Mining New Musical Seams

Lots of conflicting references seem to be conjured in the mind when Brain Training springs into action, but that is the sign of interesting and eclectic music if ever there was one. Vocally it seems to combine a blend of jazz lounge close harmony, the mercurial voice of Yes’ Jon Anderson and a barbers shop quartet who have eschewed tradition and gone down an ambient, chill out, apres-dance route. So on reflection not really the sort of thing that you stumble across every day.

The instrumental input seems mainly to act as a platform for the lyrics, which carry most of the melody and rhythm, leaving the music to add interesting motifs and weave intricate sonic designs around their border. In a world where most musical seams have been explored and mined for all their worth, Laure do that rarest of things and offer up something that, even in this modern age, seems new, different and coming from a place that you didn’t even know existed.

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