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Interview: Amadour melts our hearts on Western Movie Dream

After impressing our team with a glowing review to calm all anxious hearts, the incomparable storyteller Amadour is rather tremendously open and shall warm all cold souls whilst detailing life in Reno, family support, and the vision behind the dreamy new 5-track EP, Western Movie Dream.

Llewelyn: Hello Amadour, We truly appreciate you chatting with us all about your new release. Firstly, do you recall the first time you knew music was what you wanted to do as a living?

Amadour: My goal is to be a great storyteller, travel with my work, and share music with others abroad. As I build my audience, I am considering innovative ways of making a sophisticated show that keeps it simple and stripped down with just the piano and vocals for an intimate venue like a theater. I come from a visual arts background, so I often think about the colors, temperature, and emotions of music while writing.

Llewelyn: Please tell us all about your fantastic new EP, Western Movie Dream. What is the vision behind the project and how was the creative process?

Amadour: The idea behind Western Movie Dream is to share a bit of biographical history from my life growing up in Reno, Nevada, and Sausalito, California, and the angst of young love. I wrote these songs for someone I fell head over heels for, and our story is embedded throughout the lyrics. In “Before Grapes Ripen,” I love the verse “and the shadow of clouds on cursive pages.” It’s so daydreamy, and I wrote it while sitting on the steps of Russian Hill in San Francisco, looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. “Two Hands Holding Me” is a song that describes the unbelievable joy of having someone that’s into you as much as you are into them. I would wander around, imagining falling in love as a teenager, and then one day, it hit me that that was my experience as an adult; that’s where the line, “in my adolescent heart across the bay, the dreamer is fully awake,” comes in. I think “Western Movie Dream” is my Nevada song because my love interest at the time and I met at an art museum, and the line “as we gaze across the Blue” is about Lake Tahoe.

Llewelyn: Who has supported you most during your music career and what do you enjoy most about being on stage?

Amadour: I owe everything to my mother and my family. My vocal coach, Max Lawrence, trains me for future performances and singing live. He’s a musical vocal genius along with his dad, Don Lawrence. I love fashion and use it to make an impactful stage presence. My taste draws from my mentor Gladys Tamez, who designs all the hats I wear; I love hats! I also take a lot of outfit inspiration from Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli, and Tom Ford – I am a black-on-black and gold type of person.

Llewelyn: Bay Area. What was it like growing up here and do you have any memorable memories you’d like to share with us?

Amadour: One of my favorite places is the Marin Headlands and Mount Tamalpais. There are redwood forests, including the famous Muir Woods, and my best memories are of the walking paths where I like to hike. I also love to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with my mom. Every morning when I lived in Sausalito, I would run back and forth as a workout.

Llewelyn: Reno, Nevada. How is the music scene here and which venues would you recommend to us?

Amadour: Oh, Reno! I love the Holland Project, which is intimate and shows newer acts, and also, the casinos have theaters that host more established acts. Tahoe also had a fantastic festival called SnowGlobe that MTV ran. The impact of Burning Man, a few hours north of Reno in the Blach Rock Desert, brings many musicians and concerts into town. I performed at every open mic in town as a teenager, and I would drive around with my keyboard to jazz clubs and old western saloons in Carson City.

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about the producers you worked with on your new project and how did you link up?

Amadour: A big thank you to Nick Rosen for sound engineering this body of work and being so talented. We used the Electro-Voice RE20 microphone Chet Baker used to record my vocals and an upright in Nick’s studio in Los Feliz. I am also working on new projects with Daniel Cullen at Just For The Record in Los Angeles and Jordan Koop and Terry Ondang at The Noise Floor on Vancouver Island in Canada this summer.

Llewelyn: Lastly, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Amadour: My uncle, Domingo Tibaduiza, is a four-time Olympic marathon runner from Colombia, who I look up to. He advised me to follow the “four D’s” of success, desire, dedication, determination, and discipline; this is my mission statement.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Can You Hear It Calling: Haley and the Comet releases the inspiring anthem Call of the Wild

With a movie-like intro and hauntingly beautiful vocals to give you chills all over your spine, Haley and the Comet escape the clutches of suffocation with the soundtrack to survival on Call of the Wild.

Haley and the Comet are an irresistible, vibrant indie pop/rock band from Reno, Nevada, led by the singer/songwriter, Haley Bond.

The band’s sound moves from hauntingly heartfelt and introspective, to rebellious and provocative.” ~ Haley and the Comet

Causing hearts to flutter and emotions to be put to the test, Haley and the Comet show us deep inside a wondrous story in nature that will get your bones rattling with fascination.

Call of the Wild from Reno, Nevada-based indie pop-rock outfit Haley and the Comet is a passionate release all about saving that all-important soul from evil deeds which are floating closer. Soaked in an authentic story that has you gripped like a mountain climber, this is a soaring anthem of the very highest order.

Punchy to the core and wrapped in so much quality to lather inside, we find an excellent single with so much breathless energy to be inspired by.

Listen up on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caralisc just wants to be free again on the superb ‘Run Away’

Released from his hugely significant 15-track album of substance called ‘New Age‘, Caralisc shows us deep inside his mind as he ponders all the unforeseen changes that have understandably rattled his core over the past few years on ‘Run Away‘.

Caralisc aka Carl Brong is a Reno, Nevada-raised indie RnB artist who is also known for his mighty skills with Yo-Yo, photography and videography.

One of the biggest influences in Carl’s music are Hip-Hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky. He also takes significant influence from electronic artists such as Flume, C418, and RnB artists like Joji and Frank Ocean.” ~ Caralisc

Showing such grace and illuminating calmness that shall sweep you off your feet, Caralisc is the sort of fresh artist who puts his heart and soul into each note and leaves no doubt that he is one of the more appealing musicians to learn about in 2022.

Caralisc has released many singles and albums over the years. His latest, New Age, a 20-song album, is a Hip-Hip/R&B driven piece that dictates the end of the world through metaphors and subtle messages.” ~ Caralisc

Run Away‘ from Reno, Nevada-raised indie RnB artist Caralisc is a riveting track that shall grab your attention rather quickly and take you deep into a realm that so many of us have felt deeply recently. Sung with a powerful intensity that shall have you searching for that seatbelt, this is a vitally important message for anyone who has thought about flying away to a peaceful place.

With a likeable beat attached, this is a track to bathe in when you need to know that you are not alone.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nevada’s Haley and the Comet shine so brightly on their star-chasing debut single, ‘Across The Desert Sky’

Raising the bar on what music should sound like in a world that needs so much healing and hope, Haley and the Comet is rather stupendous on their debut release that will have you feeling free again with, ‘Across The Desert Sky‘.

Haley and the Comet is a Haley Bond-led Reno, Nevada-based indie-pop/rock band who are new on the scene but have a scintillating aura that awakens your sleepy soul.

It’s well known that wild horses run free across Nevada’s landscape, and the state possesses a vibe of freedom and wildness of spirit that is often infused into its art and music as well.” ~ Haley and the Comet

With an exceptional style that is made for music festivals in the best places imaginable, Haley and the Comet are rather special with a single that has you believing that you can find your true love no matter what barriers are in the way.

Across The Desert Sky‘ from the fresh Reno, Nevada-based indie pop/rock band Haley and the Comet, is a superb release to embrace warmly that flourishes your mind and gets you thinking that this is one of the most stimulating singles so far in 2022. The vocals are crisp and honey in texture, with a soundscape that sends your heart into a whole new world of intrigue.

On a debut track that really captures your imagination, this is a song that shall get you feeling like anything is actually possible if you believe it enough.

Listen to this thrilling new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mask Anatomica has released her ensnaring electronic pop-rock mash-up, Rising.

After honing in on their skills as a session vocalist and rock frontwoman, the Reno-based artist, Mask Anatomica, made their ensnaring solo debut in 2019.

Their stylish edge has seen them performing at the Berlin Underground Film Festival, the Florence Film Festival and the Mysticon Film Festival. Seemingly, a global pandemic did little to harken their bid for aural domination.

Their latest release, the title track from the 2021 EP RISING, is the perfect introduction to the artist’s gnarly rock-tinged EDM pop alchemy. By infusing soul around the harsh electronic beats and allowing motifs of heavy rock to break up the dystopic dark textures, Mask Anatomica created an endlessly enlivening single which reinforces the importance of autonomy.

Until I heard Rising, I’d been disappointed by the lack of art that demands an uprise. Mask Anatomica more than made up for the shortfall. If there is an artist that you’d do well to follow through the apocalypse, it is Mask Anatomica.

The official video for Mask Anatomica’s latest single, Rising, premiered on November 5th. You can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast