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Multi-talented Italian artist Indra drops magnificently spooky debut single, ‘The Witch’

With an electric style that is fiery and loaded with a cinematic style that shall strike you quickly into your awaiting soul, Indra sends us into a story where you will be totally thrilled by her debut single, ‘The Witch‘.

Indra is an Italian-bred indie alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter, pianist, music producer and sound engineer who holds a Master’s degree at UCLA.

The narrative journey sees a young guy, looking for someone to blame for his failures, in contrast with the emblematic figure of a witch (at one with nature), indicted and burned-out by the man.” ~ Indra

Dropping a debut song that will get you off your seat and thinking deeper about that unfair moment you have probably felt but didn’t react to, Indra is at her outstanding best with a vivid track from a young artist who has made something rather special.

The artist’s aim is to bring the audience into a magical atmosphere by creating tales like songs and revealing, using fictional characters, dramas of our modern world.” ~ Indra

The Witch‘ from Italian-bred indie alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter, pianist, music producer and sound engineer Indra is a mesmerizing single with intense lyrics that shows you beyond what most people see, as the blame shifts to someone who is actually innocent. Sung with a breathtaking technique that is exciting and shall have goosebumps rising all over your body, this is an enthralling track that will open up your eyes to the other side of the picture.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italian pop artist Emilya Ndme shows us her intriguing creative energy with her new release, ‘Space and the Universe’

Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios in London and inspired by the much-loved German TV show called ‘Dark‘, Emilya Ndme shows us her vivid inventiveness with her latest single that will have you in a time travel mood with, ‘Space and the Universe‘.

Emilya Ndme is the exciting project of the highly talented Italian musician and indie-electronic pop/rock singer-songwriter Lauretta Grechi Galeno.

I wrote it during one of the many lockdown nights, thinking about the shared life condition by billion people around the world.” ~ Emilya Ndme

As one of the most fascinating artists around in her genre, Emilya Ndme sends us into a new world using all of the inspiring mindpower that lifts her above all doubts and into a place that sets her free from this toxic earth.

Space and the Universe‘ from the Italian indie-electronic pop/rock singer-songwriter Emilya Ndme, is a mysterious track that has been made with an ode to one of the most-viewed series on Netflix ever. She sings with such an incredible tone that grips your body and takes you into her story, that lifts you up and has you using that undernourished imagination again that has been hidden for so long.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Voices In My Head: Yasmine Gill is quite exceptional as she looks for that light again on ‘Feel’

Carefully encapsulating our frigid consciousness with something warm and genuine, Yasmine Gill leads us into the first of her new singles taken from her upcoming 4-track EP with a story that will strike home to many with ‘Feel‘.

Yasmine Gill is a sensationally gifted Italian-Canadian soul/jazz solo artist and pianist based in thriving London who sings with a rare quality that you will find incomprehensible to ever forget.

”’Feel’ is about losing the senses, such as touch, sight, and sound, at a very low point in life. A place that can often seem insurmountable.” ~ Yasmine Gill

Vocally and lyrically, there is so much to love about Yasmine Gill as her sensually classy air of innocence takes your tired mind away from all worries. This is an anthem that so many of us can truly relate to, as she shows us how it’s so easy to lose yourself in this overly-stimulated universe.

Feel‘ from the superb London, UK-based Italian-Canadian soul/jazz singer-songwriter and pianist Yasmine Gill is one of the best tracks yet of 2022. This is an artist who was previously on the floor as the world weighed her down so much it felt like a mountain was pushing her towards defeat. After looking deeper within herself and gritting her teeth to stand up tall again, she sings her way out of the previous world and into a brighter day with endless possibilities.

When you feel like everything is lost, music heals you into that path you want to be on after all.

Listen in as she shakes your soul awake on Spotify and gain a sense of her mesmerizing energy via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move On: Italian singer Francesca Monte shows us the way to true happiness on ‘The One For Me’

As she saves herself like a beach lifeguard from the suffocating seas that threatened to take her away forever, Francesca Monte returns with a truthfully excellent song all about emotional dependence and not letting anyone take your valuable soul for themselves on ‘The One For Me‘.

Francesca Monte is an acclaimed Italian alt-pop singer, topline songwriter, social media influencer and composer, who performs the type of music that stirs the very fragrance of your soul.

Francesca Monte is so inspiringly special on ‘The One For Me‘, as she shows us that staying with someone who doesn’t ultimately care about you is only going to enduringly damage your soul. Her crystal clear vocals are such a blessing and filled with a warning to us all, to be careful who we let into our short lives and duvet-filled bedroom.

The One For Me‘ from the outstanding Italian singer-songwriter and composer Francesca Monte, is such a fabulous effort from a true role model to all women and men out there who have been trapped by a manipulative person who was evil with your heart and truly selfish. She sings with a contemplative tone of someone who has survived this traumatic experience herself and the pain is clear for all to hear, as she now flies away like an angel from the burning ashes and into happier lands.

Being with someone real and kind-hearted should be the only goal when it comes to love.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more news via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Start: Italian singer Luca calmly brushes off his demons to find that right path on ‘Yet/Still’

After unnecessarily worrying about others drama-filled burdens and not following his own dreams, Luca starts his heart-enlightening chapter one to be truly happy in what he is pursuing with ‘Yet/Still‘.

Luca Nesciobelli aka Luca, is a deeply thoughtful The Netherlands-born, Germany-raised, Italian-bred indie RnB singer-songwriter. He has a clear picture of what he wants to portray to the world and prefers to let his music do the talking on his behalf.

He‘s here on a mission. This mission is also not something to be spoken about greatly, he would much rather just take you by the hand and embark on a journey with you and anyone who will join him. Step on the ship, it‘s gonna be a long and great ride.” – Luca

You feel his dreamy-cool vocals simmer through like a smokey chimney, his kind mind is ready and just needs that final push to do whatever he wishes. His tremendous tone is backed organically by a breathless beat and calm piano, as he tackles his demons down like a perfect Paolo Maldini tackle to win in injury time. With some smartly edged raps too, this is so good to listen to, as you will want a second listen.

Yet/Still‘ from the soulfully joyful Italian indie RnB singer Luca, is his reflection on the struggle of aiming for the stars up above – but yet standing still for now at the same time – as he carefully works out how to achieve his greatest desires, You feel like he knows where the slippery key is, and just needs to search a bit more so that he may be free where it matters most. His beating heart awaits this moment of pulsating excitement, when he reaches that destination. This is just the beginning.

Hear this new single that shows his progression via Soundcloud and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’s ‘Far’ is a spectacular song filled with warmth

Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is a spectacular song filled with warmth and deep energies that filters into our hearts.

Heren Wolf is an Italian pop singer-songwriter based in London who has a voice that pieces through you, you can feel the raw beautif and how incredibly well this song has been constructed.

‘The imagery of the‘womb’, representing the safe and primordial place, in which pain hasn’t yet left its mark.’- Heren Wolf

With a soothing start that has stunning piano riffs that are so touching and encapsulates how safe the world should be. After making a fresh move to London, this is all about a new times. Taking the time to heal from all that happened in the past is key, moving on is even better as it enables you to start again. New friends and new memories.

Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is such a masterpiece, the layers here are so magnificently meshed together and you can’t help but appreciate this new song. Music like this doesn’t appear all the time and this is a track that needs to be hear and played to get that extra bit of beauty back in our lives.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italian-born Tancredi Hill sings of lost love on ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’

Tancredi Hill sings of lost love on his brand new pop influenced ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘.

Tancredi Hill is an Italian pop singer-songwriter who lives in the UK. After leaving his country to become an international star, he is slowly getting his name out there and the growing Spotify streams shows his incredible progress.

You don’t want to be alone and hope that it won’t happen. You crave their touch and want to be with them so badly. You want them to stay and be with you. That is the only thing in the world that you want right now. The love is real and strong in your eyes but do they feel the same?

Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ is a gallant message from the Italian singer Tancredi Hill. He sings with such poise and his voice shows a growing musician that is rising the ranks.

Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Click here for more on the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leon Seti’s effeminate, ethereal electro-pop hits its apex with ‘Silver Lining’

Italian electronic artist Leon Seti has released his new track ‘Silver Lining’ from his chart topping new album Cobalt

Pulsing, fabricated synthetic waves of wavering vocals and silky sonic textures are quick to overwhelm on Seti’s new single. ‘Silver Lining’ is unrelentingly full-on in driving forward with mournful, high-pitched quivers alongside stuttering high-hats and blubbering electro grooves. It’s eclectic electro pop that has an appreciation for the sensibility needed to match art with pure, unadulterated enjoyability. 

Leon Seti is an exciting artist with a strutting, confident vocal prowl – evident in his grandiose falsetto on ‘Silver Lining’. Check it out if you like Pet Shop Boys-influenced work that takes on a completely modern, reinvigorating artistic presence and aesthetic. 

You can check out ‘Silver Lining’ on Leon Seti’s Spotify page here.