May I have This First Dance: LST IN HLYWD wants that desire to come true on Howl at The Moon

Lusting for a special moment to occur despite the barriers holding back a probable romance, LST IN HLYWD performs with so much radiating fire on the splendidly enticing new single Howl at The Moon.

LST IN HLYWD is a Toronto, Canada-based indie vamp rock band who are determined to fuse a whole new sound into a ravenous music scene waiting for something to munch furiously into.

Their first ever tour (Summer 2022) “Summer Valentine Tour” They played 14 shows across Ontario playing to thousands of people. including hosting + being ranked the number one band by judges in Youth Day Global Toronto 2022 (Yonge And Dundas Square).” ~ LST IN HLYWD

With a pop-punk vibe and a classic feel to proceedings, LST IN HLYWD sends our souls into a whirlwind of emotions with something action-packed and worth many listens. Vocally stimulating and laced with an atmosphere which will get feet stomping and hands raising, this is a quality single made for music festivals and sunny says.

Howl at The Moon from Toronto, Canada-based indie vamp rock band LST IN HLYWD is an ear-piercing track which will grab the attention of many. This is a flourishing anthem which is a cinematic-like experience, which will surely pulsate the minds and souls of those who needed to hear the truth about how romance works sometimes.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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