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Vincent Barrea’s Salacious Dance Pop EP “Zoom Zoom” Finally Drops

After teasing us with the title track to his up and coming EP “Zoom Zoom” in 2018, Vincent Barrea has finally released the four track EP.

The Zoom Zoom EP contains the infectious Pop we fell in love with back in November, along with a remix of the already iconic hit which is already half way to going viral.

So, if you were wondering what the single would sound like with harsh electronic effect and dubbed drops; you’ll have your answer through the resurrection of the perfect Pop track which has been reinvented for the beat freaks.

Track 3 “Save My Life” is an anthemic mix of Pop and Hard House which mixes elements of romanticism with one of the most energetic basslines you’ve heard. Whilst track 4 creates a completely different soundscape which is still fuelled with potently charged beats but takes a more pensive and reflective lyrical turn.

If you’d like to discover the salacious aural delights for yourselves, you can check out Vincent Barrea’s latest EP by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kit Taylor – Persephone: A Wistfully Sweet Sun Soaked Dance Pop Single

Remember the end of your first summer romance? If you need a little reminder, Kit Taylor’s latest single “Persephone (Special K. Remix)” will take you right back with his wistfully sweet sun-soaked single.

Persephone which features Joey Diggs Jr on vocals is as flawless as a Pop track gets. There are plenty of Electronic Dance elements which give the track plenty of hype, yet the EDM never takes away from the levels of harmony in the mix. With every pitch sitting at the perfect level it was easy to allow the words and the expressive vocal styles to resonate.

It really is no wonder why Kit Taylor has picked up awards along the way as a Pop songwriter. Given that he’s already working with guitarists who laid down riffs for Michael Jackson, the future certainly looks promising for the American artist.

You can check out the Special K. Remix of Persephone for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sam Dickinson – Wild Sun: Disco-Driven Dance Pop

If somehow, you’ve missed the recent releases by Sam Dickinson, his latest single “Wild Sun” is the perfect introduction to his uniquely alchemic style. Rather than letting vocal effects dampen his viscerally raw captivating vocals each note is left clean. And when it comes to hitting the high soaring notes which rest above the Disco House beats, there aren’t many other up and coming artists in possession of the same entrancing array of talent. Whilst there may be a nostalgic feel to the melody with Wild Sun, there’s plenty of modern ingenuity which takes the beat behind the single to the next level. After already receiving BBC Radio 2 airplay and a notable mention from Graham Norton on his prodigal approach to Dance Pop, it’s definitely only the beginning for Sam Dickinson whose soundscapes are as perfect for the radio as they are for the dancefloor.

You can check out Sam Dickinson’s single Wild Sun for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Yvonne Sangudi – Tanzanite: Energised Sultry Rhythm

I’m not all too sure what Tanzanite is, but, after listening to Yvonne Sangudi’s single, I can only imagine it is as potent as her indulgently raw vocal styling. There’s no room left in the soundscapes for you to wonder why the single has received over 60,000 streams, for a start Tanzanite is the perfect Dance Pop hit and then there’s the biting euphoria behind the mix. The digitally rendered beats are pure fire thanks to the infusion of African influence which lift the track into perfect harmony and the constant progression of the sound as it builds up to an almost cataclysmic amount of momentum. Adoration certainly didn’t fall short for Yvonne Sangudi’s single, yet considering that Tanzanite was released four years ago, I’d say that it would be pretty damn criminal if she didn’t head back to the studio soon.

You can check out the official video to Yvonne Sangudi’s latest single by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sunder – Dance pop gets a make over

Just how do you get ahead of the competition in the mainstream electro, dance, pop market? That’s the trick isn’t it? Pitch a sound and a style that is too radical, too out there and whilst you will pick up a few new fans from the fringes and underground scenes, you risk loosing the main target audience. Create a sound which is too similar to the centre of the fashion curve and you risk being lost in the noise of the competition, or worse brandished a copycat act trading on a sound already associate with more established artists.

The clever thing about Sunder’s Let Go is that whilst it will appeal to the late evening, high-octane dance groove set, it also manages to bring something new to the sound. That the song is infectious goes without saying but with its soulful grooves and wonderful use of dynamics to shift the pace and control the mood, it displays a subtle and supple quality that many of its peers lack. Put it this way, in a busy club land district of the hottest scene in town, with music blasting from the venue doorways out into the night time streets, the streets filled with the young, hip and fashionable, this song is going to be the one that draws the coolest movers and shakers to that club’s dance floor. No so much a song, more the soundtrack to a new scene just waiting to happen.

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