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Rice redefined hip-hop with the big beats in his latest hit, Blog It

After a suspenseful two-year hiatus, Rice stormed back onto the hip-hop scene with Blog It, a track that pulses with cinematic grandeur and a defiant declaration of his undimmed presence. This single is not just a return; it’s a bold reaffirmation of Rice’s command over the genre.

Rice, known for his role as an entrepreneur and philanthropist as much as his music, melded monolithic auto-tuned bars with EDM-adjacent beats to create a soundscape that’s as luxurious as it is massive. The production quality, more designer than Prada, amplifies Rice’s charisma, proving that none of his magnetic allure has faded beneath the technological sheen.

Blog It is laden with lyrical potency and rhythmic complexity that showcases Rice’s matured artistry. His background as a visionary artist who transitioned from management to centre stage is evident in every beat.

This single is a narrative of persistence and a sonic explosion that heralds Rice’s readiness for a Grammy. It’s ironic yet fitting that a track titled Blog It is the one I find myself blogging about—what could be more meta? Yet, if I’m a pawn in anyone’s game, I’m glad it’s Rice’s; the major player is ripping up the hip-hop rulebook and setting fire to the confetti.

Blog It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Annava & Calmea delivered a hypersonic K-Pop/Hip-Hop mash-up with their infectiously fresh single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド

For his latest single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド, the US record producer and DJ Annava fused his beats with the razor-sharp bars of rapper Calmea to orchestrate a hypersonic earworm drenched in infectiously fresh K-Pop flavour. The distinction within the production was all too fitting with the titular theme; within parallel worlds, few things are completely uniform; this is inventively visualised within the arrangement and the authenticity of the track.

With Annava’s discography delivering everything from happy hardcore to hyper pop, the unleashing of PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド was an unexpected move, but one which notably resonated with his growing fanbase who can’t tear themselves away from the energy he brings to every release. By blending exhilaration with melodic precision, the up-and-coming artist is making a name for himself on the airwaves and beyond.

PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fats & JM went on a ‘Mad One’ with their infectious EDM rap hit

The Azerbaijan-born British rapper and songwriter, Fats, mashed up his talents and his infectious tongue-in-cheek charisma with his co-collaborator JM to deliver the ultimate house party anthem, Mad One.

After a solid serving of sun-bleached acid house beats, Fats subverts the transcendently tranquil tones with his wit-sharp garagey rap bars and bass-drenched rhythms. Between his cleverly enticing cadence and his lyricism that carries the perfect amount of antagonism, there’s no resisting the magnetism of the monolithic drop.

If anyone deserves to go as viral as the Blackout Crew did in 2009 with Put a Donk On It, it is Fats. A month after the drop of the official music video for Mad One, it has already racked up 95,000 streams on YouTube and has been added to plenty more high-profile Spotify playlists.

We would usually say get on it while the hype is hot, but it’s unlikely that Mad One will stop being the hottest EDM drop of the summer anytime soon.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DJ Fricktion, D Smoke & Kelvyn Colt fed the ‘POWER’ in a homage to West Coast hip-hop

From working with RZA to Ghostface to Suspect to Digga D, Ronaldo saying he’s the best DJ he’s ever heard and DJing for Usain Bolt’s private parties, there are few DJs as accoladed and revered as the London-residing music producer and engineer, DJ Fricktion.

From being nominated at London’s club awards as best DJ, to teaching music in a prison to performing at some of the biggest venues across the globe, DJs’ career is as rich and diverse as they come. Now, he’s here with his latest single, POWER, featuring D Smoke & Kelvyn Colt, which unravels as the ultimate adrenalized hustler anthem.

If there is anyone who can speak on the relationship between perseverance, determination and success, it is DJ Fricktion; but that is just one facet of conviction in the fiery feat of hip-hop, which goes far beyond the tired rattle of 808s. The production is as massive as the vocal energy as the rap bars from the collaborators give POWER endlessly enlivening Jekyll and Hyde duality.

Any fans of Dre, Quincy Jones, A.R. Rahman and Timbaland will want to jump on POWER while it is hot.

POWER officially dropped on May 12; galvanise your Spotify playlists with it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dehko – Slide ft. Snap Dogg: EDM Rap Has Never Hit Harder

The Detroit EDM duo, Dehko, is an unreckonable force after the drop of their anthemically arresting album, Tektroit. Dehko isn’t just hot on the heels of Tiesto, Skrillex, Garrix, Kygo, and Don Diablo, the brother duo has scorched right past them with his galvanisngly ground-razing epic of an LP.

The standout single, Slide, featuring the rap legend in his own right, Snap Dogg, is the sonic equivalent of an adrenalin shot to the heart. After a steady and almost sultry build, the bass-drenched beats catapult you through the hard and heavy progressions while Snap Dogg lends his dominantly gruff vocal energy to create a juggernaut of an EDM Rap hit.

From the absorbingly tensile breaks and builds to the crystal-clear cut of the production to the emotion the hit compels you to feel, Dehko & Snap Dogg reached the definitive pinnacle of EDM Rap. It would be idiotic to try and top it.

Slide dropped on March 10th; you can jump on the hype by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Alt-Rap duo, xKNGS, started a wildfire from the sparks that fly in their latest single, Gold Plastic

Few UK rap acts hold a candle to Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip in my book, but the alt hip-hop duo, xKNGS, started a wildfire with the adrenalizing sparks that fly from their latest single, Gold Plastic.

While the solid backbeat arrests your rhythmic pulses, the dirty and distorted electric guitars fuse Rockstar energy into the creatively innovated feat of originated progressive hip hop, which borrows a few EDM elements for futuristic flair and pop for the undeniably sharp hooks.

Any fans of Kid Kapichi and Bob Vylan won’t want to miss out on the trailblazing duo, which singlehandedly bosses everything down to the recording and production. It isn’t every day I hear a single and feel the compulsion to every hit in their discography, but evidently, xKNGS are a fresh cut above the rest.

The official music video, which has now garnered over 17k streams, is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pluto Mars – This Ain’t That: Strap In for a Psychedelic Space Adventure

Luminary Richmond, CA rapper Pluto Mars teamed up with the music video director, Kiko Valle, to take his fans on a psychedelic space adventure with his latest single, This Ain’t That.

The kaleidoscopically fiery rap track meets electro anthem creates a galvanising platform for the bars that bring the new wave of hip hop crashing in around the genre-fluid instrumentals that could easily fill a floor and make it writhe to the futuristically rich melodies.

True to current trends, the short and sweet track runs through in under two minutes, but Pluto Mars used every second to drench you in drum and bass grooves that you will want to sink in time and time again.

This Ain’t That premiered on November 20th; you can catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All isn’t fair in love and war in Orval Hill’s progressively immense alt EDM hip hop single, Nowhere

After a strikingly sombre alt-pop prelude complete with beckoningly harmonic vocal lines which pull you into the emotion of the release, Orval Hill’s latest feat of ‘schizo rap’, Nowhere, slams right into a body-rocking EDM hip hop anthem with scuzzy bass-drenched beats to pound your speakers to oblivion around the minor key piano stabs.

Nowhere is the ultimate testament to Orval Hill’s ability to wildly juxtapose the next progression against the last to accurately portray the off-kilter nature of the human mind. We like to fool ourselves that we’re rational creatures, but we rarely let logic get in the way of emotion. Orval Hill stays true to our animalistic proclivities while delivering contrasting declarations to prove that all isn’t fair in love and war. If anything encapsulates the clusterfuck of dating in the modern age, it’s the off-kilter exposition within Nowhere.

Nowhere is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt Electro Hip Hop Heavy Weight, Sol Nocte Has Made His Entrance with ‘Hallucinating;, featuring xS!r N3llyx

Breaking new wave hip hop artist Sol Nocte sent ingenuity rippling through the music industry with the drop of his debut single, Hallucinating, featuring xS!r N3llyx.

The trippy, 8-bit discord-dripping electro beats almost veer into industrial electronica, but they are pulled back into the realms of hip hop with the groove of the melodies that work your way into your synapses under the layered dual vocals, which throw reminiscence to everyone from Labrinth to Tech N9ne.

Hallucinating is a stellar track in its own right. Even more so when you consider that it was born on an iPhone as a result of Sol Nocte’s passion that ensured the track was staunch with visceralism.

Hallucinating is now available to purchase on Apple Music and available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KGDASAV’s rap flow is sharper than his bite in his latest single, LIKE A DOG

KGDASAV earned his place on the Canadian hip hop map with his latest single LIKE A DOG. For the last two years, the Toronto-hailing artist has been endeavouring to bring a different sound to the city, based on the slickly metropolitan vibes that drip from the bassy, blazing EDM instrumentals, it is safe to say that KGDASAV has already succeeded with his unique new wave sound that could fill a dancefloor and amplify the energy on your high vibe playlists.

As for his vocal flow, the hooks are sharp enough to be dizzying, while the lyrics exhibit the wit that will easily take him up from the underground. If anyone can claim to be a triple threat on the hip hop scene, it is KGDASAV.

The official music video for LIKE A DOG premiered on September 10th. Watch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast