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Not Now Norman wishes to be taken away from where the sound of our children’s cries haunts us all on ‘Save Me’

With a heavy sound that shall simmer quickly into the very fabric of our souls, Not Now Norman pleads for a new world to arise from this current one that seems to burn everything in its wake with ‘Save Me‘.

Not Now Norman is a Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece band that are on the rise and show us their ever-growing quality.

Thrilling us with a track that packs more punch than a Champion boxer fighting for that heavyweight title, Not Now Norman is quite thunderously excellent on ‘Save Me‘ and call out for a united world to stamp out any evil amongst us. There is a sensational single on offer here that might cause some ears to bleed, as we are thrown into a rip-roaring track that will surely have your heart beating like never before.

Save Me‘ from Northumberland, UK-based indie alt hard-rock 4-piece act Not Now Norman is a haunting single for anyone who has thought about what humankind is currently facing in this seemingly alternate reality. With a weighty sound that is colossal in nature and brings you to the floor – as you wonder why we live with so much madness strewn all over our lands – that should be filled with peace, not war.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand By Your Side: Promising Leeds singer-songwriter Hannah Lamb drops loving debut single ‘I Need You’

As she waits by the phone for her true friend who might need her, Hannah Lamb shows her admirable care for a true spirit who she loves being around with ‘I Need You’.

Hannah Lamb is a Northumberland-born, Leeds, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and Leeds College of Music student who is in her second year of studies. She is a kind soul who sings about personal love, loss and life, with a tender style that has you beaming glowingly from hearing such transfixing beauty.

Sung with a wonderfully calm and shining-to-the-stars style – her seemingly effortless voice takes you to a reflective place – that is full of that nostalgic atmosphere that seems to be so rare these days, in this too-busy-to-talk world. She takes us on a flower-filled journey to that beautiful place in time, where two connected humans may both be wholesomely content inside their souls.

I Need You‘ from the youthful Leeds, UK-based indie pop artist Hannah Lamb, is the sweet story of showing compassion for a true friend who has been there for you when you required help. Things have been a bit up and down with all that is going on in the world – but you want things to always be real – and to never drift apart into the ocean like other friendships in the past. Made with real heart and featuring a stunning vocalist who makes your hungry-for-love heart beat twice, this is one of the most compassionate releases you will hear in 2021.

True friends will never leave you, even if those rocky roads threaten to take them away for a while.

Stream this lovely single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Telling the truth: Igg releases new open minded single about current times called ‘Controlled Explosives’

Igg sparks our minds into action with the fiery new single called ‘Controlled Explosives‘.

Igg is a business owner, meta boom rap artist and producer from Blyth, Northumberland in England, and he makes that real funky thoughtful music. He wants to separate the truth from the lies, as he is sick and tired of the blatant misinformation and  constant brainwashing going on currently in modern day society.

His groovy style is fused together with a filled-up lighter ready to click at any time. The rhythmically raw rhymes are busted over with an early Beastie Boys type beat, that gets your body moving and swaying to the style.

This is the story about how social media and google has pushed the mainstream thinking to a level that is scarily out of control. There are explosions happening everywhere and most people don’t even know what is really happening. The frustration is so evident and he raps with conviction and tells it how it is. This is a much-needed lesson in opening your mind and not believing everything you hear on the radio, or see on the telly.

Washed up in the sea and tumbling around like a washing machine, the world is getting stung by fireweed each second and needs to drift back to shore as soon as possible.

Controlled Explosives‘ from North East UK rapper/producer Igg is that truth-seeking story that is a rare moment of clarity in an often confusing and strange world. With a rap style that brings you back to the good old days of a proper flows and real stories about being careful about what you consume. this is a fine track from an open minded man on a mission to spread the truth.

Stream this explosive new track on Spotify and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen