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Steve Kopandy Avalanche: Momentously Resonant Indie Pop Rock

Steve Kopany’s latest single Avalanche was easily one of the most resonant tracks I’ve checked out this year. Anyone who has ever dared to live the bohemian dream will appreciate the sentiment laid down in the UK based emerging artists track. The poignant lyrics unfold around melodically uplifting instrumentals which sat somewhere between the Indie Pop and Rock arena. But whatever label you want to slap on it, there are very few words which will allude to sonorously beautiful Steve Kopandy’s sound is.

The track runs at the perfect tempo for you to slip into the sound without being overwhelmed by the instrumentals, they flow with an almost lucid fluidity as you’re gripped by the passion and motivation in Avalanche. The narrative lyrics will have you right there beside the up and coming artist who without doubt doesn’t belong on the underground. The track is slightly rawer than you’re average radio ready sound, yet, that was just another thing to love about Avalanche.

You can check out Steve Kopandy’s single from his latest album Open for yourselves by heading on over to BandCamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Candid – Breathless: Sonorously Sweet Indie Pop Rock

If you like your Indie Alt Rock with a slick Pop finish you’re in for a treat with Candid’s latest viscerally sweet single Breathless. Fans of Foals, PEACE the 1975, Stokes, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Tame Impala will adore Candid’s jangly, high-vibe offering of sentiment-fuelled Indie which is jam-packed with upbeat popping riffs. The Coventry based powerhouse of artists have a touch and fragility to their sound which may be pretty commonplace on the contemporary Indie scene but the band’s quintessential charm glosses over any notion of assimilation. Yet it was the instrumental synergy behind Breathless that left me in awe of their delicately orchestrated soundscapes, the rhythmic progressions carry plenty of hooks to leave you sharing Candid’s aural momentum.

You can check out Candid’s latest single Breathless for yourselves by heading over to their YouTube channel.

To stay up to date with Candid’s latest releases and tour dates connect with them via Facebook, you can even tell them how fabulous they are if you like.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


La Rogue – Good to Me: Emotively Charged Indie Pop Rock

Up and coming Indie Pop Rock artist La Rogue may be a new contender to the scene, yet that doesn’t stop him from laying down some of the most rapturously sweet Alt Pop I’ve heard this summer. La Rogue may have a less than traditional style when it comes to composing his sound with his Soft Rock vocals and mix of digital and acoustic instruments to create a track which bleeds resonance and romanticism. It’s not often I can listen to a Pop inspired track without it feeling like a guilty pleasure, yet La Rogue is most definitely an exception to that rule.

You can check out La Rogue’s latest single Good to Me from July 13th, 2018 on SoundCloud. Head on over to the alternative artist’s SoundCloud page now where you can check out his first ever single. He may have come a long way since his first single release with Good to Me, but God damn, it will leave you excited for the drop!

Connect with La Rogue on Facebook now to keep up to date with all his latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cannon Eyes – The Wrong Thing: Anthemically Synergetic Indie Pop Rock

Within the first 5 seconds of hitting play on the Cannon Eyes latest single The Wrong Thing I was already excited. The grindingly deep bassline, the ethereal guitars and the succinctly charming vocals hit me all at once. Pretty soon I was overwhelmed in the Indie Pop Punk anthem which the Cannon Eyes have created.

If you’re a fan of bands such as the Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX and Pennywise you will adore the Cannon Eyes unique approach to the sound. It was about time an Alt Pop Rock band created a new wave of anthemically punchy sound instead of assimilating every band that has ever stood before them. It is perceptible through the sound that each of the musicians that form the powerhouse of talent that is Cannon Eyes has a completely different influence to their sound, the result? One of the most synergetic, prodigious anthems you’ve ever heard

You can check out the Cannon Eyes seriously stunning new single The Wrong Thing on Spotify now alongside their other singles. They’re all as perfect as the last.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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