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Paloma Amaya became the ultimate advocate of embolened independence in her world music single, Mejor

The sensually superlative singer-songwriter, Paloma Amaya, blended her dualistic Mexican and Austrian heritage in her latest monocultural mould-smashing single, Mejor.

If rhythm is a dancer, it would want to move to the beat of Amaya’s fiery hit, which blends classic Latin pop with a pinch of reggaeton flavour and other elements of world music to effortlessly transcend genre and geographical boundaries. Just try telling us this isn’t the most vibrant single of the summer.

If you needed any proof that music is a universal language, slip right into the empowering hit, which celebrates freedom away from the toxicity of a relationship better left in the rear-view mirror. Amaya became the ultimate advocate of emboldened independence in Mejor. Stepping into your power never sounded sweeter thanks to the arrestive nature of Amaya’s pitch-perfect harmonies.

Mejor hit the airwaves on June 23; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ozzie Aguilera gave the ultimate lesson in reformation in their 2023 reworking of ‘Yo Quiero Saber’

The Mexican-American singer-songwriter, makeup enthusiast and entrepreneur, Ozzie Aguilera, revisited the past by reworking their 2022 Alt Latino Pop debut single, Yo Quiero Saber, to prove that life is a journey of progress, and even though you have to be accepting of your flaws, if there is the opportunity for growth, grab it with two hands and don’t let go.

The 2022 version was a melodic dream. The 2023 reinvention carries the same dream-like colourful mesmerism with swathes more conviction in the harmonies, which exemplifies the message in the single, that we are all constantly evolving.

It was a highly conceptual move from the mindfully captivating innovator. One that shows how willing they are to right wrongs and how capable they are of spreading a resolving message of inspiration to all of their listeners on their own paths.

Yo Quiero Saber was released on June 9th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ozzie Aguilera is fresh from his seductively unapologetic Latin Jazz-Pop single, Nasty Boy

Here to prove there is little more awe-inspiring than someone completely embracing their autonomy is the Mexican American singer-songwriter, MUA and entrepreneur Ozzie Aguilera and his latest Latin Jazz-Pop single, Nasty Boy.

The soulfully unapologetic single delivers the eloquent reminder that everyone you meet will have their own narrative of you, but yours is the only one that is true and that carries any weight. The light year colour-seeped melodies give Nasty Boy an almost dream-like feel, while Ozzie Aguilera wraps his sultry vocal dynamism around the well-metered swoon-some canter of the lyrics.

Nasty Boy was officially released on August 12th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jspino has released the ultimate you-will-see-me single with his latest RnB-Latin-Pop earworm, Noticing

Indie RnB artist, Jspino, laid it out all on the line in his latest Latin pop-spliced hit, Noticing. The track sinks its teeth into the frustration that manifests when there is that soul-obliterating feeling of knowing that the person you want to see you the most have their blinkers on to your autonomy.

As the perfect contrast to the fiery RnB pop vocals, there’s a deep sense of melodicism that cushions the blow of the hard-hitting beats which match the progressively intense vocal momentum. It is hardly a stretch to say that Noticing is easily one of the rawest RnB tracks we’ve heard this year. We hope Jspino follows his own trend.

Noticing officially dropped on April 15th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Latino fusionist, ROLF has released his most seductive track to date with OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES

To follow on from his 2021 debut single, Soltera, the Latino alt-pop artist, ROLF unleashed his vibe-packed 6-track EP, ILUSIONES. For new fans to his seductively soulful style, OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is the ultimate introduction.

With the Spanish lyricism, for English monolingual minds, there’s an air of mystery. When the lyrics are translated, ROLF keeps his enigmatic allure which also resonates in his fusion of spacey ambient electronica, Latin pop, and RnB.

To amplify the demure energy, ROLF brought in jazz and rock nuances to ensure that you are well and truly transfixed by the outro. OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES may be a short and sweet track, but considering that it delivers 2-minutes of aural bliss, it leaves nothing to be desired.

OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ANGELICA LOPEZ energetically embraces multiculturalism in her new single, ‘New Gold’.

Columbian-born, London-based singer-songwriter ANGELICA LOPEZ has unleashed her latest single, New Gold, and reminded the world why she was accoladed as one of the best Latin artists in Europe.

With her vibrant vocal timbre and the progressively eclectic feel to the instrumentals, New Gold is an explosion of colour, culture and unadulterated talent that almost speaks to you on a primal level as you realise that, depressingly, music from different regions can coalesce far better than some of the people in the UK. With so much tension arising as a result of Brexit, New Gold feels like a soulful act of rebellion as it energetically embraces multiculturism.

New Gold carries the infectious pop appeal of ABBA, arrestingly authentic Latin rhythms and a few sonic elements of funk and rock to give the enlivening soundscape even more energy.

New Gold is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paper Eros gives us a perfect latin-pop take on ‘Hate Love Me’

With what may be our favourite track title and cover art so far this week, Paper Eros is a Toronto-based alt-pop artist focusing on the relationship between domination and submission and pain and comfort, with the motto ‘Love, Art, and Rebellion’; ‘Hate Love Me’ starts with a vaguely latin-style guitar line before Eros’ smokey vocal kicks in, sultry and low, enticing and seductive all at once.

There’s a latin-pop feel to the track, that ‘Despacito’/’Bailando’/’Danza Kuduro’ vibe that’s evocative of sunny days and sweaty, sexy nights. With its lyrics of a passion-filled night, the samba rhythms, and the Latin-style instrumentation and arrangement, ‘Hate Love Me’ is a killer dance-pop song that – if there’s any justice in the world – ought to be all over the radio this summer-time.

Check out Paper Eros on Spotify, or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Mr. Relax teamed up with D-Fish for their 90s Dancehall Reggae single ‘Feelings’

For his latest release, ‘Feelings’, Mr. Relax teamed up with Dutch hip hop artist, D-Fish to create a visceral, vibrant high-vibe mix which grooves to reggae rhythm and grinds to RnB pop beats.

You could see it as an ode to 90s RnB – think Peter Andre, Sean Paul and Shabba Ranks, or you could see it as a timely arrival of a sun-soaked reggaeton track, powerful enough to pull us out of the most depressing winters in living history.

The official video which has already racked up over 70,000 streams since premiering on January 18th is available via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ivan Ortega crosses borders and breaks boundaries with his Latin soul pop single ‘Sunday Morning’

The evolution of Latin pop has a brand-new trajectory after Ivan Ortega released their latest single ‘Sunday Morning’. Sunday may be the most sung-about morning of the week but sharing Sunday Morning vibes with Ivan Ortega’s funk-layered mix will definitely break up any weekly monotony you’re feeling. It’s a 3-minute escape into straight-from-the-soul passion paired with unforgettably mellifluous melodies which are far too tempting to resist sinking into. The staccato chords pull you in, while Ivan Ortega’s vocals make sure you stay grounded.

With hints of hip hop, reggae, r&b and pop all weaved into the cathartic high-vibe single, it’s clear that Ivan Ortega creates without restraint.

While some artists write lyrics which leave people with unrealistic romantic expectations, Ivan Ortega remains unapologetically authentic. Between the deep grooves and soulful accordance, you’ll find hints of gritty salacious passion which allows this seductively sweet sun-soaked track to resonate with realism.

Sunday Morning is available to stream on all platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Smisch prescribes sticky-sweet Latin-inspired high-vibes with their latest single ‘Sugar for My Love’

Independent Pop artist, Smisch released their most unashamedly amorous single to date with ‘Sugar for My Love’ on January 1st.  If it has been a while since you last experienced the intensity of visceral emotion, this Latin-inspired high-vibe modernistic ballad will gladly remind you.

The Sweden-residing artist made their solo debut in 2017, he’s been bringing a uniquely powerful voice to the radio waves ever since. By drawing influence from the likes of Jason Derulo and Shawn Mendes, Smisch offers the same ardently evocative appeal, but that’s not to say that Smisch’s voice doesn’t cut through Pop mediocrity, it discernibly does.

Sugar for My Love is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast