New Rock City shows us the vividly dreamt pictures from their mind on ‘Radio 85’

Delighting fans of this classic genre that have recently experienced a rebirth from the depths of the underground, New Rock City revitalize our ravenous-for-timeless-music-souls with a signature fiery performance on their latest single, ‘Radio 85‘.

New Rock City is a NYC-based alternative rock band who are always developing and love to keep us all wondering what they will come up with next.

Think Pretenders meet Joan Jett in the mid-80s/Billy Idol meets Patti Smith at CBGB’s.” ~ New Rock City

Flaming with a heat-filled missile that will stir up your mood and get you reaching for that leather jacket to soak onto your body, New Rock City spark up the streets with an incredible inventiveness that is beyond exciting in a mostly original-lacking current world.

Radio 85‘ from the electrifying NYC-based alternative rock band New Rock City is an absorbing track that has a raw intricate brilliance you can’t help but jump around with. They tantalize our lips with a majestic display that has an aura of rebel vitality wrapped in its pulsating existence, from an outfit who loves to do things their way.

With rasping riffs that seem to cause your heart to glow inside – and featuring ear-piercing vocals that are hard to forget – this is a new release with that punch-packed dynamite you needed to ignite that imagination again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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