Mia Laren navigates passion and fatal dysfunction in her Latin Dance Pop track, My Heart

Since 2019, the Baltimore-born, Cali-based singer-songwriter, dancer and producer, Mia Laren, has rhythmically and emotionally moved her international fanbase; her latest Latin Dance Pop track, My Heart (can’t live or live or without you), captures Laren at her most infectious, intimate and powerful.

After an intro which nods to Gaga’s Alejandro, Laren opens her single up to a sensually electrifying, moodily hypnotic groove which constructs an exotically rich platform for her arcane harmonies to ascend from. The monocultural mould disintegrates around her infusion of folky Eastern mysticism and Latin guitars in the electro-pop mix which explores the tormenting nature of your heart beating for someone that will ultimately be the death of you if you keep clinging to the dysfunction in the name of passion.

It’s a rare feat to discover a release that is organically rooted in the heritage of Latin and folk yet transcends contemporary pop trends with a stylish flair that embodies couture pop, yet, five years after learning how to produce music on her laptop, Mia Laren achieved it with plenty of sincerity and authenticity to spare.

My Heart was officially released on April 24; stream the official music video on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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