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I Want You Now: Brisbane RnB artist Pachinko dreams happily of the fascinating ‘Laneway Girl’

As he longingly gazes into the beautifully peaceful forest to hopefully find the mysterious girl who he endlessly seeks, Pachinko passionately looks for her sweet smile in the hazy fog of this strange world that can sneakily hide you away easily on ‘Laneway Girl‘.

Pachinko is a Brisbane-based Australian-Vietnamese indie RnB singer-songwriter, and former hip-hop dancer. He is a rising artist with heaps of easy-to-hear potential, and sings with a crisply clean style which is such a pleasure to witness.

Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Pachinko explores the notions of the human condition with an affable aura. It was upon graduating high-school where Pachinko took the plunge to start creating Alternative R&B music, transitioning from shower singer to artist.” ~ Pachinko

His cleanly sung voice is such a glorious listen and you find yourself so impressed with his fantastic vocal delivery which serves an ace the whole way though. The passion to find her has consumed his ever-thinking mind, as he wishes she would ignore the small-minded distractions to be with him, where it is safe and calming for the soul.

Laneway Girl‘ from the Australian indie RnB artist Pachinko, has your mind racing with ideas as you wonder where that love of your life is. You worry that they are lost into the cloudy world of falseness that can change even the smartest – as you remember them so vividly and hope you will see their pretty face again – so you may finally have that romantic moment you wish for fondly.

Hear this daydream-filled single on Spotify and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Litters has unleashed the ultimate Indie feel-good hit with the sonically ensnaring single ‘Diamond Eyes’

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter, Litters, has unleashed their fiery New Wave Indie track ‘Diamond Eyes’. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Arcade Fire and Jack Johnson collaborated, you’ll get an idea of how Litters pulled off the perfect balance of sonic energy and tender intricacy.

With an enticing rhythmic command complete with angularly hypnotic guitar, a smorgasbord of influences stylistically banded together and a significant serving of authentic aural ingenuity, Diamond Eyes is about as efficacious as a blackhole when it comes to pulling you in.

Diamond Eyes isn’t just radio-ready, it should be topping the Indie charts.

You can check out Diamond Eyes for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

NA$A takes mindful Hip Hop to the next level with his sophomore release ‘O.G.’

Brisbane-based, Auckland-hailing Rap artist NA$A dropped their second release, O.G. on November 20th, which takes mindful Hip Hop to the next level. In turn, the sophomore release allowed NA$A to establish himself as an essential artist to add to your high-vibe Hip Hop playlists.

The bass behind the trancey EDM Hip Hop beats allow the instrumentals to parallel the energy which NA$A vocally brought to the high-octane mix which isn’t just accessible from the first hit. You’ll become transfixed by the rhythmically convictive progressions as they weave through the infectious yet intricate melodies.

In essence, O.G. is an invitation to realise your responsibility to make big things happen. Not just for yourself, but for those closest to you too. All this is done through a nostalgic throwback to hood days and recognising the trials and tribulations which many people need to overcome. There’s a nuanced recognition that not everyone shares the same vantage point in life, but that’s no reason why you can’t strive for success – whichever form you want that to manifest in.

With the way in which NA$A addresses morality and mindfulness in a religious context while not alienating atheists or faith followers, he sets an incredible example of how music can be the ultimate unifying tool.

The short and soulfully sweet drop is set to make a massive impact on the airwaves, and with plenty of forthcoming releases in the pipeline,  you’ll definitely want the trailblazing artist on your radar.

You can check out O.G. for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Stay up to date with NA$A’s latest releases by following him via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The strong love that broke suddenly: ‘Will You Ever’ from Brisbane local Jack Bratt changes direction on excellent new single

With a smoothly salted Roots-Rock flow to empty all of our doubts into the dusty drain, this is a melodic daydream that is about that sweet love-love that was so perfect-but changed so suddenly. Australian singer-songwriter Jack Bratt is back with a new style for our thirsty ears, and he is on top form with his latest release ‘Will You Ever‘.

His voice is so calming and you feel totally at ease right away, the mellow soundscapes are like a summers day on the beach by yourself. I feel like a feeling of relief but also doubt, you miss that vibrant and happy love that consumed you life. The song shivers throughout, the sonic waves of a sad story is constant all the way through as you gaze out the window.

With a style that keeps you in the edge of your seat all the way, his voice is hauntingly honest and the cosmic creation here is so intricately formatted, to tell us a story of heartbreak, that so many of us will relate to. A love that was going so well you thought they were the one, so many memories stored up on the hard-drive in your brain. To delete these will so very hard to accomplish, so you will have to store them elsewhere for now, as you know you need to move on. That is the only way to grow and blossom again.

Brisbane musician Jack Bratt has changed direction with his music career and his voice simmers so sweetly here on ‘Will You Ever‘. This is the message of sadness when there was something so beautiful, and the journey to replenish your heart again has started. You know you need to fly free again, and unshackle those regrets to open yourself to new love.

Hear this song with a real story to tell on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brayden Jay – Picture Perfect: Emotionally Charged Autotune Trap

You don’t need to resort in Tibet for seven years, isolated and occupied in daily meditation, in order to become perceptive on the fact that the beat-driven, autotune-using trap music that has been dominating planet earth for the last five years, it’s supersaturated. You need artists Brayden Jay though, to show you that you can create enjoyable tunes of this sound, without having to be a typhoon of innovation.

Music producer and artist Brayden Jay comes from Brisbane, Australia. With his new joint called “Picture Perfect”, he delivers an emotionally-charged tune for the demographic that goes for Logic & Post Malone and not only. The beat isn’t anything too glaring or advanced, however, it is sufficient in accompanying Brayden’s delicate voice. The latter is drowned in autotune; his tone is colored to the necessary extent to make the track wholesome. It is a sentimental track, offering its content to be consumed by the sentimental young people of 2019.

When Brayden Jay blows up, you will be seeing Post Malone in the “Fans Also Like” section on his Spotify artist page, and for a good reason. Until then, hop on there and listen to “Picture Perfect”.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Vision Four 5 – Take Me with You feat Kate Tomlinson: They’re Back With Vengeance.

Vision Four 5 dropped their new dance floor track on the 27th of October 2017. It’s got us a little bit excited. Sure, the internet is swarming with artists that promise to be the next greatest thing and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Daft Punk, Eric Prydz & Darude, but Vision Four 5 is a delight that I can honestly say I’ve never heard the likes of before. They’re a delectable mix of Techno, House & Electronica, their recipe for musical creativity have created music that’s cross generational that everyone can enjoy.

They’re a live dance music act from Brisbane, Australia who have become the masters when it comes to interactive video technology to provide a totally immersive experience in their shows. The band have been around since 1990, and it’s honestly a crime that they’re still a relatively unheard of collective of musicians. Whilst they’ve achieved notoriety in Australia with a multitude of radio hits; their splendour is relatively un-sampled across the pond.

If you’re looking for transgressive beats & stunning imagery look no further than their latest single. It encapsulates all of the dancefloor euphoria that they’ve invoked whilst they’ve been on tour with their music. They consider touring an essential part of the writing process in their refreshingly innovative way of making their adrenaline fuelled music.

Their choice to include the Sydney based singer, songwriter & DJ Kate Tomlinson in their latest hit allowed their music to delve into a new era of music. Kate has a delectably resonant power in her vocals with the ability to melodically resonate over the layered harmonics.

Check out the official video for Take Me with You on YouTube!