Patient 0 – Prom Queen: Candidly Magnetic Indie Rock

“Prom Queen” is just one of the singles found on up and coming alternative artist Patient 0’s debut album “Girl Problems”. While each of the singles allows you to appreciate that the maturity of their sound transcends their age as artists. “Prom Queen” still remains the best introduction to their natural, raw, and organic approach to Indie Rock.

Even though there’s a melodious Indie feel behind Prom Queen, the soundscape still shares reminiscences with 90s Grunge bands such as Verruca Salt, The Breeders, and Hole.

I’ll try not to be too bitter about the fact that I didn’t get to revel in the empowering tones of bands such as Patient 0 when I was being deeply confused by my teenage years. It’s one thing to hear produced and plasticised artists creating commercial music, but there is a refreshing intimacy and honesty within Prom Queen which poignantly captures teen anxiety and projected inadequacy.

You can check out Patient 0’s single Prom Queen along with the rest of their album Girl Problems by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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