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New Rock City shows us the vividly dreamt pictures from their mind on ‘Radio 85’

Delighting fans of this classic genre that have recently experienced a rebirth from the depths of the underground, New Rock City revitalize our ravenous-for-timeless-music-souls with a signature fiery performance on their latest single, ‘Radio 85‘.

New Rock City is a NYC-based alternative rock band who are always developing and love to keep us all wondering what they will come up with next.

Think Pretenders meet Joan Jett in the mid-80s/Billy Idol meets Patti Smith at CBGB’s.” ~ New Rock City

Flaming with a heat-filled missile that will stir up your mood and get you reaching for that leather jacket to soak onto your body, New Rock City spark up the streets with an incredible inventiveness that is beyond exciting in a mostly original-lacking current world.

Radio 85‘ from the electrifying NYC-based alternative rock band New Rock City is an absorbing track that has a raw intricate brilliance you can’t help but jump around with. They tantalize our lips with a majestic display that has an aura of rebel vitality wrapped in its pulsating existence, from an outfit who loves to do things their way.

With rasping riffs that seem to cause your heart to glow inside – and featuring ear-piercing vocals that are hard to forget – this is a new release with that punch-packed dynamite you needed to ignite that imagination again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love And Be Loved: Mary Cross sings with sultry romance on ‘Promise’

With her classy dress on and with that romantic glint in her eye, Mary Cross is here with her new single all about the love of her life on ‘Promise‘.

Mary Cross is a classic soul singer who performs with grace and class, making that loving music about relationships, as she glides in with lyrics about what the heart really wants in this often confusing world.

She keeps things simple with a voice that hits the high notes with effortless charm, her smile radiant throughout as she slides through each verse with aplomb.

This is the sweet story about how love needs to remain pure and the way it should be, avoiding modern day traps so that you stay with that one person, making sure that you support each other and keep that romance alive and bright, just like it was intended.

Promise‘ from from the American songstress Mary Cross, is a real statement of ever-lasting love from a soul singer who believes in those special life changing moments, when you meet someone incredible and you feel like they respect you so much, they will love you no matter what obstacles you shall face over the years.

Watch the music video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remaking the classic in lockdown 1: ‘Our House’ from Nova Music’s best-Hattie Whitehead, Howard Rose and Max Runham is one of the best releases of 2020

Our House‘ is the tremendously triumphant take on the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young timeless classic from three absolutely incredible artists. They have been brought together thanks to London’s legendary Nova Music: Hattie Whitehead, Howard Rose and Max Runham. This will bring you back to places in your memory you thought were perhaps lost forever.

Created remotely from their respective music bunkers during this world-changing and tragic pandemic, these excellent musicians fuse together like fantastic welders, to spark a song together that was getting dusty in the few-remaining record stores around the world.

Her vocals lift your mood up and you feel free again, the tone rests your head and this is exactly what is needed in this fast-paced and mentally polluted world. The pure production captures the moment perfectly and the way they have made this song their own is truly extraordinary. I’m amazed at the guitar intricacies and this is a song that you listen to over and over again due to its quality and soothing nature.

The cats are playing in the yard, the flowers are brought into the vase as the fire has just been lit, and life is so simple and innocent. If only things could be like this all the time.

This should be Christmas number 1 in all of the UK charts as Nova Music’s Hattie Whitehead, Howard Rose and Max Runham light the fire on the majestic ‘Our House‘ that was made famous by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

This is a classy new take and they have made 2020 a much better place thanks to their efforts here. A truly wonderful song that will have you looking at old pictures and sharing wonderful memories together with friends and family. This is what the festive season is really about.

Give your ears and soul the treatment they deserve on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle’

Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle‘ and this is a wonderful indie-folk masterpiece that soothes the soul from all worries.

This is the 2nd single from the new upcoming full album ‘Some Kind of Holiday‘, this exciting track dropped on November 20th. A song that you can’t help but like, the layers are so lovely here and the lyrics are so wonderful. This is half poetry, half singing and this style is so fun to listen to.

Ship in a Bottle‘ from Michael Golden is such a pleasant surprise to the ears and heart. He sings with such meaning and this is a peaceful single that brings us back to the good times of music, those times where you can relax and reflect while looking into the ocean. The seas are very high right now in the world but this is a new single that calms the waters and throws us a life-jacket to save ourselves. A true modern day classic this and the incredible vocals and cello are a wonder to listen to.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Multi-talented Canadian composer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her beautiful ‘Scarves of Saturn’

The multi-talented Canadian composer/singer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her new beautiful single called ‘Scarves of Saturn‘.

Julia Vasiliev is a fantastic young Toronto based composer. She first learnt how to play the piano at the age of 6, improvising and composing has always been a heartfelt passion. Julia likes to use melancholy moods and themes, she uses the piano to express the motions she experiences in her adventurous life. Julia has 14 years of singing experience at the Holy Trinity church choir and sung in the University of Guelph Symphonic Choir. This is a young lady that likes to push herself and she does what she loves.

You stare up into the sky and wonder what is out there, your heart beating as you think of all the planets out there. This curiosity has always been inside you and now you are looking even deeper, trying to find meaning in it all.

Julia Vasiliev’sScarves of Saturn‘ is a fantastic piece of art, the beauty shines through and you can feel some sadness too, perhaps of an old memory that hasn’t passed yet. This is a stunning instrumental and this is a masterful performance that would be best with the volume turned up real high.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Hear more on her Spotify music.

Head here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

McQueen is terrific on instant classic ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya’

Taken off ‘Presenting McQueen‘, ‘If I Didn’t Know Ya‘ from McQueen is one of those songs that will be stuck splendidly in your head for days and days. This is a quality track of note.

You don’t know who they are but you are fascinated. You would like to get to know them but do they feel the same? You know that you two would get on well, there is no doubt about that. You feel that their style is so fine and fresh, you want to be with them so badly.

I love the fresh beat here from this song. This is so catchy and my head is bouncing. This is an indie-electro feast from the sky to us on earth to devour hungrily. I could imagine dancing to this for hours on end, sliding all over the floor. The vocals are crisp like a fresh packet of lettuce, the juicy beat is healthy and tasty for the heart.

McQueen’s ‘If I Didn’t Know Yais quality song and an instant classic. It has that sound that just feels so good. My soul is uplifted and I feel alive. This is making 2020 just a bit easier to handle thanks to this new artist that is going to make it big. Class is easy to spot and this is it.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Cla$$ic” from Henny Holyfield is his breakthrough Hip Hop track

Indie emcee Henny Holyfield is from Fairfield, California and he reps his hood in style with ”Cla$$ic”.

Father, Chef, Emcee, Optimist. Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is the main message of Henny Holyfield’s music. He tells it how it is and we need to appreciate that. Fake rappers are slowly starting get it and musicians like this only amplify’s that notion.

Taken of his latest album called ”Clocked In”, this is a fire song that has a consistent flow that ultimately shows this artists mad skills. I like the Hopsin shout out too. After 500+ shows, this top shelf rapper shows his pen skills with a masterful performance where his experience shows with his vivid storytelling.

The Sacramento based rapper Henny Holyfield rolls in with ”Cla$$ic” that is designed to be played late at night while cruising around with friends. This is real Hip Hop that is not watered down. Long may this kind of music prevail.

Stream this hot new track from this rising rapper on Spotify.

Find out more about this emcee on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paul Moody And The Revelators Release Smashing Track ‘Losing My Mind’

Using a variety of ear pleasing instrumentals, from the saxophone to the trombone all the way through to the string family, it is Paul Moody’s charming vocals that steals the show. A sound originating from a folk and roots style, Paul Moody and the Revelators deliver a classic in their brand-new release “Losing My Mind”, a song that highlights elements of nostalgia, comfort and general music satisfaction.

“Losing My Mind” greets us with a friendly guitar strum, and as the introduction progresses the beating drum follows with an elegant piano, along with Paul Moody’s warm-hearted vocals, completely owning the vibrant atmosphere of the track. The meaning behind the lyrics is actually quite tragic, “And this cheap cocaine doesn’t do shit/It just numbs the depression a bit/And in the morning it’s all gonna hit/Oh oh I’m fine/But I think I’m losing my mind”. What Paul Moody and the Revelators so cleverly portray, is the reality behind everyday life. We may pretend to continue with our day-to-day duties with a content and cheery attitude, but most of the time we are concealing our misery. “Losing My Mind” puts an ambiguous spin on what the song really means, and what is so conspicuous about the track is the confusion it reiterates between the vocals and the melody.

-Aly McHugh

Christopher George releases Fire It Up

Classic and timeless vibes shoot right through the heart of Christopher George’s music, it is soulful, sassy, chilled and full of emotion and mood. That’s a lot to fit into one song but it is because he has studied the classic sound of the soul greats, the R&B icons and even some of the ground breaking pop writers that he understands just what makes a future classic song.

And if that seems like an over sell, close your eyes, wind back the clock and pretend it is any other decade from the 60’s onwards and this song could fit comfortably within it. Not because it is dated but because it is woven from all the musical threads that never go out of fashion. Would you consider a vintage Rolls Royce out dated? No because it’s built of sleek lines and of a design that transcends fashion. The same is true of Christopher George’s music.

Jessie Wagner brings something new to the table with ‘I Want To Dream’

Whilst some people feel the need to pursue new styles, create new fusions and try to move things forward through strange chimeric musical experiments, others are just content to walk classic and familiar pathways. And whilst the dynamic vocal led soul and the emotive deliveries join the dots from Etta James to Nina Simon to Aretha Franklin and on to her own modern R&B peers, Jessie Wagner does that rare thing of bringing something new to the table.

Not so much as in a new aspect but new in that everything seems designed along classic lines but just, well…more. It is more deeply soulful and indeed soul searching, more emotively heart-tugging, more gracefully elegant…just more of everything. It is a difficult thing to do, to visit such defined territory and come away both with something that adds to the musical canon but honours its heritage. Difficult for many, not, it would seem for Jessie Wagner.