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Ember Rev – From the Country: Artfully Expressive Indie Blues Folk Rock

I’m a sucker for an eclectic instrumental arrangement. So, after hearing that the up and coming Indie Blues Folk artist Ember Rev included an accordion in their instrumental line up, I couldn’t help but become enamoured by their latest rhythmically melodious single “From the Country”.

From the Country packs in all of the Rock n’ Roll grit you could possibly ask for, yet, Ember Rev has used the grinding rhythms in a quaintly expressive soundscape which is sure to be of appeal to anyone fond of freeform Folk. The absorbing melodies seem to intuitively find their own way in From the Country while the authentically Rock vocals carry reminiscences to the likes of Chris Cornell and offer grounding magnetism. From the Country may not have been made for mass commercial appeal, but it has been curated with an arrestive amount of artfully mellifluous passion.

You can check out Ember Rev’s latest single From the Country for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Steve Andrews – Where Does All the Plastic Go?: Endearingly Eye-Opening Folk Rock

With his latest single “Where Does All the Plastic Go?” Steve Andrews poignantly points out one of the greatest ironies ever. “Plastic plants, what about real plants?”. I’m dumbfounded that I’m dumbfounded. But he’s right. And that’s why I (and everyone should) make plenty of time for the artists who are compelled to use their talent to create a positive impact on the world.

Expect plenty of deep reverberance in the tonality of acoustic instrumentals in Steve Andrew’s latest single yet there’s also plenty of texture thanks to the jangly Folk Rock guitar progressions. With a vocal reminiscence to the likes of Neil Young, it’s really no surprise the eccentric performer hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention for his upbeat eye-opening soundscapes during the course of his career.

The fact that Simon Cowell once snubbed Steve Andrews tells you all that you need to know about the distinction and charisma behind his sound. Where Does All the Plastic Go? may open your eyes to the planet going to pot around us, yet there isn’t a hint of existentialism found within the single.

You can check out Steve Andrews’ latest release Where Does All the Plastic Go? for Yourselves by heading over to Reverb Nation.

Or, you can head over to Bandcamp and grab yourself a copy of their latest album “Songs of Now and Then” on CD – and the cases plastic free. Consider me well and truly enamoured by Steve Andrews as a human. No wonder Nicky Wire once gave him a rave review in NME!

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jo’ & Eliah – Walking in Snow: Explosively Concordant Folk

I’m pretty sure that no acoustic Folk track has ever progressed through such an explosive prelude. There may or may not have been some profanity at the cataclysmically concordant build up of ethereal energy as the track kicked into verse – and that was just the first thirty seconds of the track.

Jo’ & Eliah’s approach to their prodigal sound comes together through experimentation with Alt Rock and Acoustic Folk by weaving together the delicate quintessence of Folk and the anthemic energy of Alt Rock. On top of the instrumentals, you can expect archetypally Indie vocals which carry such visceral emotion, it’s almost overwhelming.

You can check out Jo’ & Eliah’s single Walking in Snow from their 2018 album Introverse by heading over to SoundCloud now. Each of the tracks are as overwhelmingly resonant as the last. I think I may have found a new favourite album.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jordan Hein – Screw You: Sweetly Empowering Folk

Tired of romantic Folk songs? Yeah, me too. It would seem that the up and coming recording artist Jordan Hein feels exactly the same way if her latest single Screw You is anything to go by.

There are plenty of acoustically rendered love songs out there at the moment which will help you feel wistful about your relationship calamities. Yet, there has never been a track as sweetly empowering as Screw You, I’m sure I won’t be the only one that finds the clever lyricism captivatingly resonant. The Nashville singer songwriter has a delectable ability to add playfulness to a traditionally raw topic to tackle. After you’ve heard Screw You, you’ll never look at another breakup in the same way again. Whilst that sounds like a massive overstatement given how many strong female voices are around today, there’s a beautiful innocence to Jordan Hein’s voice, she carries the girl next door aura with her sound and there isn’t a pinch of unnecessary anger.

You can check out Screw You by heading over to Spotify now. Go on, you’ll feel better for it. Make sure to follow her, there are plenty of singles in the pipelines.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Skittish – Nights Like These: The Folk Rock Band That Needs to be on Your Radar

Nights Like These is the latest aural offering of Indie Pop collective Skittish; before the first verse even ran through I was captivated by the resonant melodies on offer from the US based four-piece powerhouse. Their rhythmically delicate composition is one of the most poignant tracks from the Folk-Rock genre that I’ve heard in a long time. Skittish may draw reminiscence to bands such as Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men and Bastille with their sound, yet their prodigal approach to the genre is anything but archetypal.  Nights Like These is on the slower spectrum of Folk and doesn’t rely on overly amplified instrumentals to create evocative waves of emotion; that all boils down to the sweet vocal offerings which verse the straight poetic lyrics for the ultimate feel-good effect.

You can check out Skittish’s latest single Nights Like These for yourselves from July 20th, 2018 via SoundCloud, in the meantime, head on over to their page and check out their other mesmerizingly concordant Folk Rock masterpieces.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lauren Tannenbaum – Cryer: Sardonically Blissful Sonorous Folk Rock

As a proud owner of the Saved by the Girl compilation CD which was a mix of all of the female-fronted fury Alt music fans had been treated to since the 90’s, it was only natural that I’d find a synergetic connection to Lauren Tannenbaum’s debut track Cryer. The Los Angeles Folk Singer Songwriter is just as beautiful instrumentally as she is vocally. She’s all of my icons packed into one perfect sound. Fans of Alanis Morrissette, The Corrs, Texas, The Cranberries and Tori Amos would be ridiculous not to check out this track. The lyrics are beyond genius, she perfectly (yes there’s a reason I keep saying everything is perfect) encapsulates all of the bitter alien post-break up emotions that we will all inevitably go through. “I was never a cryer before I met you”. We’ve all been there. At least next time our break-up’s will sound a bit sweeter around her jangly Johnny Marr style of acoustic strumming.

Finding a musician that you can make such an instant connection with is like finding needle in a haystack. So, give Lauren Tannenbaum the attention she deserves and can check out her track Cryer on SoundCloud. I wouldn’t stop there; the rest of her blissfully haunting tracks have that same gut-wrenching honesty mixed with her sardonically beautiful lyrical style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gentle Persons Club – Weight in the Water: Bohemianly Bewitching Australian Folk Rock

As a massive fan of the Levellers, it took me all of 2 seconds to fall into Gentle Persons Club. I mean, even their name has an instantly amiable twee sensibility which sits around the bands ethereal, cacophonously uplifting sound. Weight in the Water is nothing but experimental. I’m pretty sure I witnessed someone playing the ukulele with twigs in the music video. I’m not quite sure how any track is going to quite follow on from Weight in the Water. The band have taken that bewitching traditional Folk Rock sound and slapped a contemporarily stunning new face upon it.

Gentle Persons Club create an upliftingly magnetic sound that’s drenched in pure acoustic harmony. If there’s anyone I’d ever want to sit around a campfire with it’s definitely Gentle Persons Club.

Weight of Water is the first single release from their debut EP which is due to be released on April 22nd, 2018.

You can check out the slightly bohemian official music video to Weight in the Water on YouTube.

Don’t forget to tell Gentle Persons Club how fabulous they are & give them a follow on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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