation, as you sing with the chorus that takes you to such a thoughtful place about this beautiful planet, that has been let astray somehow. He brings us our thoughts back to what we can do, as the fat cats eat and forget about the hungry who just want to work hard and live a comfortable life in peace.

Rising Up’ from New York multi-talented musician and tech expert Donald Leka, is a call to keep on doing what makes sense and to be smart about what we see, watch and consume. The whole world is watching extra close these days and when we join our hands together as one team, there is no way we can fail if we don’t give up.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and see news more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In Loving Memory: Rae Kelly sends a truly loving tribute with ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)’

After soaring our curious minds to unheard of new levels with ‘Ignorant as Icarus‘ late in 2020, the wonderful Rae Kelly is back once again to lather our hearts with remembrance love of the lost, but never forgotten on ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘.

Rae Kelly is an elegant Dublin-born indie alt jazzy-pop songwriter, composer, film score enthusiast and future masterchef who is now based in cozy Hertfordshire in England. She performs with that rare class and fuses in her fine taste and determination to do things the right way, into a tasty music mix that has your stomach growling for more.

”’Idir Eathara’ is an ancient Celtic term that describes a boundary as neither one place nor another, but the space between the two. This is my first instrumental release and was written in loving memory of my grandparents and Great Uncle Joe, who passed away suddenly within 3 weeks of each other in 2016.” – Rae Kelly

The sadness but ever-lasting memories are intertwined into this gorgeous melody, as the lovely single takes you to a reflective place that has you shedding a tear, but adding strength as you find a way to keep their names and faces into your soul forever.

Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘ from the terrific Dublin, Ireland-born musician Rae Kelly, shows us the way to heal through music, as she takes us on a peaceful journey to mend her heart through music and has achieved a wonderfully created song, that will be absolutely timeless for years to come.

Stream this stunning new single on YouTube and see her delicious flapjack cookies and Oli the cat-saving-from-the-dishwasher adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Faded Love: Greg Dallas wants to be left alone to wonder the earth again on ‘Fallen’

After trying to make it work, time was not kind and the romantic feelings have completely vanished for Greg Dallas on his stunning new break-up-ridden new single taken off the debut six-track EP called ‘The Storm‘, which is the heartbreaking story of ‘Fallen‘.

Brooklyn, New York/St. Louis-based multi-instrumentalist musician and painter Greg Dallas, has brought in the terrific talents of Catey Esler on vocals and Aaron Lawson on drums, to give us a real gem that will have tears in your eyes forming softly.

This is the message in the bottle that one half didn’t want to hear but now has to face, the ship has sunk and its time to move onto new waters. You feel the intricately story deep in your bones, your mind wonders to a time when you felt the same or had someone tell you that it was indeed over for good.

Her vocals are so beautifully crafted and a caring wave washes over your mind, as you listen intently to the rest of the pure sound that is world class and skillfully created, with so many touching layers intertwined within.

Fallen‘ from Brooklyn’s superbly crisp talent of Greg Dallas, leads us into a room which was once so full of love and life. The mood changed and now its all over — as you move on swiftly — due to the fading love that broke apart and now is lost forever.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Ain’t Good For You: The mysterious Ma$ia tells her straight up on ‘Energy’

As he tells her honestly how he feels, Ma$ia looks above for that powerful ‘Energy‘ he is striving for in this complex world that can you wrap your mind in undesirable plastic if you aren’t careful.

Ma$ia is a dynamic new producer/musician, who makes that strikingly real sound through his blunt lyrics that tell it how it really is, without sugarcoating anything for show.

With his varied influences including jazz, hip-hop and RnB, you feel a sense of deepness about his whole demeanor as he sings with that style that lets you know that he is backing up each word. This song flows through your curious veins as you feel his frustration with his current predicament, as he is sub-consciously moving to a different place to make his mark in his own way.

Energy‘ from the mystifying dual producer/singer/rapper Ma$ia, is a truthful tale about wanting ones own space for a while as you work out what you truly want in life. Life is wild and being pulled into different tempting directions isn’t at all what you are feeling right now, as you search for the positive energy vibration that feels just right in your soul.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Transformation From The Shore: ODHK soothes our battered hearts on ‘A Rip Current’

With a mellow energy transmitted from the beautiful waters that splashes gently to help us reach desirable results, ODHK swims calmly in our consciousness to give us a peaceful state of mind again on ‘A Rip Current‘.

Owen Kelly aka ODHK is a supremely creative Bristol-based, Devon-born musician, front-man of rock band Methods and producer, who makes that soul healing therapeutic music that soothes the mind and eases the pain of the world from your weighed-down shoulders.

This is the story of being happy again through the ocean’s magnificence, as that is where the goodness in the world really is. This chilled house beat has all the hallmarks of a mood-changer and his vocals add so much energy healing qualities.

Whilst listening to ODHK you somehow feel like you are actually drifting in a crystal clean ocean via the smartly designed rip current – away from the stormy seas of life’s issues – like someone in a different head-space than most of the world.

A Rip Current’ from the soulful Bristol lofi musician/producer ODHK, is a wave of tasty pureness in a dark and hostile world. He has the ability to send us a stunning effort that seems to cleanse your mind and eradicate all the undesirable toxins out of your body. Being at peace within, is the only way to be truly happy after all.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

From sprinting to music: F17 speeds in quick with ‘Track On Drill’ (ft. TeeOnly)

Fred Afrifa aka F17 is in full flight and you can see the passion he has for the next step of his life on new release ‘Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly).

Blending Italian and British styles, the South London/Italy native singer/athlete tears up the mic on this impressive outing from the multi-talented creative.

The rap delivery is sharp and quick-witted with both of these motivated emcee’s showing their spectacular skills. With a few languages included, this is a true international song that is so catchy and sees the two stars flowing it hard on the athletics track via the music video.

The self-motivational message is clear for all to see and the extra effort needed to be at the top. Sports and music have always been closely linked and its refreshing to see this translated in a proper music video, of such high quality.

Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly) from international sprinter/emcee F17 is a motivating song about how you can achieve your goals if you put the effort in. Others might be blazing and chasing girls, while the right way is to get that lactic acid burning by running a few 300’s and by keeping that lazer focus lit.

In life, if you want to get that gold medal, you need to put the hard work in each day, otherwise its all talk and no action.

Get out the starting blocks on YouTube and see what happens next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leaving your home behind: Dallas based Jacob Whalen’s ‘Necropolis’ is the story of starting afresh in new surroundings

The beautiful piano simmers through and warms your heart. We are soon introduced to a singer-songwriter and composer who is a true creative. He sings about how wicked and harsh this world is as he emanates only peace and love. The story of a man that has found his voice, to show the world his stunning music, made with years of fine tuning to get the balance just right. Jacob Whalen’sNecropolis‘ will have you thinking about all of the sins of the world, and the pointless loss of life for no real reason.

With his digital artwork and virtual art shows taking up most of his time over the last 10 years, this crazy world of 2020 has unlocked a true artist, who shines like a burning candle on this release. Taken off the brand new full album- ‘Lord of Vanity II‘ -this is an ode to a fresh start, away from that familiar, stale and ultimately stagnant energy from a place that you needed to get away from. In order to fully blossom, you need to see the world and experience new cultures.

He voice is so powerful yet innocent at the same time, the passionate and emotion hangs in the air as you take on a somber tone and wonder why these things happen. The gentle background sounds only matches the energy during this special listen. This is a man who has been building to this moment and succeeds greatly.

Necropolis‘ from the multi-talented Dallas artist Jacob Whalen is a song that will inspire many as this is such an emotional song that delves deep into current issues in the world. This is a marvelous and vividly described song from an eloquent musician- who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. After all, being in the right town for your goals, is the smartest way to be truly happy each day.

Hear this emotional masterpiece here on Jacob’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding your burning passion: ‘What Do You Want’ by producer/musician Giampaolo Pasquile (ft Jimmy Burney) is the story of being frustrated with indecisiveness

The renowned Italian born and London based producer/musician Giampaolo Pasquile brings Jimmy Burney with him on this Dance-Pop journey to find the answer on the new smash hit called ‘What Do You Want‘.

The vocals steam through the glass windows and you need to open them rather quickly, as you might pass out otherwise. This is a hot song that is all about seeking the answer that you have been asking for ages. You get no response and you get the feeling that they are as cold as ice, and they should rather live in a freezer.

”Recorded Remotely and in Total Safety According to The COVID – 19 Legislation”- Giampaolo Pasquile

The vocals are so driven and seeking the answer is proving hard as they are not telling you the whole story. The frustration hits records highs during the song, the production is spot on, and the voice is executed to perfection- the mark of a team that have woven their talents together equally. The story of a producer who took the time during these horrific times to take a breath and re-imagined his music rather than sitting on his laurels.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Remote‘, this is music made with love and with those that matter most- friends who care about music.

Sometimes people you love hide things away- deep inside their soul- that they forget where it was to begin with. In a world pull of flashing lights, bad role models and social media distractions that have changed how our brains are, ‘What Do You Want‘ (ft Jimmy Burney) is a real story that emanates through all of our minds. Knowing what you want and taking it, is what Giampaolo Pasquile does through music, and he inspires us all to do precisely that. This is the only want to be truly happy inside, rather than living out others dreams and desires, that don’t match your own.

You will need a cold shower after listening on Spotify and find out more about this remarkable man on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Waste My Time’ from Chillhum and Devyn Sawyer is a bouncy true story of love

Waste My Time‘ from Chillhum and Devyn Sawyer is a bouncy true story of love that joins our hearts a lot closer. After a listlessly lonely year, this is a warm embrace that digs at the real issues.

Time seems to go a lot faster and you don’t want to waste your time with someone that doesn’t have the same morals as you. This is the culmination and exactly what happened to Ethan as he left college and relocated to Los Angeles where he studied production at Icon Collective. It was during this time that he took on the name Chillhum and from there music has been the major focus. The passion is here and the exquisite intrinsic intertwining melodies gave us shivers. This is a quality track.

Producer-songwriter-musician Ethan Bedell, aka Chillhum, brings to the table an unmistakably unique and genre-bending style that is clearly a sound crafted over years of experiences and lessons learnt. Life as a musician has inspired him to bring us a sound that is different, soaked is skills and love.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen