Maybe You Love Me: Zecrio finds it hard to breathe in the smog of the ‘The Underground’

Released as part of his vibrantly striking nine-track album named ‘These Games XXII‘, Zecrio takes us to a pulsating place of much intrigue and mysterious love on ‘The Underground‘.

Dark RnB/soul artist Zecrio, is a highly creative soul who pushes the boundaries of our perspective with an ever-evolving tunnel of mystique, as he looks for that special heart who will complete him away from the fake world we currently reside in.

The album alternates from sadistic to masochistic, from broken to dominant, and from sensual to self-destructive. Combining these elements together, it’s hard to tell whether he looks to love as a cure, or is chasing to destroy it.” ~ Zecrio

His riveting high pitched vocals stuns you so quickly, as we are swept into this rather passionate story of wishing things could be different than they are right now. The sensational soundscape takes you to a place that has you wondering about that person you once loved so much, but they perhaps didn’t feel the same and it really had your sad heart feeling so confused. You thought that you could be in each others arms, but the timing was perhaps unfortunately off on this occasion.

The Underground‘ by the dark RnB/soul artist Zecrio, is a speaker hugging experience that takes you into the window by the bedroom, as he whole body wants to be with her so badly. He feels invisible to her but knows that she has feelings for him deep down, as he wonders if they will end up being together. This is one of more fascinating releases of 2021, and spins a wondering web all over your shivering chest of desire.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page to follow the social activity.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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