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Brooklyn’s Foreign Saints tells us all about his debut single to pursuit inside, Here With Me

Repping Brooklyn to the max and opening us his heart to guide us inside the emotions within the debut Here With Me, Thomas from Foreign Saints kindly took time out and answered our questions all about the exciting 1st release, the local music scene, and his songwriting process.

Llewelyn: Hello there Thomas from Foreign Saints. Thank you for joining us here on our A&R Factory interview platform. Firstly, we love the name. Please explain to our readers how did it come about on your pursuit and what was the inspiration behind it.

Thomas: Thanks for having me, Lu. The project name is a nod to when I hiked the Camino de Santiago, where the pull of completing a journey named after an arbitrary foreign saint showed me the beauty in the pursuit of something in and of itself. It’s how I hope to approach making music — to make art in a similar pursuit of something outside myself.

Llewelyn: Brooklyn is the city you represent. What does it mean to live there and what is the vibe currently like? Are there lots of new music venues and where would you recommend we check out?

Thomas: I moved to Brooklyn two years ago from my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, and have loved it ever since. Obviously, it’s got one of the best music scenes in the world, but beyond that, there’s just so many people here doing cool things in every niche imaginable that it makes any creative endeavor all that more possible. Conversely, it’s easy to feel small when surrounded by the sheer talent of the musicians here, but what an incredible privilege to be a tiny part of it all.

Llewelyn: Please tell us all about your 1st single Here With Me and the upcoming EP?

Thomas: Here With Me is the first song I wrote off the upcoming EP. I wrote it in an afternoon based on a small idea I had at 3am the night before, which (unfortunately for my sleep schedule) is pretty typical of how I start songs. Part of me prefers to keep the meanings of songs a little bit undefined, that way they can exist independent of me and mean different and completely valid things to different people. But what was going through my head when I was writing it was the feeling you get when you first start seeing someone where you’re simultaneously relieved and anxious to have found them. Where you can feel part of yourself becoming wrapped up in someone outside of you, but the irony of them being the relief from that feeling.

Llewelyn: Who is your rock in life and someone who has really pushed you to reach your goals & dreams?

Thomas: I’m immensely grateful to my parents for their l encouragement of my creative pursuits. We spent a good portion of my childhood moving around several countries, and I think them expanding our horizons helped me appreciate more of the world than I ever could have. My dad was my first-ever producer, pushing me to write and track songs in his home studio set up from a young age, and introducing me to many of my strongest musical influences.

Llewelyn: Who do you make music for and what is the process like? Do you sit down and make it quite quickly or do you prefer to stew on the creation and let it flow naturally?

Thomas: I’ve always found the process of songwriting difficult to summon on command. Most of my songs start as 3am voice notes of little ideas, that I then quickly try to flesh out while in the right headspace for that song. It’s really difficult for me to let something sit for weeks on end and revisit it later. I’ve found my better songs tend to come out of alternating bursts of frantic writing and overwhelming frustration. It sort of balances out in a weird way.

Llewelyn: What are some perks about being a local musician and the challenges too?

Thomas: I’m just starting to release music, so I haven’t ventured much into the local music scene as a performer. Once I have more of my songs out I’d love to start doing some of the small venues in New York, but one thing at a time!

Listen up to his music come to life via Spotify.

Follow more on his website.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

You don’t feel the Same: JXKR sends our emotions soaring on Stardust (feat. Dani)

Waiting for the moment when a 2nd epicentre connects with so naturally, JXKR wants so much more but senses that it will have to wait for another time on the stunning new single Stardust (feat. Dani).

JXKR is an Ottawa, Ontario-based indie Haitian-Canadian musician/producer who is currently working on the upcoming EP which will be released in the fall.

My goal is to work with local artists and be a part of the R&B industry in the community.” ~ JXKR

After the underground love given to the debut single Rendez-Vous in 2022, JXKR opens up our feelings for a 2nd time and goodness me, this is special. Vocally tranquil and with unpretentious lyrics about how complicated romance can be sometimes, we find a song to hold hands with when there might not be another sweet kiss.

Stardust (feat. Dani) from Haitian-Canadian musician/producer JXKR is a tale that so many of us have sadly felt before when more is wanted, in a relationship which promised no strings at first. Layed in beauty and soaring with a revealing look into the love life which could have had it all, this is a sterling display from a single with true meaning.

Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be if another heart isn’t quite ready.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

More Than Your Friend: Sincerely Him feels dead already on CEMETERY (prod. Nextime)

Known best for his previous single called Wasting My Time, Sincerely Him shows us his hugely exhilarating skillset to its best possible format on the broken heart anthem for anyone who wanted more, CEMETERY (prod. Nextime).

Sincerely Him is a Connecticut-based underground rock musician who likes to blend the boundaries between punk and alternative music to awaken fatigued souls.

Delightfully direct and opening up the door to the barren feeling of frustration, Sincerely Him has created a modern-day gem of a soundtrack. This is raw. This is powerful. This is an awakening single of magnetic proportions. Ears will be sparked up here as we find so much pain intertwined into every sinew of this worrying storyline.

CEMETERY (prod. Nextime) from the mesmerising Connecticut-based rock artist/former pro soccer player Sincerely Him is such a relevant song in this lost love kind of world. Launched with honesty on a striking beat, this is a real soul-opener of a song for those who have loved someone who didn’t feel the same.

Listen up on SoundCloud. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kiss Me: Alexander Patsos chases the sun on BEAUTIFUL DRIVE

Urging his new lover to stay close and join him for a wild adventure, Alexander Patsos is rather spellbindingly believable on the rocking anthem for naughty eyes and this one is called BEAUTIFUL DRIVE.

Alexander Patsos is a Nashville based indie rock musician, producer and actor who is one of the most imaginative humans the world is likely to witness.

Alex has released one full-length album and one EP with his former heavy rock band, The Resurrection Sorrow. TRS was a heavy hitter in the grassroots stoner rock scene and had many successful tours up and down the east coast including performances at NYC’s many iconic rock clubs, including CBGBs, Don Hills, Pussycat Lounge, and Trash Bar.

Lathering all lonely hearts together like some sort of new superglue, Alexander Patsos might be the leader we can all dance with again. This is fiery stuff and this track shall mend all wounded hearts with its wonderfully inviting style.

BEAUTIFUL DRIVE is one of the more dynamically charged singles ready to sizzle all unconscious hearts. Like a steaming iron on a fresh shirt, this is a rather epic soundtrack to our lost youth.

Listen to this new track on YouTube. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Poison Pills: Mark Docherty chases the sun on Saying Goodbye

Moving on from the rotten past and only concentrating on what the next door shall unfurl, Mark Docherty packs his bags up and ventures out on the riff-heavy condensation of a song called Saying Goodbye.

Mark Docherty is a Barrow, Cumbria-based indie alternative musician who started his career when just 11 years old and brings back that timeless David Bowie-like energy to proceedings.

This song describes the moment you discover you’re strong enough to leave that toxic relationship, you’re strong enough to leave that rubbish job and the catharsis you feel when you put yourself first. It was written when I decided to break up my old band and leave a job I’d been comfortable in for 8 years.” ~ Mark Docherty

Avoiding the dishonest prophet and starting the engine rather quickly, Mark Docherty shall take all our minds into a moment that many have faced a thousand times over. Deep in context and compacted in an immensely open aura to consume with conscientious abandon, we find a supremely reflective anthem.

Saying Goodbye from Barrow, Cumbria-based indie alternative artist Mark Docherty is one of those special songs you just embrace for all its brilliance. Sensational in all aspects and with excellent solos interwoven into this underground gem, this is one for the books and needs to be loved.

Attend the audio on Spotify. View more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’ll Plant You a Garden: Ghostgirl radiates through the strange spaces on step out of the shade

Self-taught and with that courageous community spirit to overcome all obstacles presented, Ghostgirl sings with the kind of spirit on the searching-for-hope song which might induce a few tears, step out of the shade.

Kay Rowan aka Ghostgirl is a London, UK-based trans composer, indie songwriter, and multi-skilled actor who grew up in classical music and genuine traditional folk.

Was written as a prayer. Not in a religious sense, but in a profoundly human sense. Sometimes you can find yourself praying for someone to understand their own value – when you watch someone adrift in an endless ocean of their own despair, seeing every anchor as a new way to drown. It’s hard, to watch as someone gives up, daunted by their idea of who they should be. It’s hard to look into the mirror, and see that person reflected back at you, when you’re so used to externalising. So you do what we all do: you throw more anchors into the sea, and hope one reaches in time. Songs are kind of like that – little anchors to keep the world from drifting away.” ~ Kay Rowan

With a hauntingly beautiful aura and filling our veins with a rather sad story, Ghostgirl starts the restorative process and climbs out of bed to see where that true value is. This is underground music at its best due to vocally heart-healing melodies and with honest lyrics, this is a true gem.

step out of the shade from London, UK-based trans multi-talented musician Ghostgirl is a rather special effort. This is unpretentious music at its finest. There is depth here. Mountains of strength, weaved in with so much tragic innocence, in a world which seems so harsh right now.

When you know it’s time to go outside again, it’s best to find the light to warm the soul.

Hear this fine song on Bandcamp. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Found Myself Again: Jen Eve is beyond couragous on Persistent Flattery

Bravely recording her music despite the ominous ticking clock of osteosarcoma, Jen Eve shows us that music may heal so many wounds on the excellent Persistent Flattery.

Jen Eve aka Jen Eve Taylor is an inspiring, terminally ill, classically trained musician and writer who has tragically been told that she doesn’t have much time left.

My cancer is really rare; 75 per cent of people get misdiagnosed. No one knows about it, and it’s very, very fatal unless you catch it early, which no one ever does because no one knows about it. Any opportunity I have to say, ‘hi, I’m Jen and I have osteosarcoma’ feels worthwhile to raise awareness.” ~ taken from her Islington Tribune article by Izzy Rowley

Performing with outstanding poise and superbly intricate passion, Jen Eve is a true modern day hero who opens up our minds into what is actually possible during this short time on earth.

Persistent Flattery from the hugely determined UK-based musician/writer Jen Eve is such a stunning soundtrack which will take our hearts on a wonderful journey. Sung with true love and gorgeous vocals, this is a lovely release from a brave soul who refused to leave this planet without recording her music.

Inspiring all listeners, we find a single that shows us the resilience needed to be truly remembered.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wolfgang Vetsch’s Bluewater sends our hearts more hope on Spread The Grease

Guiding us away from anything which shall not assist with those positive vibrations, Wolfgang Vetsch’s Bluewater is rather special, with a delightfully delicious production for all jazz fans with Spread The Grease.

Wolfgang Vetsch’s Bluewater is a Triesenberg, Liechtenstein-born indie jazz musician who spends much time on the seas as a brave skipper.

After the dissolution of the Swiss Big Band Eruption under the direction of Daniel Schenker , he devoted himself again to his own band Bluewater, which has been heard in different line-ups since 1997. In addition, Wolfgang Vetsch is also a permanent member of Stefan Frommelt’s jazz circus.” ~ Wolfgang Vetsch

Feeding our souls with something rather nutritious and easy-to-love, Wolfgang Vetsch’s Bluewater blesses all listeners with a superb display of the highest order in this stunning experience. Streaming with calming waters and a soundscape to free many from current sadness, this is a truly spirit-healing performance.

Spread The Grease from Triesenberg, Liechtenstein-born indie jazz musician Wolfgang Vetsch’s Bluewater is a such a joyful single with much for humanity to hold on to. With a genuine care and much skill, this is a lovely single for those mellow afternoons after work when you just need to relax.

Music with meaning will always be the most loved.

Hear this fine release on Spotify and see more news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Squalor: Brooklyn’s Price Tag breaks his back on the old school gem Just Another Dollar

Rock The Mic by Price Tag

Taken from his much-anticipated and self-therapeutic debut album called Rock The Mic, Price Tag drops that Beastie Boys-like sound that has us pushing through all challenges presented on Just Another Dollar.

Price Tag aka Mike Preis is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie musician who makes his own authentic brand of self-coined Urban-lofi-hip-hop-punkadelic-street-pop-electro-hop-electronic.

With an MC-909 sequencer, Mike has created a sound that transports you back in time to the suburbs of Chicago where a younger nerdy version of him grew up.” ~ Price Tag detailing where it all started

Showing proper respect to the legends who trail blazed a path of ingenuity and creativity that changed everything, Price Tag is a reminder of that fresh-sounding music with that electrifying old school feeling that millions miss.

Drenched in that blue collar attitude who just wants to work hard, get paid and go home, this is a reminder that the underground shall never stop despite whatever fads are currently dominating the airwaves.

Just Another Dollar from the Brooklyn, New York-based multi-genre artist Price Tag is a track that might have you transfixed beyond previous levels of belief. Pumping up the volume and guiding us through life in this hugely busy city, to show us that realness when there are so many copycats pretending in every corner. Showing us his MTV and VH1 fused memories in one, this is exactly the rocket fuel we all need to sip rather quickly to keep on trying no matter what.

Keeping the faith when others give up shall give you a renewed sense of achievement no matter how small it is.

Tune into this underground master at work on Bandcamp and see his career blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Need Hope: Peter Xifaras shows us deep inside the Lost Innocence of this harsh world

Performed by the exquisite Czech National Symphony, Peter Xifaras shows us deep inside a tragic moment for humankind as the tears flow, bloodshed reigns, and bullets fly everyday on Lost Innocence.

Peter Xifaras is a USA-based world renowned classical musician, composer, guitarist, orchestrator, and producer who is the mastermind of this deep experience.

Peter Xifaras, the creative force behind the symphoneX Orchestra, is an award-winning artist whose music has topped Billboard’s Classical & Crossover charts. Whether it’s Cinematic, Classical, Jazz-Fusion, or Spoken-Word, Peter’s body of work has garnered praise for successfully crossing over musical boundaries.” ~ Peter Xifaras

Taking us into the destroyed woods where the fire burns deep and the haunting mourning only increases, Peter Xifaras is absolutely excellent on this track that features the outstanding Czech National Symphony.

Lost Innocence from the USA-based multi-talented classical creative Peter Xifaras is a really stunning song that needs to be played loud all over the world. Its texture is packed with true love to the world, as this is a real message that should strike hot to so many who have felt the pain.

Performed to perfection, this is a statement song.

Listen up on YouTube and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen