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Scott Cruz gives us ‘The Reason’ to be cheerful

Scott Cruz

You’d think that perhaps receiving five (five. Count ‘em!) prestigious Telly Awards for TV compositions including the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and a bunch of independent films, alongside performing at that epicentre of cool the House of Blues and charting on Billboard’s Top 40 Indicator Chart with previous single ‘Rescue’ would be enough for US-based singer/songwriter/composer/producer Scott Cruz, but you’d be wrong. Very wrong. We’re not talking ‘resting on laurels’ here, we’re looking at an artist at the top of his game, and new single ‘The Reason’ absolutely demonstrates that.

Dance-oriented, electronic, swathed in synth-strings and upbeat as hell, ‘The Reason’ is a radio-friendly club-pop banger; it’s earnest, it’s open, and it’s all topped off by Cruz’s soulful voice – think Shawn Mendes, a touch of Calum Scott, some Calvin Harris, and a dash of Harry Styles. It’s pure, proper, uplifting dance pop, and it’s very, very likely to raise that bed of laurels Cruz has to rest on just a bit higher very, very soon.

Check out ‘The Reason’ on Apple Music; go to Scott Cruz’ website.

Review by Alex Holmes


scixnce brings in the future of future pop with latest single ‘in the dark’

in the dark’ is the latest psychedelically spacey electronic pop single from up and coming UK singer-songwriter, scixnce; it may just be the future of future pop.

in the dark puts a futuristic spin on indie dream pop by propping up scixnce’s soulful vocals with entrancing reverb-drenched electronica beats which showcase the artist’s ability to construct infectiously catchy melodies and offer organically manifested good vibes.

While some high-vibe dance pop tracks are only fit for dancefloors, the masterful production ensures that your mood will be uplifted by this hit, wherever you encounter it. It’s the perfect indie pop playlist staple.

In the dark is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Up and coming electronic pop Lara offers us a lifejacket with her latest single, ‘Drifting’.


After spending a year torn between countries and familiar faces, Australia’s up and coming alt-pop artist and producer, Lara, penned and produced her latest single, ‘Drifting’.

If you’ve been feeling like sentient flotsam and jetsam recently, you’re sure to find resonance and catharsis in the hauntingly ethereal mix which pulls in nuances of RnB, pop, trip-hop and alt-electronica.

Lara may lend from an eclectic array of genres, which for many artists results in an inaccessible smorgasbord of mismatched textures thrown together for the sake of ‘innovation’, but at the heart of her transcendentally melodic sound is accessibility. Drifting is the perfect testament to her ability to ooze commercial potential while avoiding assimilation.

Under the tutorage of Berklee Music college, Lara became adept in the art of bringing her sonic visions to life. Any fans of Portishead, Massive Attack and Hooverphonic will want to pay this release some serious attention.

Drifting will be available to stream on Spotify from March 5th. In the meantime, you can check out her earlier releases and connect via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Calvyn Cass – Me, Myself & I: A semi-retro feat of sensual self-loving pop

Vancouver-hailing singer-songwriter, Calvyn Cass, has extended the conversation around self-love with their single ‘Me, Myself & I’ which explores our complicated relationships with self-acceptance and poignantly points out that life leaves us under-prepared to deal with the pitfalls of insecurity.

Spend all day listening to the radio, and you’re likely to be bombarded with pop tracks longing for affection from an external source, Calvyn Cass delivers a nuanced reminder that you wouldn’t be quite so desperate for that validation if you could find it within yourself.

The semi-retro feat of sensual self-loving pop drips with the same amorous soul as you’ll find in hits from the likes of George Michael which celebrate the beauty of authenticity.

You can check out the official video to Me, Myself & I via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Transcend our 3D reality with Michæl Augustine’s ambient experimental hyperpop single ‘goodbye’

Michæl Augustine

Experimental hyperpop artist, Michæl Augustine, is set to release their latest entrancingly avant-garde ambient single ‘goodbye’, if you want to slip away from our three-dimensional world, goodbye will gladly hand you the ticket.

The soundscape was written as an aural transcription of the mental and emotional journey of the average human being. With so much misguided focus on mental health, it is easy to see any amount of emotional turmoil as a life-long issue or an affirmation that we’re ‘broken’. Goodbye is a serene reminder that pain is part of the human condition whilst allowing the vibrant colours to decorate your mind with catharsis.

Needless to say, we’re floored with Michæl Augustine’s astute approach to experimentalism.

Goodbye is due for releasee on March 14th, you’ll be able check it out on SoundCloud. In the meantime, check out their former release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MADHAPPY prove that pop, trap and electronica combined is the perfect formula for high-vibes with ‘Freethrow’

MADHAPPY is the electronic alt-pop project by bedroom producers, Adam Coe and Spencer Vann, with their influences combined, they’ve created the perfect formula for high-vibe EDM.

With nuances of pop, trap and punk grooving through their latest track, Freethrow, the earworm isn’t just fresh, it’s galvanising. After starting with muted staccato guitar chords, the track doesn’t hang around before revealing the infectious potency of the melodies. From there on out, the hooks will leave you ensnared until the dizzyingly  subversive breakdown.

When dancefloors are accessible, Freethrow will undoubtedly fill them. If this is the future of EDM pop, colour us excited for the electronica of tomorrow.

Check out MADHAPPY’s latest mix via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Figuring out what went wrong: A-A drop new single about how relationships can go icy fast on ‘Cold Hearted’

A-A bring us a riveting new track to full immerse ourselves into, that will leave you a bit chilly called ‘Cold Hearted‘.

Recently formed electronic-pop duo A-A is a joint project from Alex Williamson and Austin Hintz, who make a delightful mixture of up and downtempo music, to fill our hearts with goodness and thoughtful stories of love.

With passionate pop vocals that make you listen so intently and with memories of past relationships rushing through your brain like an express train, you find yourself nodding your head at the stories about how manipulative some people can be as they dramatically put the blame on you, while never admitting anything from their side. This is a vicious circle of blustery winds that will only end with you feeling the brunt of the storm, no matter how hard you try and help their state of mind.

Cold Hearted‘ from electro-pop duo A-A is the true story about how sometimes love can be so strong for a while and then after a while you notice that your partner is actually not the right person for you. The relationship then ends and its all over with you questioning why you were with them in the first place-as their heart is not warm and caring like yours.

To be truly happy inside and to unlock to the door to personal freedom, you need to find the special soul that has the kindness key, so you can both walk through and be at peace with one another, no matter what obstacles you both face.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Be my other half: Lou P Scarlett brightens up Valentine’s Day with ‘Life Together’

Bringing her effervescent flamboyance intertwined with cute kisses to the world on this special day for so many, Lou P Scarlett bubbles beautifully with awe-inspiring enthusiasm on her latest single called ‘Life Together‘.

Lou P Scarlett is an inspiring multi-talented Marrickville (New South Wales), Australia-based futuristic burlesque showgirl,  enthralling electronic-pop singer. creative director, choreographer, bachelor of music graduate and dancer.

The love for her partner shines through and her voice sounds like a woman deeply in love, her soft tone feels like her eyes are glowing, each word is sung with that deep feeling of caressing waterfalls that have rare pureness.

This is the story of telling your lover what you like and how you see things going together, hand in hand. The manifestation to the universe is important for you as you think about all the wonderful times you have ahead, especially on this romantic day.

Life Together‘ from Australia’s Queen of tease, Lou P Scarlett, is that catchy song you have to listen to again and again, as her lovely voice shines through the doom and gloom of current times, her stunning nature has you locked in close to the speakers all the way through this glorious effort.

Thinking of being together long-term with someone can be a scary thought sometimes, but if you both want it enough, you will make it happen, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way by this crazy world.

Hear this loving track on Spotify and see her visual journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ooberfuse show us just how sweet liberation can sound with ‘Set Me Free’

While the UK collectively clawed at the walls in confined frustration, London-based electro-pop duo, Ooberfuse, were gearing up to drop their latest single ‘Set Me Free’. If you’re in the mood for some aurally-inspired liberation, feel your shackles lose their grip to the danceable drop.

With a touch of Tori Amos to Cherrie Anderson’s vocals, beats which will allow you to imagine what it would sound like if you fed a Portishead record ecstasy and a production which drips with electro-pop modernity, if Set Me Free was any more on-trend it would be writing the future. The track perfectly captures the emotions which come to fruition when you finally remove yourself from someone else’s control and it feels like nothing is out of reach. Liberation has never sounded sweeter.

The official music video was released on January 4th, you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


TT(TopTier) – SO HIGH: The euphoric pop hip hop antidote for a sick divided society

‘SO HIGH’ is the latest release from pop hip hop duo, TT(TopTier), which resonates as the antidote to a socially sick society. Yeah, protest tracks have their place, but SO HIGH shows you the value in showing people how it’s done instead of screaming at people about why they’re wrong.

After their 2020 single, ‘ENOUGH’ amassed over 500k streams on Spotify alone, it doesn’t seem like there any heights which TT(TopTier) will be unable to reach with their sticky-sweet high-vibe sound which replaces some of the love that’s been lost thanks to divisive social-political fallout.

SO HIGH is the personification of a soul-dripping earworm. So, it comes as no surprise that TT(TopTier) can garner so much hype with their contemporary sound which blazes with infectiously electric melodies.

You can check out SO HIGH for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast