Move On: Italian singer Francesca Monte shows us the way to true happiness on ‘The One For Me’

As she saves herself like a beach lifeguard from the suffocating seas that threatened to take her away forever, Francesca Monte returns with a truthfully excellent song all about emotional dependence and not letting anyone take your valuable soul for themselves on ‘The One For Me‘.

Francesca Monte is an acclaimed Italian alt-pop singer, topline songwriter, social media influencer and composer, who performs the type of music that stirs the very fragrance of your soul.

Francesca Monte is so inspiringly special on ‘The One For Me‘, as she shows us that staying with someone who doesn’t ultimately care about you is only going to enduringly damage your soul. Her crystal clear vocals are such a blessing and filled with a warning to us all, to be careful who we let into our short lives and duvet-filled bedroom.

The One For Me‘ from the outstanding Italian singer-songwriter and composer Francesca Monte, is such a fabulous effort from a true role model to all women and men out there who have been trapped by a manipulative person who was evil with your heart and truly selfish. She sings with a contemplative tone of someone who has survived this traumatic experience herself and the pain is clear for all to hear, as she now flies away like an angel from the burning ashes and into happier lands.

Being with someone real and kind-hearted should be the only goal when it comes to love.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more news via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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