MC King Khan – Drama: High Vibe Hip Hop

MC King Khan went right back to old school with their latest drop “Drama”. We all know those people who thrive on drama and centre their lives around it. This track is the antidote to the frustration felt by people infatuated with drama.

The EDM Hip Hop beats pack a punch at the same time as allowing you to appreciate the chilled vibe of the mix. With lashings of bass within the light shimmering experimental mix, the track resonates as playful whilst losing none of the conviction or passion which Drama was born from.

And MC King Khan perceptibly didn’t hold back when it came to penning the wit-soaked Rap bars. You can practically feel the catharsis which they felt while writing Drama.

You can check out MC King Khan’s latest single via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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