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Mask Anatomica has released her ensnaring electronic pop-rock mash-up, Rising.

After honing in on their skills as a session vocalist and rock frontwoman, the Reno-based artist, Mask Anatomica, made their ensnaring solo debut in 2019.

Their stylish edge has seen them performing at the Berlin Underground Film Festival, the Florence Film Festival and the Mysticon Film Festival. Seemingly, a global pandemic did little to harken their bid for aural domination.

Their latest release, the title track from the 2021 EP RISING, is the perfect introduction to the artist’s gnarly rock-tinged EDM pop alchemy. By infusing soul around the harsh electronic beats and allowing motifs of heavy rock to break up the dystopic dark textures, Mask Anatomica created an endlessly enlivening single which reinforces the importance of autonomy.

Until I heard Rising, I’d been disappointed by the lack of art that demands an uprise. Mask Anatomica more than made up for the shortfall. If there is an artist that you’d do well to follow through the apocalypse, it is Mask Anatomica.

The official video for Mask Anatomica’s latest single, Rising, premiered on November 5th. You can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Connect with Mask Anatomica on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alien Al and the Juperoids welcome you to the future of dystopic pop with their standout single, Alice.

After a successful debut with their single, Probe, the electronic space rock outfit Alien Al and the Juperoids, fronted by actor and singer Alyx Nazir, have released their ground-breaking self-titled debut album.

The perfect introduction to their conceptual, expressionist style is the pop track, Alice, which starts with the same arresting atmosphere of existential sci-fi films that welcome you into cold dystopic futures. Through the eerie progressions, the single picks up some more archetypal pop tendencies along the way before a frenetic rock outro. In the strangest and most beautiful way, Alien Al and the Juperoids prove the value and warmth of music in our embittered world through Alice.

The debut album from Alien Al is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od – 8888: Avant-Garde Glitch Wave Psych Rock

Glitchy electronica meets psych-rock in Brighton-based artist 8udDha bl0od’s latest instrumental single 8888; the avant-garde production allows the static electronic effect to bite into the old school rock n roll guitars which drive you through the indulgent chaos of the soundscape.

As 8888 gears toward the outro, tribal energy starts to tear its way into the release before a sharp and sudden close affirms just how immersive the single was, once your rhythmic pulses are at a loss with the silence.

Even with the artist’s ever-evolving sound, you can appreciate the signature style of 8udDha bl0od that ensures each of his releases come with a psychedelic kick and dirty rock tones that bring familiarity to his otherwise eclectically obscure releases.

Listen to 8888 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sean Grinsell rocks psych and blues into his intense symphonic single, Rogue.

Sean Grinsell

Up and coming artist Sean Grinsell rocked psych and blues into his upcoming experimental single, Rogue. The doomy, scuzzy track carries the intense symphonic feel of FalKKonE along with licks of frenetic rock n roll that make the Black Keys sound as tame as Maroon 5.

The dramatic and edgy instrumental score is absorbing from start to finish; midway through the extended single, there’s a switch to chiptune style electronica before Grinsell shows his 50s rock n roll stripes once more. Any true fan of artful aural experimentalism will want to experience Rogue for themselves.

Rogue is the first song of five to be released from the EP, R is for Redemption, due for release on all major platforms from August 20th, 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TUNNL19 deliver grungy industrial rock in their debut single, ‘Voices’.

TUNNL19 has been making major waves in the alt-rock scene in Puerto Rico since 2013. Originally, they performed in cover bands, their latest single, ‘Voices’, proves they have just as much talent as the artists they were covering.

It’s a bitter pill that many artists have to swallow that ‘good’ instrumentalists don’t necessarily make great songwriters; the hooks and fervent energy in Voices affirm that was never going to be an issue for TUNNL19.

After a fuzzy synthesised intro, the electronic alt-grunge track starts to unfold with scuzzy, Rob Zombie-reminiscent-guitars, high-energy grunge vocals and industrial beats that come with an alt-90’s-style-psychedelic kick. They even managed to find room for some post-punk sensibilities in the low reverberant basslines that won’t fail to pull you into the heart of this fiery feat of refreshing alt-rock.

Voices officially released on July 2nd; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

OurNova reached the pinnacle of dark electro-rock with ‘Nicotine & Nosebleeds’.

OurNova’s latest EP, Bloodlines, Vol. 1, finds the middle-ground between lo-fi alt-rock and synth-pop; the perfect introduction to their dark electronic rock style is the ambiently plaintive standout single, Nicotine & Nosebleeds.

With the tempo of a Portishead track, chilling mechanical electronica tones reminiscent of NIN and the evocative sting of Blue October, Nicotine & Nosebleeds sits on the more melancholic side of the emotional spectrum. Yet, with the refreshingly honest lyrics and the sharp angular guitar progressions that cut through the dark atmosphere of the single, there’s no danger of falling into an existential hole while listening to the reflectively powerful single unfold.

Check out Nicotine & Nosebleeds for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ares Adamidis – Black Flower: Entrancing Indietronica

Here to prove that drummers can write music is 20-year-old instrumentalist Ares Adamidis with his album, ‘Yellow’. The lead single, ‘Black Flower’, is a spacey electronic indie garage rock testament of Ares’ playful, unpretentious explorative style which bears not even a fraction of assimilation.

With hints of 00s indie with 00s pop-punk weaved into the futuristic soundscape that throws even further back to the golden age of post-punk, it doesn’t matter how many obscurities Ares threw at Black Flower, the swathes of nostalgia swallow you; while nothing in the bright and punchy mix feels stale.

His aural distinction is one thing, the energy he brings both vocally and instrumentally is quite another. You can expect the same level of energy in the most anthemic tracks by The Vaccines.

Black Flower is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

HEwas give us a new, bang up-to-date take on a classic with ‘2 + 2 = ?’

Ok, so first things first; yes, this is a cover of Bob Seger’s classic anti-war song, from Seger’s ‘Ramblin, Gamblin Man’ album in 1968, at the height of the Vietnam war and as anti-war sentiment in the US was growing. It’s interesting to see how much, and yet how little, has changed in the intervening 53 years – anti-war feelings still run high, race-related civil rights issues still grace the news seemingly every day, and LGBT rights are still abused and debated daily.

Into that mix comes HEwas, singer, songwriter, activist and LGBT campaigner. Already a ‘million stream’ artist with his first two releases, ‘Lemon’ and ‘WHOLEthing’, which featured Grammy nominee Afroman. Now, with ‘2 + 2 = ?’, HEwas has taken that old Seger classic, with updated instrumentation but no change to the feel and groove of the original, making a perfect homage meets timely update to a pertinent and completely relevant song, to produce an utterly modern take on a song that’s as relevant today as it was fifty years ago.

You can hear ‘2 + 2 = ?’, and the rest of HEwas’ releases, on Spotify, and follow on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Tremantis – Better Think 2wice: Angsty Electronic Alt-Rock

Any fans of Fidlar’s angstily playful garage indie rock style will want to get acquainted with Tremantis’ electronic alt-rock track, ‘Better Think 2wice’.

With elements of Beastie Boys-style hip-hop-infused into the mix along with Mindless Self Indulgence-Esque synth-driven breakdowns and 8-bit chiptune influences, Better Think 2wice is for anyone who wants to hear nothing but unadulterated expression in their alt-rock tracks.

The LA-based powerhouse formed in 2017; since then, they’ve racked up 400k streams on their most popular bluesy indie track, ‘Hey Me’, and there’s plenty more in the pipeline. Tremantis will be releasing a new track every month throughout 2021 and something tells me that you’ll want them on your radar for their live dates.

Better Think 2wice is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Abandon The Fall drop new instrumental melodic rock ‘Memories’

When we reviewed Abandon The Fall’s ‘Enemy’ single back in August 2018, Amelia Vandergast likened them to Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’, saying ‘the vocals are stripped back and left emotionally bare around the resounding instrumentals’. In the case of ‘Memories’, from new EP ‘Infinite Seasons’, Abandon The Fall have taken that a step further and provided an instrumental track bereft of vocals altogether. It’s not, however, bereft of power or melancholy, that same electronic-meets-metal vibe that was there on the debut coming through across the track. There’s definitely that Linkin Park feel at times, but with thundering kick drums aplenty behind the shimmering, echoey guitars, there’s touches of Enter Shikari and 30 Seconds To Mars in here too. It’s a potent, powerful track with no loss of emotiveness from its instrumental-only nature.

You can hear ‘Memories’ on Spotify; check out Abandon The Fall on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes