Brighter Light – Wishing I was Somebody Else: Instrumentally Perfect Soulful Indie Pop

Some may say that Pop music has always been this good given the Beatles contribution to the genre. Yet, bands such as Brighter Light have brought the Pop sound to a whole new level with their bass drenched Funk Electro style. With Soul vocals which reach soaring heights against the Groove Dance beat I made no bones about instantly loving this instrumentally immersive track. The pure magnetism of the hooks creates an ethereally resonant vibe that moves through you as their debut track Wishing I Was Somebody Else progresses. The lyrics are playfully sweet and add to the overall good-vibe feeling of the track. If you could imagine a better bassline to Pharrell’s hit Dance anthem Happy, you’d get a pretty good idea of the up and coming sound from Brighter Light

Wishing I Was Somebody Else was first released on March 8th, 2018, you can check out Brighter Light’s debut single on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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