New Jersey rapper KiERAN knows that his honest lyrics are rather ‘PROBLEMATiC’

Storming in with an announcement to anyone who has been offended by his previous songs, KiERAN rips the mic off the stage with a strong performance that lets you know that he isn’t going to stop being himself on, ‘PROBLEMATiC‘.

KiERAN is a New Jersey, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who makes a candid blend of music that is packed with his witty humour.

Taken off his explosive 12-track album ‘FiRECROTCH‘, KiERAN blazes in with a reminder of his old songs that he wishes he could take back – but shows his progression – with a mighty display that rap fans will certainly find entertaining. Smashing through in his own signature style, this is an artist who doesn’t mind being totally real if it means that the truth shall set him free.

PROBLEMATiC‘ from New Jersey, USA-based indie Hip hop artist KiERAN is a statement track from a skilled rapper who refuses to be cancelled despite all the sensitive souls – who have sought to have his career extinguished – like a raging fire that needed to end. He is raw as usual and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, with a ferocious display that is sure to get tongues wagging and conversations started.

Listen up to this hot new track on Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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