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Annie Sea urges interspecies empathy and decisive action on the stunning nature-saver, ‘Save Me’ (feat. The Colin Trio)

As she connects deeply into the ocean while the sound in her mind grows stronger by the day, Annie Sea sends us something so genuine that is written from the perspective of a mother Orca that needs our help on, ‘Save Me(feat. The Colin Trio).

Annie Sea is a Portland, Oregon-based indie folk-rock singer-songwriter who has an inspiring eco-conscious life that keeps in beautiful alignment with her message to the world.

A random vintage store find, a vinyl record of Humpback whale songs, planted the lyrical seed, “Would you save me if you understood my song – would you save me?”. As she walked home, she wondered how we would change our actions if we could communicate with other creatures and truly understand what they might have to say.” ~ Annie Sea

Annie Sea sings from the heart and is a role model to us all. Each lyric is kind and with meaning, as she urges the world to think about the extraordinary creatures below who are taking strain from the selfishness of humanity.

Once a secretive songwriter, Annie began sharing her music after partial vision loss derailed her career as an environmental microbiologist.” ~ Annie Sea

Save Me(feat. The Colin Trio) from Portland, Oregon-based indie singer-songwriter Annie Sea is such a glorious single that might put shivers all over your body. This is a peaceful entry to help us open our eyes again, to what is going on right before our eyes. There is a supremely inspiring message for us to listen to, as we are taken underwater to see what is needed for these majestic creatures, to thrive as they deserve.

Sung with an elegant grace that should get your mind alive with ideas on how to help nature, this is a special single that should resonate in our deepest souls.

Hear this message for common sense to prevail on Spotify and follow her incredible story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Now Norman wishes to be taken away from where the sound of our children’s cries haunts us all on ‘Save Me’

With a heavy sound that shall simmer quickly into the very fabric of our souls, Not Now Norman pleads for a new world to arise from this current one that seems to burn everything in its wake with ‘Save Me‘.

Not Now Norman is a Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece band that are on the rise and show us their ever-growing quality.

Thrilling us with a track that packs more punch than a Champion boxer fighting for that heavyweight title, Not Now Norman is quite thunderously excellent on ‘Save Me‘ and call out for a united world to stamp out any evil amongst us. There is a sensational single on offer here that might cause some ears to bleed, as we are thrown into a rip-roaring track that will surely have your heart beating like never before.

Save Me‘ from Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece act Not Now Norman is a haunting single for anyone who has thought about what humankind is currently facing in this seemingly alternate reality. With a weighty sound that is colossal in nature and brings you to the floor – as you wonder why we live with so much madness strewn all over our lands – that should be filled with peace, not war.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Let Me Drown: Peter Stone is ready to change his destructive ways with ‘Save Me’

With his debut EP that has just been dropped and is called ‘Unlabeled‘, Peter Stone shows us inside this personal invention with his first single from this new project that is all about hoping that someone kind is there to assist with the rescue on ‘Save Me‘.

Peter Stone is a determined 22-year-old Italy-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with the liveliness of someone who has clearly lived and has seen the places where he doesn’t wish to visit ever again.

Peter’s music tends to be very personal and close to the artist and his feelings and “Save Me” in particular creates a dark ambience but not without shades of light in it.” ~ Peter Stone

Directing us deep inside his pain that threatened to throttle him into a tight chokehold he might not recover from, Peter Stone looks inside the mirror and decides at this precise moment that he doesn’t like what he sees. After a period of in-depth reflection, you feel that he is rising up but needs that special lifeguard to help him with this journey of shaking off that evil shadow he wants no part of.

Save Me‘ from the emerging Italy-based indie-pop solo artist Peter Stone, is a highly expressive single from an honest artist who knows that he needs to move away from what has been damaging him before. He sings with such a vividly descriptive style that seems to wrap a web all over you at first, as you join him in getting away from these undesirable restrictions and instead move towards the beaming brightness again.

Speaking up when you need help, is the smart way in starting the process of truly living freely again. The second part is really wanting to change, as you are the only one that can make this happen.

Feel the vibration of this emotionally-charged single on Soundcloud and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Madness Has Me Trapped: Soulfully sweet Evok drop memorable debut single ‘Save Me’

Blending splendidly into our lucky speakers from their upcoming ‘Cards On The Table’ album, Evok look keenly for that elusive royal flush on their wonderfully authentic debut single called ‘Save Me‘.

Evok is an ear-pleasing soul/jazz/synth-pop duo formed by songwriter and production duo Vinzenz Benjamin and Ella Jean. They warmly make the type of ravishing music that is such a lovely blend of modern and 80’s, as they take us for a vintage ride with the top down.

Austrian born bass player, producer and composer Vinzenz Benjamin, first met Canadian born vocalist Ella Jean, when they shared the stage doing gigs around the London club scene. At the start of the first 2020 lockdown they started collaborating
remotely, creating a collection of refreshingly different, ear-catching original songs.” – Evok

This is the endearing story that has your happy heart bouncing inside with so much delight, as nothing in this world is a given and you need that special person to help you through it all. The exciting night is still young and you need their hand to guide you though it all, as you think about them constantly and wish that you could be together always.

Save Me‘ from the stunningly creative and new soul/jazz/synth-pop duo Evok, shows us an engaging journey that has your curious ears perked up as you think about that sweet love. Your stomach knots up and you feel a bit sick inside, but also feel so happy somehow at the same time, as you gaze lovingly into their shining eyes. This is that catchy single that is perfect for those late-night house party vibes when its time to get groovy.

We are blessed to have a perfect summer track like this – to lift the mood as its introduced into our awaiting bodies – that just want to dance again. When the world is burning, music helps water out all fires that need extinguishing.

Stream this funky and fresh new track on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Growing while being alone: Morgan Lee drops reflective new single ‘Save Me’ (Prod. Monty Sapphire)

Morgan Lee brings us a piece of beauty gift-wrapped with gorgeous vocal ability on her stunning ‘Save Me‘ (Prod. Monty Sapphire), that is taken off her delightful debut album called ‘Minus You‘.

Los Angeles pop/edm singer-songwriter Morgan Lee sings with that extra cutting edge and pureness that makes you want to listen to her again and again. She seems like an old soul, the way her crystal clear tone transcends the air and brings clarity to your mind is so astonishing.

This is the story about how you want to hold onto something that you cared so much for but you know you need to move on. Being alone can be tough but it teaches you so much about yourself, so that when you love again, you will be so much wiser and look out for potential detours that could swerve you off your ideal path.

Her voice is so smooth and contains a woman who is finding her way in this crazy world. Each word is meaningful and the classy production adds so much value to a song that makes you reflect and remember past relationships.

Save Me‘ (Prod. Monty Sapphire) by LA’s Morgan Lee is a song you will remember as it brings back those haunting memories of a breakup and how you took time to gather yourself, re-calibrate and find who you are again. You waiting for them to come back but they never really did in spirit, only a fleeting appearance but their heart wasn’t in it.

Ultimately you need to save yourself when you are feeling low and by being honest about what happened, you can heal up quicker and flourish even more than before.

Hear this outstanding single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inzenze slides with the fantastic ‘Save Me’

After the success of his last release Don’t Stop, EDM artist and producer Inzenze is back with his brand new song called ‘Save Me‘.

There is a definite old school feel here with a 90’s vibe. I remember busting my ill-advised dance moves to songs like this back in the day and I like the beat here. The energy is translucent and you get lost in the song, with the peak being extra impressive. You just want to dance here and get that body moving. There is 90’s house, Disco and Dance all cut to perfecting like a fine dining chef’s main course.

Inzenze slides in with the dance-lit luscious sounds coming from his new ‘Save Me‘. This is an awesome song to pump loud on the weekends. With lots of hype and lots of love being showed all over the world, this is an extra gem to be added to the discography and playlists.

Stream here on Spotify.

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Carlzvt drops in with haunting Hip Hop gem on ”Save Me”

Carlzvt shines on his latest creation and this digs real deep in the soul. Elgin, Illinois is the home for this young artist from the US and he delves through his feeling right now and expresses it with his dope flow.

He is feeling the pressure and needs help right now. Trying so hard for so long can get tiring and feels like this is his time. Patience is running out. This is dreamy-dark Hip Hop with actual meaning.

Save Me” is a top notch track that flows through your heart and brings you production by Bitodelnya who creates a smoke-filled aura that is a pleasure to listen to. The vocals at the end sums up 2020 perfectly. We all just let to let out a bit of steam and shout into a pillow. This is a quality track however and Carlzvt wins hands down with ”Save Me”. Lets hope he can be on stage again soon for the fans to save him.

Check out the Soundcloud link for extra songs.

Listen in to this new track right here on Spotify.

Find out more via Facebook.

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”Save Me” from Dane Blake (feat. Marcello) is a call for forgiveness

There comes a time when sometimes you reach the point of no return. Your soul is hurt and you have just had enough. Too many nights spent at the club or local bar can take it’s toll. We all need to refresh before it all escalates.

This is a roller coaster of a song and it’s well executed by this singer-songwriter from the USA who has just put out a call for help. Can he forgive himself and move on?

Questioning all of his beliefs, the determined talent that is Dane Blake takes us into his tortured mind with ”Save Me”. He is desperately losing control and really needs help as his soul is burning. A man who sings to us about losing his way, a moment that none of us want to deal with but fear that we unfortunately will. Dane roars his way through the song and the the beat is slow and steady, building all the time as to let us know that this is going to be a passionate track. Thus it is. I feel like swaying by body around and my mood is reflective and thinking of the past, with mostly regret. Towards the end of the song I do feel hope and I guess that is what life is. Lots of ups and lots of downs.

Stream more from this passionate musician right here on his growing Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen