NA$A takes mindful Hip Hop to the next level with his sophomore release ‘O.G.’

Brisbane-based, Auckland-hailing Rap artist NA$A dropped their second release, O.G. on November 20th, which takes mindful Hip Hop to the next level. In turn, the sophomore release allowed NA$A to establish himself as an essential artist to add to your high-vibe Hip Hop playlists.

The bass behind the trancey EDM Hip Hop beats allow the instrumentals to parallel the energy which NA$A vocally brought to the high-octane mix which isn’t just accessible from the first hit. You’ll become transfixed by the rhythmically convictive progressions as they weave through the infectious yet intricate melodies.

In essence, O.G. is an invitation to realise your responsibility to make big things happen. Not just for yourself, but for those closest to you too. All this is done through a nostalgic throwback to hood days and recognising the trials and tribulations which many people need to overcome. There’s a nuanced recognition that not everyone shares the same vantage point in life, but that’s no reason why you can’t strive for success – whichever form you want that to manifest in.

With the way in which NA$A addresses morality and mindfulness in a religious context while not alienating atheists or faith followers, he sets an incredible example of how music can be the ultimate unifying tool.

The short and soulfully sweet drop is set to make a massive impact on the airwaves, and with plenty of forthcoming releases in the pipeline,  you’ll definitely want the trailblazing artist on your radar.

You can check out O.G. for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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