Matthew Burhans – Words: A Debut of Soulfully Resonant Indie Folk Pop

Matthew Burhans

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Matthew Burhans is set to make their debut in January 2020 with the candidly captivating Indie Pop Rock single “Words”.

If done well, music can allow us to feel like we’re having open conversations with total strangers. The same warming, affirming sensation can flow through you as you listen to lyrics which are made all the sweeter by catchy melodies which can leave you feeling as though a connection has been made. Matthew Burhans more than achieved this with their debut single.

The guitar work is just as sweetly magnetic as the humble honesty as you will find in the lyrics. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less than nuancedly evocative guitar work from a Nashville musician, would you?

You’ll be able to check out Words for yourselves from January 10th, 2020 via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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