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She’s Excited! ft. Mimiko – Drowning: Pensively Arrestive Minimal Electronic Pop

There’s a highly intellectual feel to the latest track from up and coming artist She’s Excited. “Drowning” is a single which cleverly utilises spatial effect to pull you under with the currents of the minimalist beats which provide maximum resonance. While it may feel a little slow to start from the prelude, once the bridge hits keeping your head above the catharsis is almost impossible. The moody and atmospheric electronica beat is paired with pensively arrestive lyricism which is offered in sporadic bursts around the unpredictable progressions of the beat which you never know where it will take you next.

There’s no doubt that the Brooklyn-based artist She’s Excited can hold her own in a track, which we have seen with her earlier releases, yet, the decision to bring in Mimiko to add further texture, emotion and expression took Drowning to the next level.

You can check out She’s Excited’s latest single Drowning which was released January, 2019 for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


_Lō_Music – Red Thread: Alt Indie Synth Providing the Ultimate Experience in Sonority

I’ve had the displeasure of tasting some stale Electronica in my time. Which usually comes from acts that follow a sequence of synth notes with no meaning or purpose other than as a stroke of the ego or to simply just put a sound out there. _Lō_Music went in an entirely different direction to create their debut track Red Thread. Not only is the sound utterly compelling, the passion that’s riddled within the layers of the track has a beguilingly haunting sensibility to create the ultimate experience in sonority. _Lō_Music have mixed a traditional Indie Synth Pop sound with an infusion of Alternative sounds for a truly immersive mix.

The vocals to the track are as powerful as they come, the polished production doesn’t leave you itching to crank down the volume every time a high note is hit. The dark ambience behind the track put’s _Lō_Music in a completely different league to most of the unsigned Electronica artists I’ve heard to date. I have no doubt that _Lō_Music will be receiving the same notoriety as acts like London Grammar in no time.

You can Check out _Lō_Music’s latest track Red Thread on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Von Marlon – Closure: Transient Electronic Pop Vibes

Von Marlon’s new mix, dropped in January, 2018 ‘Von Marlon’ may be lacking when it comes to defining the sound by title, but the debut release from Von Marlon’s new project ‘Closure’ speaks for itself. The South East London artist creates similar sounds to M83, Jaws, Haim, and MGMT

With this track, Von Marlon has truly put himself in a league of his own, with his ambient flow of electronic minimalism and his pacifying vocal ability. In parts of the song, the repetition is a little too strong where the instrumentals should have been left to flow, rather than the one word repetition that drags this tract into the Electronica Pop arena, aside from that the track is flawless and perfectly orchestrated. The beat is complexly immersive and would work on anyone’s melodic playlist.

Check out Von Marlon’s soulful hit on SoundCloud using the link below:

If you’re feeling Von Marlon’s sound, head on over to the website for details of his new releases and tours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Let Your Inner Animal Out with LEON’s Latest Release “Ritual Cannibalism”

As we discover new ways to improve upon our audio techniques, we tend to find ourselves removing things as often as we add them. For instance, breathing. Breathing cannot be contained in our sterile, overproduced, professional pop recordings. Breathing is also the first thing you’ll notice listening to LEON’s Ritual Cannibalism. This is where you’ll know before a single kick drum that this is a song that will get you moving. This is a song with energy. This song has a primordial nature to it. We can get all of that just from the inclusion of something so many producers fear like the plague.

LEON’s presence as a vocalist is all about matching the energy. He feels the fear for you, but he’s also the one to be afraid of. This sort of roleplay keeps the listener on their toes, though their toes are otherwise occupied dancing to the relatively minimalist beat that boasts strong bass low end and a real sense of moving through structure without falling into bland repetitions. Ritual Cannibalism is about a sense of embracing the dreaded, violent inevitability of a situation. Applying this feeling to a dancefloor is the perfect chance for people to let their inner animal out.

-Paul Weyer

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A&R Factory Present: Hooked Like Helen

Nikki and Jonathan Stipp, the husband-and-wife musicians that comprise Hooked like Helen, have been holed up in their home-studio for the better part of a year, writing and recording for their forthcoming sophomore EP “Settle For Earth” (due out 02/12/17). From these sessions emerges “Lovely Sound”, the first single and lead-off track, available now as a FREE download on Soundcloud until the EP drops in February. The tune was co-produced by HLH’s singer, Nikki Stipp and long-time collaborator, GRAMMY-winner Isha Erskine. Dark, grooving and hopelessly epic, “Lovely Sound” reveals the polished direction the band has taken with its latest endeavor.

Hooked Like Helen had an eventful year in 2016, having won an Award for Best Original Song for “Liar” from their debut release. The MTV documentary-series “Unlocking The Truth” featured several HLH songs on the show and its Spotify soundtrack playlist. Hooked Like Helen is honored to have received such attention and is gearing up for a string of local live performances to support the release of “Settle For Earth”.

For more music, news, and info find HLH here:


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