Mask Anatomica has released her ensnaring electronic pop-rock mash-up, Rising.

After honing in on their skills as a session vocalist and rock frontwoman, the Reno-based artist, Mask Anatomica, made their ensnaring solo debut in 2019.

Their stylish edge has seen them performing at the Berlin Underground Film Festival, the Florence Film Festival and the Mysticon Film Festival. Seemingly, a global pandemic did little to harken their bid for aural domination.

Their latest release, the title track from the 2021 EP RISING, is the perfect introduction to the artist’s gnarly rock-tinged EDM pop alchemy. By infusing soul around the harsh electronic beats and allowing motifs of heavy rock to break up the dystopic dark textures, Mask Anatomica created an endlessly enlivening single which reinforces the importance of autonomy.

Until I heard Rising, I’d been disappointed by the lack of art that demands an uprise. Mask Anatomica more than made up for the shortfall. If there is an artist that you’d do well to follow through the apocalypse, it is Mask Anatomica.

The official video for Mask Anatomica’s latest single, Rising, premiered on November 5th. You can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Connect with Mask Anatomica on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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